Hi. My name is Lou and I’m a Harry Potter addict. [Just in case you hadn’t caught that from my re-reading of the series]


OK, so around a week ago it was announced that Jude Law is going to be playing a young Albus Brian Wulfric Percival Dumbledore in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them, and I think a lot of people’s initial reaction was, huh?

My reaction was, and remains, ‘yes, I get that’.


I’m not shout from the rooftops excited about the casting, and I’m definitely not unhappy with it. I’m content. Which I feel is like a fairly good metaphor for Jude Law in general. He’s been in a lot of films, but not necessarily the massive hyper awesome blockbusters. He flies just under the radar in terms of celebrity and Hollywood ‘shine’. Which is exactly why I think he’s good for this role.

Dumbledore is brilliant, but understated. As the headmaster of Hogwarts we know him to have a measured calm, but with a sparkly wit and whim. As a younger man I’m anticipating a little more adventure seeking and possibly a slight hyperactivity, and I have to say Jude Law’s role in the remake of Alfie (whilst I am not suggesting that the film itself is by any means a masterpiece), to me seems to be a good starting point for that aspect of the young Dumbledore’s character. His portrayal of Dr. Watson in the Sherlock Holmes films give an insight into how we might see the witty intellect manifest.

As readers of Harry Potter we are expecting the duel with Grindelwald and exploration of some of the darker and more haunting parts of Dumbledore’s life. I think we are going to see the events that shape Dumbledore’s moral compass and guiding principals, so we need to start with a character who does not quite have the magnitude of gravity we are used to associating with him. It’s a character that is going to need to be built through this film (and potentially the following films in the series), and I honestly think Jude Law can deliver that. It’s hard to give a million reasons as to why, I just feel like he fits that part nicely and I’m looking forward to seeing his portrayal.

What do you think of the casting? Anything that I’ve overlooked? Let me know in comments or on Twitter @JackGeekstalk


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