Well this came out of nowhere! It seems like we are in a period of surprising announcements and reveals! The latest one is our first look at KRYPTON TV series being made by Syfy.  The footage hasn’t been officially released yet, mainly due to the fact that it’s only a teaser for the pilot episode. The show hasn’t yet been ordered to series (which is a little bit foreboding) but take a look at the trailer below and see what you think.

KRYPTON Teaser – Comicbookmovie.com

So, very different from what I expected. The first thing that strikes me is that this appears to have a much larger effects budget that other similar shows. It looks very polished and interesting. We have never seen a vast amount of Krypton itself in any of the Superman films. Man of Steel gave us a brief look and a crumbling world but this show is going to be set many decades before the planet becomes dust, at the height of Krypton society.


Talking of Man of Steel you can see much of this show is inspired by the film. Not surprising seeing as it is developed by David S Goyer, writer of the film! The world seems dark, bleak and a lot of the same technology and architecture appear similar to that of the film. Even down to the El family flash drive, there’s one on show here too!


The teaser doesn’t tell as a lot but we know the show is going to be following Kal-El’s grandfather Seg-El played by Cameron Cuffe. There’s going to be a Romeo and Juliet-like relationship with Seg and Lyta Zod (Georgina Campbell) which I’m sure will be discovered and they will be forbidden to see each other and so on and so on. The end of teaser suggests the couple are going to be together regardless as they make a blood bond which lights up a very familiar symbol of Hope!


A couple of interesting things jumped out of me though. The voice-over says House El led a revolution on Krypton. What were they rebelling against? Was this anything to do with Jor-El’s later rebellion when he tries to convince the High Council that the planet is doomed? Does the El / Zod family feud extend that far back into history?


There’s a reference to a fortress of some kind, a clear nod to the Fortress of Solitude and understandable that there will be similar structures on Krypton, that is where the technology came from after all.

Very interestingly as well, we get a look at some bottled cities. This has to be a reference to the bottled City of Kandor and Braniac. Will he or his race show up? We know there are going to be other beings on the planet as we see at least one weird looking gold person but will the Coluans appear?!! I hope so!


Ian McElhinney is playing Val-El, Seg’s grandfather and it looks like he is going to get on the wrong side of the law. Is he walking the plank in this shot? He apparently has a visit to the Phantom Zone in his arc so maybe this is his sentencing? Is it this that spurs the El family into action?


Seg-El’s voice-over tells us that it is not about how they died, it is how they lived. Will a show about relationships and politics on an alien world be interesting enough to keep us hooked? Are they going to rely on Superman references to keep the fans interested? Do we really need another prequel TV show like Smallville or Gotham? This show shouldn’t have super-powered main characters as the Kryptonians don’t have powers under their Red Sun so why even set it on this planet? Just to raise the chances people will watch it?

Is the show going to be canon? The aesthetic certainly suggests it!

I may sound negative but I will give the show a chance. As far as I’m aware we still don’t have any clue as to when the show will or if it will air but maybe it will be a surprise hit! Remember, even though Syfy has brought us things like the Sharknado films, they also gave us the Battlestar Galactica remake which was fantastic!! Fingers crossed!

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2 thoughts on “Krypton TV show trailer 

  1. It’s actually a misconception that Kryptonian’s don’t have powers unless they are exposed to a yellow sun. They still have powers, but to a much lower extent. So I guess they could have some combat. The only way I think they could really make this work well is by making Martian Manhunter a large character. He’s interesting and he’d stand out enough that I think he could be the show worthwhile. But, honestly, I don’t think it’s going to be a very good show. If they really wanted to make a show based in the DCEU, they shouldn’t have based it around the backstory for one of the DCEU’s most hated parts. Gotham has showed us that DC can make a good Batman show without having Batman in it, so I would have probably preferred something in that vein. Or maybe they could have made a show based around an already established like Deadshot. Just putting some ideas out there. But hopefully, Krypton is going to be somewhat worth watching.

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