In another example of fan popular properties getting new life, Entertainment Weekly is reporting a Live-action Judge Dredd TV show is in development!! Judge Freaking Dredd!

Ever since Karl Urban’s Dredd became a fan success but box-office flop, fans (and Urban himself) have been campaigning to get the helmeted Judge, Jury and Executioner back on the big screen. This announcement may signal the end of those hopes, at least for now, but I’m sure many will be happy that Dredd is still getting some action!

Titled Judge Dredd: Mega City One, the show will reportedly follow a group of Judges, including Dredd, fighting crime on the streets and while Dredd will presumably take centre stage it is being described as an ensemble show so other Judges will have their own development and plot lines.

It won’t be a direct sequel to Stallone or Urban’s big screen outings but hopefully we will get the odd nod or reference here and there. Presumably the show will keep the same aesthetic that the films had as this was awesomely gritty (I hate using that term but it definitely applies here!) and a pretty accurate representation of the comics.


As long as there is some awesome action set pieces and voice controlled, DNA coded weapons, I’ll be happy. For now all we have is a teaser poster, check it out below;


No network has picked the show up yet but if things like the Krypton prequel and the countless teen angst shows can get picked up then this definitely will! Keep your eyes peeled for more news!

Excited about this announcement? Let us know in the comments.

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