This is something a bit different and new to the Jack and the Geekstalk blog. As many of you will know, Dave and I have a daughter (code named Jack), who is well into toddler-dom, and we have shared a lot of our geeky interests with her. From watching Ghibli as often as Disney, mixing Pokemon cartoons in amongst the Peppa Pig, to encouraging her awesome Lego Batman impression. The poor thing doesn’t stand a chance!

Batman babygroThe other big way we are able to share our loves with her too, is through clothing and right now is an awesome time to be a geeky parent! You don’t have spend hours scouring the internet and paying out for custom made geeky kids clothes, which always hurts when you know the odds of it getting food/bodily fluid etc on it. When I was pregnant with Jack I hand sewed a Batman logo onto a pink babygro for her, I drew superhero animals for her nursery, and thought that was my only route to bringing ‘geek’ into her life without paying out an arm and a leg. So I thought I’d share some of the current toddler togs I’ve got for her, in my first GeekParent blog post!

  1. Let’s start small. These Batman socks are from H&M, who generally have a decent range of geeky items, and not only in the boys section! IMG_1288 (2).JPG
  2. Another H&M buy, this Star Wars t-shirt was from the girls section, and has lasted incredibly well. It’s just come to the end of it’s life due to the never ending growing upwards Jack has a tendency towards (I’m sure she’s going to end up Groot height!), but the bit of sparkle on it was a bit hit!IMG_1286
  3. Sticking with Star Wars, next is an awesome Darth Vader hooded zipper jacket which is almost identical to Dave’s one that was brought from DisneyLand for him. We got this at the Star Wars celebration in London last year, from one of the stalls. It was an absolute bargain, and if I could remember the name of the stall I’d include the name here! I love the double win with this; not only is it geeky, it enables the utter fabulousness of Daddy-Daughter matching outfits. Also hoodies are definitely the way to go, you can buy them a couple of sizes too big (this is age 5-6) so they last longer; it’s doesn’t matter if they are slightly oversized initially.IMG_1290.JPG
  4. One of our proudest parenting moments* has been Jack’s spot on unprompted Pikachu impression, and we had to reward that by ensuring her clothing reflected her ability. This Pikachu emotions t-shirt is from Next, another place that happily includes geeky culture into it’s girl’s range.IMG_1289
  5. This is probably the item I am most jealous of, and although I probably could find an adult equivalent, the truth is they simply would not look as awesome on me. These Pokemon leggings are also from Next and whenever Jack wears them, we always get comments about how awesome they are.IMG_1287.JPG
  6. The final item for this post is these very awesome Harry Potter pyjamas, which come with 2 detachable capes; one Gryffindor and one Slytherin. I actually only got these for Jack today in the Asda sale and she is happily wearing them in bed tonight! It’s probably the only item that she doesn’t really understand the context for, as she’s not quite ready for Harry Potter as a bedtime story.Harry Potter pyjamas.jpg

That’s all for this post. It’s by no means a full inventory of all the geeky clothing items currently or previously owned by Jack, but is a representation of what she’s currently got!

Let me know whether this has been an interesting post and if you’d want more of the same in future – I’m going to be thinking of lots of different GeekParent blogs to include, so any ideas are welcome. Also feel free to point me in the direction of any geeky kids items that you’ve encountered. Contact me through the comments below or through our @Jack_Geekstalk Twitter account.



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