Yes just when you thought you had seen all the teasers, trailers, sneak peeks for all these new superhero TV shows that appear to be cropping up out of nowhere. Well, never fear we have another one! Marvel/Fox have released the first full trailer for the new show The Gifted. Take a look;

The basic story centres around a family who discover their two children have mutant abilities. This forces them to go on the run and seek help from an underground group of mutants. It sounds like an interesting premise and the trailer certainly puts across the desperation and panic of being hunted for being different.


It looks like it’s not going to be a case of good versus evil. From the trailer it looks like the father, Reed works for an organisation that hunts mutants, presumably not for the best reasons. Reed clearly chooses his family over his job leading to all manner of issues. I don’t want to go too much into the synopsis as there is a detailed one already out there, if you want to go in with as much info as possible, click here to read the article on Collider.

It’s still not clear how connected to the X-men movie universe this show will be. Written by Matt Nix and directed by Bryan Singer himself suggests it’s going to be very close to the films if not directly related but we have some other hints at the relationship;

  • The main characters are all members of the Strucker family. Is this just a nod to past stories or are they related to evil do-er General Strucker?


  • The organisation chasing mutants is called Sentinel Services, and we see some encounters with drone-like machines. Pre-cursors to the Sentinels we know from the comics and seen in Days of Future Past?


  • The X-men and Brotherhood of Evil Mutants get name-checked but in the past tense. Could this be set shortly before Logan with the majority of the high profile mutants no longer among the living?
  • Some familiar characters will also be popping up. Eclipse, Thunderbird, Blink and Polaris, all popular mutants from the comics will make an appearance, with the latter being either captive or the biggest threat being hunted by Sentinel Services.


There are a lot of references throughout the trailer, I’m just hoping they haven’t shoved all of them into the clip. I want something that is like the Marvel/Netflix shows, featuring lots of references to the source material and other properties but still remaining independent enough to allow freedom in the story. Maybe TV is the way to go for Fox and the X-men, the films are always met with…..mixed reviews. I for one am excited to see a new take on some familiar stories.

A lot of big names have gone into producing the show and some of the cast even have comic book based property experience. Natalie Alyn Lind who places Lauren, has most recently been seen in season 2 of Gotham, and of course Stephen Moyer is well known for his role in True Blood. It looks like a lot of effort has been put into this show but I guess we will have to wait and see if it pays off!

The Gifted hits our screens in late 2017.

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