Well hello there! I know what you’re thinking, “When will we hear some more from the awesome Geekstalkers Community?” Well, you’re in luck! As usual the month begins with the Geekstalkers giving you their thoughts, feelings, opinions and general utterings on a variety of topics! For our fourth article we’re talking about our favourite Video Games. No games were off limits so you’ll see a wide variety here and for some people it’s been very difficult to choose!

So without further ado we present our favourites!

Dan Keatis from Nerdifi – @Nerdifi_MCR

As a child who was easily socially overwhelmed, video games were more than just an entertainment medium for me. They were transformative, whisking me away to strange and exotic worlds, lovingly rendered in blocky 8 bit pixels.

Over the years, the audio and graphical veneer may have become more sophisticated but the notion of immersing myself in new and exciting worlds remained the appeal of the medium for me. While I can list a handful of titles as landmarks in my gaming career (please link to my article My Life in Videogames here; ) there’s one that I return to every couple of years.

I first encountered a trailer (or non-playable demo) for Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars on the demo disk of a PlayStation magazine in early 1996. Immediately I was wowed by the beautifully hand drawn characters and environments and the promise of an intricate, globe-trotting adventure. Later, when I got to play the game, I found myself whisked away to a gorgeous, romanticised version of Paris akin to Jean Pierre Jeunet’s Amelie but with a dryly British sense of humour.

The point’n’ click adventures of Lucasarts had primed me for the combination of clever puzzles and quirky character interactions but the voice acting was, for me, the star of the show. Veteran actor Rolf Saxon brought a warmth and charm to the game’s protagonist George Stobbart, an American tourist who finds himself drawn into a web of intrigue following a bomb blast in Paris. He has returned to the role four times over twenty years in the game’s numerous sequels and his affable performance has been the most consistent and satisfying element of the series.


Decades later the game remains one of the most revered adventure games in the history of the genre with a devoted legion of fans all over the world. If you’re a fan of challenging puzzles, witty dialogue and wonderfully realised characters then this iconic game is one for the ages.

Ben from SuperNerdsUK Podcast – @SuperNerds_UK, @HailLeviathan

Alan Wake, from Remedy Games arrived on Xbox 360 in Summer 2010. I picked it up purely because I had nothing going on that week. I didn’t expect to fall in love with it. I certainly didn’t expect to be writing about it 7 years later.
Alan Wake
Alan Wake blends Twin Peaks, Stephen King, The Twilight Zone and John Carpenter into a fresh yet familiar third person survival thriller. The story of a writer struggling to end his series of novels, Wake’s wife takes him on vacation to a cabin on an island in a lake, in the forests of Bright Falls, a town in the American Pacific North West to ease his writer’s block.
Of course, everything goes wrong. Alan’s wife goes missing, the townsfolk become possessed by sentient Darkness and Alan can’t tell if he’s in a real life nightmare or trapped in the pages of his unwritten novel coming alive around him.
Each level is played as if it’s an episode of a TV show and starts with highlights of the previous level in a “…previously on Alan Wake” montage. It really adds to this television feel when the levels end with a pop or rock song that is both its end credit music and lyrically relevant to the madness you’ve just gotten through.
Atmospheric, funny, scary and exhilarating, Alan Wake is a phenomenonal gaming experience from start to finish.

Dr Bob from South Devon Geek Squad – @SouthDevonGeeks @DrBobChristian

When it comes to the subject of my favourite video game, I have to think long and hard as I’ve been an avid gamer for many years: from the Spectrum and Sega years, right through to the latest X-box and PlayStation games. During this time, there have been a number of classic titles but the one that stood out for me was a groundbreaking title that began an entire genre of games: Horror Survival, I can still remember the first time I played this game; the very tense, jumpy and dimly lit gameplay and the way you would inevitably be caused to jump out of your skin every two minutes.

It began about twenty years ago with a group of executives from games company Capcom, who had an idea for a ‘horror survival’ genre. This game was going to be called Biohazard Japan, but as fate would have it, in America there was both a game and a heavy metal band called Biohazard. And so Resident Evil was born.

In terms of longevity, this franchise has to be the grandfather of the horror survival games. Looking back on the gameplay and graphics alone, it’s amazing that it lasted 2 weeks let alone 20 years. Selling some 71 million copies is quite a feat for a franchise. The game has gone through some changes from that original format, including a prequel in Resident Evil Zero and the game – with finally improved game play – in Resident Evil 4. Still, throughout the franchise the shock and dimly lit horror still stays true to its foundations.

