Now that I’ve got that out of the way we can properly discuss the first official footage release from Star Wars: The Last Jedi. If you didn’t already know Star Wars Celebration 2017 is currently underway in Orlando and today the first teaser trailer dropped at The Last Jedi panel. Check it out!

If you’ve read any of my Star Wars posts before you’ll know I love the universe so I’m going to try and contain my excitement (for the most part). Let’s break down this teaser!

Straight away we get a sense of how tough this film is going to be on Rey. We see her fall to the floor, exhausted by effort. Has she been training? Pushing the boundaries of her Force abilities? Or maybe she has had another vision of some kind? This is supported by the voice over from Luke (yes that’s right, he talks in this film!) telling her to breath and then asking what she sees.


Some wide shots of the islands Luke has been hiding away on greet us before a shot of Rey looking out across the sea. She’s wearing the same outfit she was at the end of The Force Awakens so it’s safe to assume this is pretty early on in the film.

Island2Rey Ocean

This is where things start to get interesting. Rey is clearly stretching her Force muscles, as a load of small rocks begin to levitate around her as she answers Luke’s question, She sees ‘light’, and it just so happens that this word comes as we see General Leia standing before a holo-map. She is the light in the universe.


Rey also says she sees Darkness and to go with this we get one of the most interesting shots of the trailer. What appears to be a Kylo Ren’s mask from The Force Awakens but utterly destroyed. How did this happen? Did he do it himself out of frustration? Or maybe it gets damages in a battle with someone? Maybe Snoke punishes him in some way! Whatever the reason, I fully expect Kylo Ren to be sporting a new mask of some kind.

Kylo Ren's Mask

Next we get a hint at what Luke was searching for in his exile, The Ancient Jedi. These could be some old Jedi texts that he has found, the definitely have the traditional Jedi symbol emblazoned on them. Is this Luke discovering them for the first time or is he bringing them out to show Rey, or maybe it’s someone else entirely.

Ancient TextJedi

After the mystery comes the action. Now you are drawn in to the teaser it’s time to excite you. A slow panning shot around the island eventually reveals a figure (probably Rey) going through some Lightsaber drills, with what we presume is Luke watching over her. We know by now that Rey will receive some training while on this island, we just don’t know how willing Luke is going to be to do the training!


Very quickly we get a look at some new ship which look sort of like B-wings from the original trilogy but smaller, they are acting like land speeders as well so they must be new. If you look closely in the distance it looks like there are some Imperial AT-AT walkers on the horizon. Could we be seeing a battle reminiscent of Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back? Giving further weight to the argument that this is going be the Empire of the new trilogy. One last thing, what’s with the red smoke? Is this a diversion for something? Are they creating a smokescreen so something or someone can get away? Curious.

New ShipMad Max

Now onto some Rebel action. Finn is understandably recovering in some kind of medical pod. He did get his spine slashed by Kylo Ren you know! And we see Poe Dameron and BB-8 running down a ship corridor before seeing his beloved and awesome black X-wing blow up! Is the ship or base he is in under attack? I think yes and I suspect the attackers are seen later in the trailer!

FinnPoe RunningBoom

It wouldn’t be a Star Wars Trailer without a shot of the Millennium Falcon being chased by Tie Fighters. What’s important about this though is who is flying it. We last saw the ship deliver Rey to Luke’s island with Chewie as the co-pilot. Is Chewie behind the stick or is Rey back in the fight again? I guess Chewie would be better off trying to avenge his friends death instead of sitting around waiting for Rey to become a Jedi.


Speaking of Rey, she does not look happy in this next shot as she sprints through the darkness with lightsaber drawn. Has she had a vision like Luke did in Empire, prompting her to race to the aid of her friends or has someone found her or maybe the First Order have tracked Luke down and are coming to end the Jedi for good. Maybe Kylo Ren, who we see looking very angry but determined and sporting a new facial scar courtesy of Rey, has found them. The contrast in colour between the deep blue and angry fred is literally stunning.

Rey RunKylo Ren

This next shot is the most interesting in the trailer. I could be wrong but I think this is a flashback to when Luke discovers his Jedi Academy has been destroyed. R2D2 stands next to a cloaked figure who slumps to the ground before a burning building with wreckage and possibly a few bodies strewn about the place. I genuinely felt a stab of sadness when I saw this. Luke has just seen his vision of the future literally burn before his eyes and his own blood is responsible. Heartbreaking!


Keeping with the burning theme, I alluded to them earlier, but here we see some First Order Stormtroopers marching through a burning wreckage with none other than Captain Phasma in the lead. I think this is the hanger where we saw Poe’s fighter get destroyed and Phasma is clearly on a mission of revenge. She is not to be humiliated ever again!


Of course we will be getting a space battle of some kind as X-wings go up against TIE fighters. But interestingly there is a new kind of ship on display here. Are these new capital ships or are they a blockade of some sort? They don’t seem to be moving in usual formations as the smaller fighters flit around them. Are they Imperial or Rebel?


The last shot of the trailer is very dark and only has the silhouette of Luke as he stands in the entrance to a cave on his exile island. He appears to sporting some rather fetching wet weather gear but it is not what we see that is important. We hear Luke say “I only know one truth…..It’s time for the Jedi to end” Duh Duh Duh!!!


Has Luke become so disillusioned with the Jedi path that he doesn’t want to keep it going? Has he forsaken its teachings, found no answers in the ancient texts? Does he refuse to train Rey (probably not because there is evidence earlier on in the trailer that he will at least start it). Or does he mean the Jedi need to change in order to survive. As Rey meditates earlier, she says she sees light, dark, a balance to which Luke says “It’s so much bigger”. Has Luke decided that the Force is not so clear cut. No light and dark, no Sith or Jedi. Who knows.


All in all it was a good trailer. Not fantastic but good. There is plenty of interesting stuff to digest here. There looks to be some intense action set pieces and some interesting character developments. I really hope we get to see in detail what happened with Kylo and the Knights of Ren at Luke’s academy. What went so wrong? How did Ben Solo fall to the darkness? How was Snoke involved? So many questions, so little time.

A few people I’ve spoken to haven’t been too impressed with the teaser but I keep telling them that this is just a teaser. A full trailer will follow soon and hopefully that will blow us all away. This teaser is bleak, this will not be a happy film by any stretch and already we can see a lot of similarities to Empire. Hopefully they won’t overdo it too much as Empire is widely considered to be the best Star Wars film. Sure, borrow some themes but don’t just make the same film.

I’ll leave it there so I can go and watch the teaser a few more hundred times. Let us know what you thought in the comments below. Do you have any theories or plot ideas about the film? Join the conversation!

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