Well hello there! We are finally back with all the CW Superheroes! (minus the Legends of course). It’s been an odd break and I can honestly say I haven’t been itching to see the return of any series in particular. This may be an indication that TV Superhero fatigue is finally settling into me, long have I resisted but maybe the end is nigh! For now though, let’s get into the past week’s episodes!

Supergirl S2 Ep18 – ‘Ace Reporter’

Following the Daxamite crisis last time, Kara has a brief respite in the city. There isn’t much going on. It’s so quiet that the rest of the team have to go off and keep themselves busy on other tasks. But don’t worry there’s a bad guy just round the corner!

Even though Kara got fired from Cat Co, she still wants to be a reporter and convinces the extremely annoying (but attractive) Lena Luthor to give her a press pass to new tech presentation given by her ex-boyfriend.

Nice guy

Lena claims she needs support because the relationship was serious and didn’t end too well, but we know it’s just another episode in the season given to the secondary (or even third) characters. Lena’s relationship with the guy is in the forefront, and Kara’s investigation of him is behind that, even though it’s the most interesting part of the episode.

Basically this guy (I’m going to call him Lena’s BF) has created something called Biomax nanobots which can almost instantly heal any injury. It will be revolutionary if released to the world. Lena’s BF is a nice guy and wants to reconnect with Lena, so naturally it comes as no surprise when he turns out to be the bad guy. Kara and Snapper both get word that the human trials records for Biomax were faked and there are some dangerous things going on in the lab. When interviewing their respective witnesses the nanobots attack and end up killing their sources!


We find out Lena’s BF experimented on himself with the nanobots, integrating them with his system, turning him into a living swarm of nanobots. The side-effect? The loss of free will which is exploited by his Chief Financial Officer.

Bad guy

She is the real bad guy and has been controlling him in order to increase the net worth of the tech! Well long story short, Lena has to kill her BF to save Kara’s life when the bad guy take-down attempt goes badly. The villain had potential but was wasted and yet again Kara was nerfed only to be rescued by a normal person.

In other news, Kara gets her job back after Snapper respects her reporting. Yep another completely pointless plot 180. Oh and James agrees to let Winn’s alien girlfriend join him on some vigilante-ing. Inevitably it goes badly when she goes a bit out of control.

Team up

James gets pissed, upsets Winn who upsets his gf. James apologises and they are back to teaming up all hunky dory. Boring! The only other thing of merit in the episode is Mrs Daxam returning in ‘Earth clothes’ to give Lena Luthor a business offer. Hmmm curious. A poor return for Supergirl. Pick it up! There’s not long left in the season.


The Flash S3 Ep19 – ‘The Once and Future Flash’

For only the second time in the entire show’s history, Barry goes to the future!!! He has decided the only way to save Iris is to learn the identity of Savitar from his future self. Barry gives us some nonsense explanation on how getting Wally to throw him fast will send him to the exact right time in the future and just like that, Barry is in 2024.


So what’s different in future Central City? Well the city appears to be under the control of Mirror Master and his girlfriend Top. They have learnt to combine their powers making them a little bit more formidable but Barry has taken them out before so they shouldn’t present a problem. Unfortunately Barry seems to have forgotten that as almost gets killed by them!

MM and Top

Seeking out his former teammates Barry learns that after Iris’ death Team Flash disbanded. Caitlin went full Killer Frost and in a harsh battle, froze then shattered Cisco’s hands, Julian works at the prison that is holding Killer Frost, HR owns Jitters (he’s doing pretty well for himself), Wally went after Savitar himself and returned crippled and in a trance like state and Joe is just plain sad. Finally meeting his future self, Barry is disappointed to learn that future Barry doesn’t know who Savitar is. The only information he has is how they beat him.

Future Flash

Four years after Iris’ death a scientist creates some tech enabling the team to trap him. The problem is that it gets invented too late to help the present Barry save Iris. Future Barry won’t help at first, but when Present Barry learns future Cisco has been preventing him returning to his time in the hope he will stay and be the Flash the city needs, our Barry agrees to help for a bit.

They get the team back together and eventually Future Barry joins the fray, in a snazzy new suit! The Flash duo take down Mirror Master and Top pretty easily before Barry returns to the present, content in the knowledge that his future self will try and repair the bridges he burnt. Is it just me or was all of that pointless, it’s the future, so if Barry is going to change it, it won’t happen like that!


Barry has some info to work with, they are going to find the scientist to help them stop Savitar. Elsewhere, Caitlin in full Killer Frost mode is confronted by Savitar, he offers a team up and when she asks why she should work for him he opens his suit to reveal his true face. We of course don’t see it but whoever it is makes her instantly trust him. Who is Savitar?!?!


Not a bad episode and I’m glad to have finally seen more of the future. The sad, downtrodden Team Flash was really interesting and I would have liked more of them but back to boring whiny present day!

Arrow S5 Ep19 – ‘Dangerous Liaisons’

Just when we thought it was safe to head back to Star City, Arrow throws us another shitty episode. I probably should have said ‘spoilers’ but I am really starting to lose all patience with this show. It’s the Felicity show again (but on the plus side, there were no flashbacks!).

The whole of SCPD, FBI and ARGUS are hunting for Chase and he is leading them on a merry goose chase. After the failed attempt to catch him in the first scene of the episode, that story thread is put aside until the end of the episode. Felicity learns that Helix have a piece of tech that can track specific heartbeats of people. She wants this to track down Chase but in return Helix need her to help them. They need her help to retrieve their commander from ARGUS custody.


Well and truly crossing the line, Felicity helps Helix break through ARGUS security, with people getting hurt along the way. ARGUS bring Team Arrow on to help defend their sites which gives rise to an ethical debate between Diggle and Lyla. He disagrees with keeping people captive without trial and she says being head of ARGUS is a lot more difficulty from her side of the desk. Somehow even though Diggle knew his wife worked for then became the head of a secret government agency, he is surprised that there are some dark areas! This spirals into Diggle questioning their entire marriage!!!


Oliver tried to talk Felicity out of crossing that line but she ignores him, simply saying that he used to be willing to do whatever it took to do the right thing, why should she be any different. She swans off and helps Helix liberate their leader, who remains suspiciously anonymous for the whole episode.

In exchange, they give her the heartbeat tracker and she uses it in the Arrow cave straight away. Predictably, it tells her that Chase is in the cave! Right before the console explodes in her and Oliver’s faces!

What are the rest of the Team up to you ask? No? Well I’m going to tell you anyway. Quentin Lance reunites Wild Dog and his daughter (against his wishes) but it inspires him to start the ball rolling on getting her back properly, even though that would be a terrible idea, he kills people at night!!


That’s it, you were expecting some other events going on? Well no luck! It was a busy but boring episode and as I said at the beginning I’m losing patience with it. Unless the season goes out with a bang I am seriously considering avoiding the next season. Of course I say that now but I’ll no doubt watch it and moan about it some more, but for now I’m just pissed.

The Flash wins this week but only because he finally went Back to the Future! Wooooo! I got it in! It was a close call as none of the shows were great. Here’s hoping they will all improve next week (I feel like I say that a lot).

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