Resident Evil has also spawned three animated movies and a range of action figures, as well as six action films, starring Milla Jovovich in the lead role of Alice, the last of which – Resident Evil the Final Chapter – was released in January.


Capcom’s idea has managed to stand the test of time and has become a true classic and a founder of the horror survival genre. If you haven’t tried this series of games then I suggest that you give them a chance; but be warned, it might be an idea not to play them on your own and in the dark!

Luke from Jack and the Geekstalk – @JackGeekstalk @Lucas_Whizz

My first thought when seeing the voting results for this month’s post was ‘Hell yeah!’ Then I realised ‘oh no! I need to think about my favourite video game!’

How in the hell do I pick just one game to call my favourite.

I genuinely can’t. Instead I going to provide a list of some (probably 3, no promises) of my favourites and why that is.

Halo 3 – Halo is my all-time favourite video game franchise. Weirdly Halo 3 is the first game of the series that I played. When it came out it was the first game I had on Xbox 360 and I spent hours upon hours perfecting the 1000 gamerscore in the pointless venture that is collecting achievements. I still do it today and shout ‘Cheevment!’ at my screen when one pops.


Although the story was great and a perfect end to the trilogy it was the multiplayer that kept me coming back. I must have racked up over 500 hours in some of the best online combat ever! A big part of multiplayer gaming is down to the people you play with and the friends I made playing this game helped make it was it is for me. I have enjoyed every Halo game since but 3 will always remain top of my list.

Telltales Tales of the Borderlands – Without a doubt the best story driven single player I have ever played. Telltale never fail to deliver a masterpiece and this is definitely that.

Tales from the Borderlands

I have actually previously written a post about this game – shameless plug – here so I will not say too much. Just know that the characters, story, humour art style and pretty much everything are spot on. It is about as close to a perfect game you’ll ever play.

Portal 2 – If you haven’t played Portal 2 then please do yourself a service and do it. Then once you beat the amazing single player get a friend and play the equally great multiplayer co-op mode. Portal 2 takes place in an underground testing facility ‘Aperture Science’. You play as ‘Chell’ and have to work your way through the facility by completing increasingly tougher ‘tests’. The elements to these tests include, buttons that open doors, gel that makes you run fast and jump high and of course the famous Portal Gun. Shoot the blue portal against one wall then the orange portal against the other and step through.

Portal 2

I believe that this genius mechanic genuinely defined the ‘puzzle platform’ genre. The story does not disappoint either giving you amazing antagonists like GLaDOS and brilliant voice acting from the likes of Stephen Merchant. When I played this game I got so frustrated with some of the puzzles only to kick myself and laugh at my own stupidity when I finally realised what I was doing wrong. It is amazing! If you have no interest in playing this then please just do one thing and watch the end credits song, you will love it.

Honourable mentions go to – Bioshock Infinite, Banjo Kazooie, Minecraft, Arma 2 DayZ Mod and many, many more!

Markus – @TheMarckoguy

I have been a fan of video games for almost my entire life. I remember playing games like Lego Racers or Super Mario Bros when I was around 4 – 5. And I’ve continued playing video games ever since those days. Everything from platformers to first person shooters to RPG’s and even a few horror games. And while there are plenty of games that I absolutely adore, there is one game… or to be a little more honest, one franchise that grabbed my heart more than any other… Kingdom Hearts.

Kingdom Hearts

So to anyone that doesn’t know what the hell this franchise is, it is… uhm, well… incredibly convoluted and difficult to explain in it’s entirety. But the basic story of it all is about an teenager named Sora (voiced by Academy award nominee Haley Joel Osment) who travels to various worlds based on beloved Disney movies to defeat a bunch of colorful demons called the heartless with the help of his trusty sidekicks… Donald Duck and Goofy. Sora is also wielding a magic sword called a Keyblade, which is basically a giant key that he can use to slay the heartless aaaaaand I’ve lost ya.


I know what you’re thinking, and I agree: This sounds really stupid and cheesy, and it is. But that is also kind of what gives Kingdom Hearts it’s charm. The game (and the entire franchise) is a silly blend of Disney and Final Fantasy that at first sounds really stupid and awful, but when you play it you realize that it’s actually quite good. I mean, it’s still silly and stupid, but when you play the game you understand the appeal a bit more. Also, the characters are quite fun.


