This may be the final full trailer for Wonder Woman and boy is it full, but there will undoubtedly be a billion TV spots, clips, featurettes released in the last two weeks before the 1st June release. You’re going to want to settle in and get comfortable for this trailer as it seems to go on forever! Take a look below;

There is certainly a lot going on here but there isn’t a vast amount we haven’t seen before. There’s more dialogue for most of the main cast and a few more action clips, mainly huge explosions and some strange looking light beams coming from somewhere. Basically the message from this trailer is Diana is going to get into a whole load of shit! I’m not going to break down the trailer as we have seen most of it before but I do have something to say.

We know too much! Even if you haven’t been keeping an ear to the ground for all things Wonder Woman, from all the trailers and TV spots released we can pretty much figure out what the main plot thread will be. Here’s a run down;

Diana, daughter of Queen Hippolyta is a chosen one of some kind and gets trained harder than any other Amazonian

After a time Steve Trevor arrives tells them about the war of men, Dr Poison has developed a weapon, probably a gas that will kill millions and could affect Themyscira.

Diana decides to go and help, against the wishes of her mother. She steals the legendary items, shield, sword and lasso to flees.

On arriving in man’s world she has to fight prejudice against women and gets into a few small skirmishes before heading to the trenches.

Eventually she figures out that Dr Poison and possibly Danny Elfman’s character are working for someone else, a big bad, possible Ares himself!

There will be a big epic battle against him and his forces but Diana triumphs, but not without cost. Either she is exposed to the world so has to go into hiding to protect herself and her home or she gets blame for some of the collateral damage and has to hide her identity.


All of this aside the film looks bloody amazing. I may sound negative in this post but I am really looking forward to this film and I’m sure I’ve got a lot of the plot wrong. Most of my assumptions are based on the usual superhero film tropes so there shouldn’t be any surprises for anyone who is a fan.

I can’t wait to see Gal Gadot kicking ass on screen again as she was one of the better parts of Batman v Superman. As long as they don’t overplay the humour in the film, this is set during one of the bleakest periods of our planet’s history after all, and actually have some meaning behind the set pieces instead of relying on visual effects to stun us into awe and hope we don’t notice the poor writing. I still have my fingers firmly crossed for this. If this bombs DC/WB will lose a large proportion of their audience. There is only so many times we will be burnt!


What do you think of the trailer? Let us know in the comments below.

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