Well, didn’t we get a surprise today. Out of nowhere we have the first full trailer for Marvel/Netflix Defenders! We have a few small teases over the past weeks but this is our first proper look at the team and we get an inkling at what they will be facing. Before I spoil it too much take a look at the trailer itself;

Already the trailer is getting mixed reactions, even amongst us here at Jack and the Geekstalk! But as I’m the one writing this post I can tell you that I love the look of this show. It’s a pretty good trailer, giving just the right amount of action and dialogue with no real confirmation of plot.

It’s pretty safe to assume that The Hand are going to be heavily involved, mostly likely being the big bad. After all, they were the enemies of both Daredevil S2 and Iron Fist. We get to see each of the four Defenders in action display their unique abilities and then all together…..in another corridor scene….it seems these Netflix shows can’t do without one!

Let’s have a look at some of the more interesting bits;

Looks like Jessica Jones has gotten herself into some more trouble. Arrested by Misty Knight, who is looking much more like her comic counterpart, Jessica looks battered and bruised and has apparently majorly screwed up one of Misty’s cases! But luckily your friendly neighbourhood Lawyer arrives, Matt Murdock Avocado at Law is here to represent her. What has Jessica got involved in that caught Matt’s eye?

IMG_2663IMG_2664Carl Lucas aka Luke Cage aka Power Man has reconnected with his new flame Claire Temple. How did he get out of custody? Were the charges dropped? He doesn’t appear to be on the run and it finally looks like he and Claire will be able to explore their attraction. But she says he needs to meet someone first if he is going to be Harlem’s hero.

Enter Danny Rand aka Iron Fist. Appearing to rough someone up, Luke Cage arrives to stop him and they both have a reality check. Danny is surprised that he can’t hurt Luke, but then the Iron Fist knocks him back!!! These two are off to a fine start!

There’s clearly no love lost between the pair. Luke finally does what a normal person would when someone tells you they are the ‘Immortal Iron Fist’, confused disbelief! Claire appears to be the peacekeeper telling them they are on the same side!

We then hear the familiar voice of Stick, talking about the group becoming a team as the War for New York has begun. Daredevil’s suit is seen as well as an incarcerated Luke Cage. Is this him being released?

Now the baddies hit the screen! As expected, Elektra is returning in some form (more on her in a minute). Sigourney Weaver’s mysterious Alexandra is seen as well as Stick meeting the team. I group Stick under the bad guys because he is just a dick to everyone!

Now the fighting begins! All four (and Stick) line up against Alexandra and some henchmen. Is she with the Hand? Is she someone else? She sure does look confident even though seemingly any of the Defenders could beat her down. What secret have we not been shown yet? You’ll see in the top right image that Daredevil is not wearing his mask. This shot appears to come just before the team are blow off their feet but something, even Luke Cage gets thrown back which is no mean feat! What is happening?

As mentioned above we will be getting another corridor scene but this time with all four of our heroes. At some point towards the middle of the season the team are going to assault a building, hunting for Sigourney Weaver, but they won’t be prepared, Matt even has to use Jessica’s scarf to cover his face!!

And here is confirmation that Elektra will be amongst the living again and taking the fight to the Defenders. Kitted out in some rather fetching red ninja gear, we see here go one on one with Matt. Where have the rest of the team gone? Is that an unconscious Danny in the background? Is Elektra the big bad or just a pawn?


This shot is mid-corridor fight. Each of our heroes lays into a henchman in their own style whilst in the background Elektra is stalking them. Do they know she is there? Has she seen the error of her ways and joined them? Or has she only just arrived to the fight? Curious.


The last show of the trailer sees the Danny trying to convince the other three to form a team. They all know each other’s abilities but seem very reluctant to work together. what has brought them together? Why are Luke and Jessica getting involved with the Hand when their interests lie in gang violence and Private Detecting respectively. Must be something big!


So there you have it. Most of the interesting parts from the trailer. I’m sure I’ve missed a whole bunch of stuff as well but it is quite reassuring that we know the team will come together, we have no idea how or why? Is Claire going to be the one to introduce them to each other? She knows Luke (obviously) Jessica and Danny Rand but she must have an incentive to bring them together!

Danny Rand looks like he’ll be using his fist much more in this show. Jessica is her normal no nonsense PI, Luke is confused but awesome and Matt is still using his legal knowledge to help others. Maybe it’s because of him that Luke Cage gets release! ooooh! I’m excited for the show and I just hope that lessons have been learnt from the Iron fist show.

I’m going to story speculating right now and I’ll save that for a later post. For now though, enjoy watching the trailer for as many times as you want. Don’t forget to give us your thoughts in the comments below.

See ya!

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