The gameplay of Kingdom Hearts is one of the things that makes the series as good as it is. It is basically an action RPG. Which means that instead of fighting your enemies in turns like in a game of chess, you get to actively hit them with your oversized key. Of course you can also use magic and various other special attacks to dispatch of your foes, but the keyblade is what takes center stage.

There are tons of different enemies that you’ll encounter in each games. Most enemies are of course themed after which Disney world you’re visiting. If you’re in the Tarzan world you will fight ape-shaped heartless. In the Aladdin world you’ll fight heartless that have turbans and scimitars. And so on and so forth. You also get to interact with characters from each world too, both in the form of allies and enemies. Seeing this anime boy you’re playing as fighting alongside your favorite Disney characters is quite fun.


The music for all the games was composed by Yoko Shimomura and I love it. As you visit various worlds you’ll get to hear renditions of songs from the various Disney movies. For example, in the Nightmare Before Christmas world you’ll hear an instrumental cover of This is Halloween as you run around. But where the music of the series truly shines is in the original pieces composed for the non-Disney bits.

There are some truly badass and even emotional tracks in there that are stuck in my head even if it’s been a while since I’ve played the games. And while we’re on the theme of thigns you hear in the games, holy shit, there are a bunch of pretty well known actors doing voices in these games. Sometimes it’s an actor from a Disney movie returning to do the voice of their movie character, but there are also some fairly famous people doing the voices of other characters. Here’s a short list of some people in these games:

Hayden Panettiere, Billy Zane, David Boreanaz, Mandy Moore, Jesse McCartney, and Christopher Lee… and there are a whole bunch more.

So in conclusion: Kingdom Hearts is a game series with a really convoluted story/timeline that I enjoy following, good characters, awesome gameplay, great music, and some pretty awesome cast members. So yeah… I absolutely love this series, more than any other game franchise. Kingdom Hearts is my favorite game franchise.

Seb Reeves – @TheRealMrSeb

“Video games, I’ve played a few, but then again too few to mention…”

I was first introduced to the media of the video game in the late 1970’s. I was about 5 years old and an older cousin I was visiting had an ‘Artari – Home entertainment system’, better known perhaps as the ‘Artari 2600’. I had hours of fun on basic but somehow challenging games such as ‘Pong’ or ‘Asteroids’. As I grew the games industry matured with me and in the early 1980’s I found my first gaming addiction ‘Pacman’.


Unlike my cousin we could not afford a home gaming system, but down the road there was a local pub with a ‘family’ room and they had an arcade machine. At 10p a turn, my older brother and I would shed our pocket money into the slots of this machine; and see who could scoff their way around the screen hoovering up dots and munching up cherries to rack up the highest score, whilst avoiding the ghost who did their best to rob you of your three lives.

The 1990’s signaled a change in the gaming genre as the ‘Super Nintendo (SNES)’ and ‘Sega Mega-drive’ arrived in our homes. We went with ‘SEGA’ and soon had ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ zooming around the screen collecting rings and disrupting the nefarious schemes of Dr Robotnik. I remember the sheer joy of plugging the cartridge into the top of the machine, flipping the on switch and the singsong logo of ‘SEGA’ would summon you to an evening of gaming. The other memorable talking logo of my 90’s gaming experience came from my favorite game at the time of ‘John Madden’s Football’ by ‘EA games’.

I remember waiting the short time for the game to boot when the following line would come ‘EA Sports, it’s in the game’, I never got tired of that. I was really into my contact sport at this time, loved Rugby, Aussie rules, Gaelic football, you could always guarantee Channel 4 would have one or other of these playing. My favourite sport was American Football, I watched every match I could, played for my local Amateur team ‘Plymouth Admirals’, and the opportunity to get a load of computer graphics to butt heads at my command was too much to pass.

I left home in 1994, and at the time I don’t think I knew it would be almost a decade before I would have such easy access to a games console again. It was Christmas 2002 and my older brother bought me an XBOX. I was hooked by this time I was really into my RPG’s, from table top to live action and any computer version I could get involved in. I have tried a few, some bad due to shocking graphics and poor story line to others that can clearly be described as ground breaking. This brings me to my final favourite, Fable II.

