No boring preamble this week, let’s just get straight into what the CW Superhero shows have to offer us.

Supergirl S2 Ep19 – ‘Alex’

As the title suggest this episodes suggests its all about Alex this week. Whilst she is the focus of the story the screen is taken up by Kara and Maggie locking horns. If the bad guy was a bit stronger there might have been a bit more to keep me interested but lets go into it anyway.

Alex gets kidnapped by a guy who turns out to be someone she and Kara knew from their childhood. How this guy, who doesn’t appear to be physically fit in any way, managed to take out the DEO’s best agent is beyond me but let’s forget about that. This guy knows who Supergirl is and demands that she release his father from prison in return for Alex.


The general message in the episode is that Supergirl ignores police protocol and goes in smashing down walls not thinking of the consequences while Maggie and her fellow cops have to do things properly. This point is perfectly proven when Alex manages to activate her distress signal, Supergirl flies off to the rescue only to trigger a trap which starts Alex’s cell filling with water and reducing the amount of time she has left to live.

Following this Maggie gives her this huge lecture about how things should be done and that they both love Alex, it’s not just Kara who would lose her. This was a good scene but it is completely undone later when Maggie pleads with the bad guy to give Alex’s location only for him to push her over the edge, she breaks into the prison and starts to bring the father out. Only for Supergirl to arrive and talk her down from the wrong path. This conversation somehow convinces the dad to give them a possible location of Alex, even though he had previously been very unwilling to help in anyway.


Supergirl and Maggie find Alex just in the nick of time and save her. If Alex hadn’t been such a brilliant survival expert she would have been dead well before they arrived! The only thing that confused me was when Kara sprang the trap, Alex heard her arrive. Were there microphones liked to her cell at the fake location?! The bad guy’s motivation was shit as well, he wanted to save his dad because he was rescued from an abusive mother when he was younger. Why torment the Danvers family as well?! He clearly has the tech knowhow to break his father out on his own!


Alex and Maggie declare their love for each other which was pretty sweet, Kara and Maggie make up and all is good. Well it would be if in the meantime Lena Luthor hadn’t started working with Mon-El’s mother! The Daxamite Queen’s charade was rumbled by Lena but she manages to talk her round. Without Kara’s guidance Lena agrees to build a portal which Mrs Daxam says will benefit the planet but clearly will be used to bring something bad through! Lena is an idiot.

Lena Rhaea

It was an entertaining episode. Alex being in peril with little Supergirl could do about was good and seeing the different ideologies clash when dealing with criminals was very interesting. It was obvious Alex would survive and the bad guy was a bit of a wet fish but at least Kara was heavily involved in the story this week!

The Flash S3 Ep20 – ‘I Know Who You Are’

The end game is approaching for Team Flash. With very few episodes left until the end of the season and no real progress being made against Savitar, how will our heroes triumph against seemingly insurmountable odds? Well, the answer lies in the future and coffee.

The whole episode deals with Caitlin in full Killer Frost mode hunting the scientist who will invent the technology to trap Savitar in the speedforce. Before we go any further, I want to address something. There is no need for Savitar to send Killer Frost to do this, he could do it much faster and more efficiently than her. Why does he need Killer Frost to make the kill?! I suppose you could argue that if he did, it would change the future meaning he might not actually become Savitar if he doesn’t get trapped in the speedforce etc etc but this show has already shown It likes to ignore paradoxes. Now that I’ve got that off my chest lets deal with the rest of the episode.

Team Flash find this scientist who has just been kicked out of university for her ‘crack-pot’ ideas and has not faith in her work. After Barry saves her from Killer Frost using a nifty finger snap flame thrower the team try and explain the situation and ask her to start working on the Savitar trap now! Ignoring the laws of time again, they show her a future in which she earns the Nobel Prize for her work and this only makes matters worse, she freaks out completely, only to be talked round by HR with a cup of coffee and some thinly veiled chat up lines.

