After a week of teasing we now have the first full trailer for Kingsman: The Golden Circle. And do you know what? It’s about bloody time! Kingsman: The Secret Service is one of my all time favourite comic book movies and it looks like the sequel is going to be continuing some of the trends from the first movie! Take a look at the trailer below.

This should have a very different feel from the first film. Eggsy is no longer trying to prove himself and rise above his past, he is an established agent and still kicking ass while dressed rather dapper! I’m not sure Harry Hart would approve of the garish orange jacket though!

I’ll confess now, I know very little about the plot of this film and the trailer only gives us hints. At some point Kingsman’s HQ and the Tailors will be blown to smithereens! Someone has learnt the location of these super secret facilities and is taking them out. Who are the enemies this time around? Who ever they are they mean business and have some pretty nifty tech of their own! A retractable prosthetic arm anyone?


The new threat leads Eggsy, Merlin and whoever is left to Statesman, the US equivalent of Kingsman. They are kitted out in the stereotypical ‘American’ garb complete with stetsons and even sport hi-tech versions of classic weapons such as the Winchester Rifle, Colt revolver and a whip, wielded masterfully by Agent Whiskey (Pedro Pascal).


If nothing else, the Taxi chase, which looks like it will be concluding underwater, shows that this film will have some of the same ridiculously fun, action packed, spy adventures, maintaining the Matthew Vaughan cinematography throughout.


The cast is incredible with people like Julianne Moore, Jeff Bridges, Channing Tatum, Halle Berry and Pedro Pascal making up some of the American contingent. While Taron Eggerton and Mark Strong are joined by Michael Gambon and ……. wait for it…..Colin Firth!


Last seen on the wrong end of a gun barrel, Harry Hart is back and sporting a new eyepatch presumably covering the giant hole in his head! How he is back is a mystery but I can’t wait to see all these fantastic actors back together!


Remember, Manners Maketh Man. Suit up, slip on your Oxfords not Brogues and get ready for 22 September 2017 release.

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