From start to finish this game had me hooked, it wasn’t just another fantasy based roll play game, your actions effected so much later on in the game, from how people reacted to you to what story line you could follow. I lost count of how many times I played it and the different paths I followed.

I cannot choose a best or favorite game from these three: ‘Pacman’, ‘John Maddens Football’, and ‘Fable II’ they are very different games from each other and all very exciting, if I was not allowed to play another video games than these I’d have absolutely no problem with that.

Lou  from Jack and the Geekstalk – @JackGeekstalk @Lola_Flump

I thought I was really going to struggle to contribute to this month’s article, as I wasn’t sure that I’m enough of a gamer to have a favourite. In reality I nearly didn’t contribute because I was struggling to choose a favourite game from so many possibilities! In the end it came down to one of the Lego games or Pokemon, and Lego won. Even then I struggled over which one I love most, the obvious choice (surprise surprise) was the Harry Potter series – who wouldn’t love the chance to run around Hogwarts as Lego character?!

Then as I sat down to write my bit, I actually started writing about the Lego Star Wars games. They were the first I played and I have great memories of (pre-child) playing through the levels [once on story mode, once in free play] with my other half for hours, looking up walkthroughs to make sure we got all of the canisters and gold bricks. True Jedi resulted in resounding high fives.

I want to be able to write about how fluid the story playing is, how clever the levels are requiring mini-puzzle solving to forge your route through to the next stage, how the music and cutscenes add to the overall environment. In truth though, I love the game because it’s fun. When I sit down to play a video game, it’s a form of escapism and purely for enjoyment purposes. I’m not sitting analysing all the details of graphics, etc, because all I want to do is enjoy myself. I notice when a game is bad – when there are noticeable bugs, or the controls are frustratingly awkward.

Lego Force Awakens

I can’t tell you that this is a game I play again and again, because although I’ve probably played through it 2 or 3 times, I haven’t played it now for a few years. Instead I’ve moved onto the other games in the series. I’ve just started Jurassic World and that is bloody awesome. But Star Wars had to be my favourite because of the sentiment it holds and the fact that it started my love of a series which has brought me so much childish fun.

