Supergirl, The Flash and Arrow are all on a break for a couple of weeks so instead we have the finale to Legends of Tomorrow! I think Legends have the right idea with only having 17 episodes in a season. A shorter season should reduce the number of filler episodes, which the other CW superhero shows are very guilty of! 20+ episodes is far too many!

So how does Season 2 of Legends of Tomorrow end? Take a look below to find out!

Legends of Tomorrow S2 Ep17 – ‘Aruba’

Last week we saw the shit hit the fan when the Legends failed to reset ‘Doomworld’ and stop Eobard Thawne destroying the Spear of Destiny. Well, never give up, never surrender! Rip and Gideon have managed to get the Waverider up and running and finds the rest of the Legends. After breaking into S.T.A.R. Labs to get the Atom suit, the team return the Waverider to its normal size and against Rip’s wishes, return to 1916 to try and stop the Legion from obtaining the spear. As soon as someone says that meeting their past selves could destroy time, you know its going to happen!

So, that’s where they go, back to World War 1. Thinking ahead of their past selves, Ray heads off to find the blood of Christ, only for Thawne to turn up! He predicted the Legends would try it and damn was he right! Finally taking the advice of his Legion colleagues, he kills Ray in the blink of an eye!

From here, things go from bad to worse. The future Legends fail to avoid their past selves but don’t worry, the side effects or ‘Time Storms’ are minor enough allowing them to work to a common goal. Giving their past selves information on the future seems to be incredibly stupid but why should they follow their own rules? Cue the most ridiculous game of British Bulldog ever. Both sets of Legends and the Legion line up on opposite ends of the battlefield. The Legends are trying to make it to the past version of the Waverider in order to throw the spear into time itself.

This battle is fun and there is even a lot of death!! Damian Darhk kills future Nate as he protects past Nate, future Jacks saves past Jacks by taking an arrow for him, Captain Cold kills future Mick before being knocked down by past Mick. The only surviving future Legend is Sara and she almost makes it to the ship. Unfortunately, the Legion has backup. Inspired by the Legends time meddling, Thawne has brought countless versions of himself back to this point to form an army of Reverse Flashes. This should be an instant loss for the Legends. Just one of the Thawne’s could take the spear from Sara straight away! But of course how could the heroes triumph?!

Sara uses the spear as the past Legends fight to protect her. This takes her into a dream world where her sister Laurel convinces her she has the power to control the spear for the right reasons.


And use it she does, first she depowers the spear so when Thawne grabs it, it doesn’t work. Cutting his losses, Thawne goes to kill Sara but the other thing she changed? The Black Flash is free and he has found Thawne! At last Thawne is destroyed and fully erased from existence. But so is future Sara!

It’s all happy days as past Sara returns the other Legions to the point where they were recruited by Thawne and erases their memories, leaving Mick to do the same with his friend Snart.

The episode is rounded out with Vixen deciding she doesn’t care about her destiny and stays with Nate on the ship. Rip leaves in the Jump ship, bowing out gracefully and giving the captainship to Sara and the team head off for a break to ‘Aruba’ on Mick’s suggestion. Yeah I know, too happy wasn’t it, not to worry though, a huge time storm catches up with them, sending them crashing out of time to land in 2017 Los Angeles. Only, things are a little different, downtown dinos anyone?


It was a good ending to the season, and overall the season has been fun if completely ridiculous most of the time. The team needs to be thinned a little bit but I don’t think getting rid of Rip was the answer. Vixen and Nate are both annoying and pointless characters, I even prefer Hawkgirl over them. Nate’s only saving graces are his competitiveness with Ray and his Steel ability. A smaller team would be much better, it gives them all a proper chance at development. And seriously there was hardly any Firestorm in this season!!!

Bring on Season 3.

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