Killer’s Frost’s second attempt is more impressive as she decides to give Barry the run-around while sliding on some pretty great looking ice slides! Cisco ‘freezes’ when he needs to take her out, later, after Julian bullies him into explaining himself, he says its because he can’t risk killing Caitling with his vibes. Julian gives him a traditional Team Flash pep-talk, enabling him to take Killer Frost out at the next opportunity.


Barry gets very confused about how Savitar and by proxy Killer Frost, knows his every move, even done to each word he says. It finally dawns on him that Savitar must have been there when it happened originally, he lived through it, meaning Savitar can only be one person……future Barry himself!!! The two speedsters finish the episode masks off with future Barry sporting a rather impressive facial scar! What will cause Barry to turn so evil he is willing to destroy his past self?!

The side story this week is the usual ‘character has a relationship go to the next level and pushes them away with the intention of protecting them only for it to go badly and the love interest gets dragged into the whole situation anyway’ trope. Cecile tells Joe she loves him, he pushed her away, she gets captured by Killer Frost, the Team save her and Joe decides to love he back and tell her everything. It would have been an interesting story arc if we hadn’t seen it a billion times.


I’m glad we finally know Savitar’s identity but it creates more questions than it answers. It was a complete surprise but the reveal was rubbish. I just hope the reasons for it are well explained. And why is Caitlin so important to Savitar?! The episode has done it’s job though, I really want to see the next episode so well done on that front! Just make it reasonable!!!

Arrow S5 Ep20 – ‘Underneath’

I will say it now, this was probably one of the best episodes all season by far. It wasn’t one that was full of action or jokes, it was much more personal and took place almost entirely in one location. Following the explosion in the bunker, Oliver and Felicity are trapped underground until they can find a way out or their friends can rescue the.


Anyone who has read these posts will know my disdain for the Olicity story since the couple split up. Imagine my surprise then when this episode turned out to be extremely Olicity heavy but I still really enjoyed it! The explosion was an EMP blast which knocked out all electronic devices including Felicity’s spinal chip rendering her paralysed from the waist down again. What follows is the pair still arguing about the lack of trust between them and both trying to do things their own way.


This inevitably goes wrong as Oliver hurts himself badly falling down the lift shaft and only then does he agree to let Felicity decide on a plan. They use the engine of Oliver’s bike to restart the computer but this only lasts a couple of second before exploding and bursting a methane gas pipe, filling the bunker with toxic gas. So they both made their situation worse.

The desperate situation, pending doom and toxic fumes prompt Oliver to be completely honest with Felicity. He tells her what Chase convinced him of and that he doesn’t know the kind of man he is. She refuses to admit that’s true and still puts all of her trust in him. He didn’t want her to turn into him and enjoy living in the dark. Through some incredible feats of strength and endurance, Oliver manages to carry Felicity to their friends who rescue the pair just in time (of course).


Recovering in an ARGUS facility it looks like Olicity might be rekindling. They share some honest words and Felicity says he needs to discover what kind of man he can be (with one of her amazing smiles). This is the Olicity I love, not over the top, not too lovey-dovey, just right. The surprising thing about this episode is that we get flashbacks to season 4. During the hunt for Damian Darhk and before the new team was brought in, Oliver and Felicity had a brief encounter in the form of bunker sex! They both enjoyed it, but Felicity says it doesn’t change anything, he still doesn’t trust her. This didn’t seem to fit with the rest of the episode and like she said, didn’t change anything, why add it to the story?!

The only other thing of note in this episode is Diggle and Lyla repairing their relationship. He finally stops being a hypocrite and agrees that they both work in the grey areas between right and wrong. Even after she shows him a T-sphere ARGUS ‘acquired’ he is seemingly fine with her still being the head of a super secret, super clandestine organisation. Talk about flip flop opinions!

Oh yeah, and Adrian Chase has found Oliver’s son William. Well that clearly is going to turn out bad for him. It will surely push Oliver over the edge! Will Oliver submit to the darkness completely to dave his son?

Arrow wins but a country mile this week which is a strange sentence to says considering the show has been less than impressive this season. Stay tuned next week as the CW shows creep ever closer to the finales.

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