Chris from We Have a Hulk Podcast – @wehaveahulkpod @chris_hulkpod

My favourite game of all time is Diablo II! It’s an online multiplayer RPG hack and slash created by Blizzard which came out in 2000. Visually it’s an Isomorphic top-down game with fantastic art – each Act (There were four acts) with it’s own very unique style and mobs to defeat.
The cut scenes were amazing too – Blizzard have always been amazing at cutscenes. Being an RPG you would pick a character, either Amazon, Necromancer, Barbarian, Sorceress or Paladin. My favourites of which were Sorceress closely followed by the Amazon. The Paladin was great too. And the Barbarian. Actually the only character I wasn’t that fond of was the Necromancer. Later Blizzard brought out an expansion pack called Lord of Destruction that added two more character classes; the Druid and the Assassin (they were also awesome). Each class had a different skill tree and unique items.
Diablo2 art
There were a lot of different aspects to the game, the story was amazing – I would play it through over and over. Infact you kind of had to since by the end of the story you were still a fairly low level and had to move on to the next “difficulty” to continue levelling your character. This was essentially exactly the same story but …more difficult.
I loved all the items, there was some really great art and collecting legendary items was one of the things I found really rewarding about the game. You could get the “Oculus” a legendary wand for the Sorceress or “Windforce” a legendary bow for the Amazon, for example. End game I would go on loot runs with the Sorceress, teleporting through the levels of the dungeon to find Mephisto, the prime evil in Act III, and murder him repeatedly in the hopes of finding rare wonders. By the end of my years playing this game I had multiple characters fully decked out with cool gear.
The sequel, Diablo III came out in 2012. It’s a great game but it doesn’t give me the same feels I used to get in my school days playing DII. I don’t know if that’s an issue with the new game or just nostalgia holding back my love for new versions. That being said, I will always play any new Diablo series games or expansions that are released in the hopes of finding those feels once again.
Nicola from We Have a Hulk Podcast – @wehaveahulkpod @nicola_hulkpod
The first game I well and truly found myself addicted to had to be Virtua Fighter 2 for the Sega Saturn. It’s a 3D 1v1 fighting game created by Sega, originally released as an arcade game, but was ported to the Sega Saturn in 1995. There were 11 characters to chose from, with each character having their own fighting style and unique moves.
I loved learning the unique special moves of my favourite characters just to annoy my sister as they pretty much K.O’d her character once used! There wasn’t a huge story to the game, it was pretty much your average fighting tournament narrative, with the sinister “J6” syndicate organising the competition to gather intel to perfect their fighting cyborg “Dural” – who was the games boss, and a pretty difficult one at that! Dural used a combination of move sets from all of the character’s moves, so was a ball ache to try and defeat!
I actually played this game whenever me and my sister visited my uncle and aunty; me and my sister were so competitive, we’d sit there for hours button bashing to try and knock eachother out! My absolute favourite character was Lion Rafale, a high school student from France who uses the style of “Praying Mantis Kung Fu” – is that even a thing?! My sister’s favourite was Sarah Bryant, sister of another character Jacky, who was kidnapped and brainwashed by the mysterious group Judgement – is this still the same game?! There were two other characters that me and my sister always loved fighting; Jeffry McWild and Shun Di. Jeffry would literally belly flop you and Shun Di would use ‘Drunken Kung Fu’, he’d whack out a bottle of some unknown alcohol, drink it and literally fall over before attacking you – so weird!
I actually bought this game for Chris a couple of years ago and it’s definitely one of those games that has a huge nostalgia drive, but is probably best left at the back of the cupboard!
Chewbasha – @Bash2110
I’ve been a gamer for as long as I can remember.  I was 7 years old when I got my first Gameboy, obsessively playing Super Mario World 2: 6 Golden Coins over and over.  Within a year, I was also lucky enough to get the PlayStation and Super NES, and from there on in, I was hooked.  There’s something about getting completely immersed in a good game that I find is quite unequaled in any other medium.  Therefore, the task of choosing one game to rule them all has been insanely difficult!
How did I go about it?  First, the platform – Nintendo or PlayStation.  Having had every ‘plug into your TV’ console from both (Nintendo Switch the exception), it was like picking my favourite lung.  Then, the generation.  In the mid-to-late 90s, I was all about Super Mario World and Crash Bandicoot, memorising each level SO WELL, I can still play them end-to-end today with few mistakes.  In the early 00s, I deviated from consoles entirely, losing hours on a weekend to Theme Park World or The Sims on PC.  For the a long while, I considered myself a ‘casual gamer’ I suppose.  I was a pro on Mario Kart 8 on the Wii, but other that and the odd dilly-dally on Lego games, nothing really captured my attention for long.
That is, until the release of Batman: Arkham Asylum.
As a lover of the characters from Gotham City, and especially the Caped Crusader himself, from years of reading the comics, I was stunned by this game.  I remember coming home from my local game shop, excitedly ripping off the cellophane and waiting patiently as the game installed.  In the opening moments, I was initially skeptical, but man, oh man, I needn’t have been.  I finished the story mode in a weekend.  Then the following weekend, I did it all over again on the harder setting.
In my opinion, the game presents the definitive Arkham Asylum outside of the comics.  Dark, yet detailed, the game is visually stunning.  And the gameplay is unlike anything I had experienced up until that point.  The fighting is visceral, the puzzles are challenging, and Batman is frankly at his damn detective best.
Batman’s rogue gallery is the stuff of legend, home to many of the best super-villains, and they are all present and ready for action in Arkham Asylum.  They’ve also never looked better.  Menacing, real, damn scary!  I can’t tell you how many times I ‘lost my cool’ running away from Killer Croc in the sewers (but it was a lot).  Aside from the obvious pick of the Joker, Scarecrow gets the prize for top bad guy.  The Scarecrow dream sequence levels still haunt my dreams!
I would be remiss to not mention the voice cast for Arkham Asylum.  The incomparable Mark Hamill voices The Joker (and Scarface) to perfection, with Kevin Conroy voicing Batsy / Brucey with unparalleled aplomb.  Mark IS the Joker, just as Kevin IS the Batman.  And they aren’t used wastefully – they bring the characters to life, giving them soul.  The story that propels the game is so compelling, and incredibly well acted by the whole cast, this is single-handedly the most captivating, un-put-downable game I may have ever played.
It brought me back into the gaming fold in a big way.  And that being said, I may just go restart the whole thing again…
Dave from Jack and the Geekstalk – @JackGeekstalk @Crutchy
I didn’t have to think very long on this topic. I class myself as a semi serious gamer, whilst I’m not necessarily that good a games like Battlefield or any fighting game, I have played probably a couple of hundred games of many different genres and I love gaming. I especially love games that have a rich story and game worlds bigger than I could imagine. Story is important, interesting characters, locales and equipment are a must as well as some decent action!! For these reasons and many more, I fell in love with the Final Fantasy series by Square (now Square Enix).
Final Fantasy
Each game in the series can soak up upwards of 80 to 100 hours of your life if you are willing to go exploring and pursue as many sidequests as you can. Each game has a different story by the familiar formula is always there. You will take the role of (usually) a young character who suffers some tragedy at the start (or before the game, seen through a flashback) maybe a bit rebellious in some way who ultimately gets drawn into a battle to save the world and sometimes the universe! Along the way you will encounter a huge array of characters some of which will join you on your mission and fight alongside you in some epic battles.
Though there have been countless clones of the Final Fantasy franchise you will recognise any game as soon as you see things such as Chocobos (a large ostrich-like bird which you can ride), Cid and his Airship, summoning huge magical beasts and of course beautiful hair which is brushed aside during poignant and heart-wrenching cut scenes. There have been ups and downs in the series but apart from the odd add-on games (I’m looking at you Final Fanasy X-2) it’s a very strong collection of games.
If I’m pushed, my favourite would be Final Fantasy VIII. I know, I know, its not Final Fantasy VII which is considered to be one of the best video games ever, but I love VIII. You take on the role of Squall Leonhart, a brooding teen student of Balamb Garden who starts on a new path as a mercenary with some friends and ends up having to fight an almost immoral Sorceress and her henchman Seifer (Squall’s rival from School). I don’t want to give you any story hints at all really because there are so many reveals in the game that to give any away here would reduce their effectiveness. Rest assured you will have no idea some of them are coming until they do.
FF8 LogoFF8Fight
The combat is amazing. From simple offensive and defensive magic to utilising various Guardian Forces (gigantic creatures such as Ifrit, Shiva and Leviathan who makes appearances in most of the games) each battle throws up something different particularly with all the various status ailments.
Tough combat, intrigue, alliances forged and lost, secrets uncovered and a love story to rival any other, Final Fantasy VIII is not a game to be missed. Having just finished the latest instalment, Final Fantasy XV (which was mildly disappointing but still enjoyable) I’m sure i’ll keep playing them for as long as I can.
If you’re still not convinced here’s a single image to inspire you to give the game a chance;
You get to wield all kinds of variations of this awesome Gun Blade!!!!
Well there we go, another fantastic article from the Geekstalkers Community. I know already that I’m going to be re-visiting some of these games and seeking out some of the ones I’ve missed in my gaming years. What do you think of these games? What is your favourite video game? Let us know in the comments below and get involved in the Geekstalkers community!! #Geekstalkers
I want to say another huge thank you to everyone that contributed to this months article, it wouldn’t be much of a community without you. We at Jack and the Geekstalk love chatting about all things geeky and non-geeky and look forward to seeing the community grow and grow. You can find the details of all the Geekstalkers members below, please check them all out on Twitter and their associated Podcasts and websites. Each and ever one of them is brilliant and more than happy to have a heated debated about the minutiae of all things geek!
Until next time! Geekstalkers out!
The Geekstalkers are: 
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Chris and Nicola from We Have a Hulk Podcast @wehaveahulkpod @chris_hulkpod @nicola_hulkpod
Chris Smolinski @RamblingRiter
Dan from Nerdifi @Nerdifi_MCR
Claudia @1GeekyNerd
Sasha aka Chewbasha @Bash2110
Ian from SuperNerds UK Podcast @ianyoungkop, @SuperNerds_UK
Ken Major @KenMajor83
Open All Powers Pod @openallpowers
Dave from Jack and the Geekstalk @Crutchy, @JackGeekstalk
Lou from Jack and the Geekstalk @Lola_Flump, @JackGeekstalk
Sammi from Jack and the Geekstalk @Sammo94jo, @JackGeekstalk
Luke from Jack and the Geekstalk @Lucas_Whizz @JackGeekstalk
King Bruno Baratheon @BrunoBaratheon
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