All the shows return this week with mixed success, who will win the week? Read on!

Supergirl S2 Ep16 – ‘Star-Crossed’

It’s all about secrets being revealed this week in National City and as we know, when secrets come out on these shows it never ends well. Both Kara and Winn have some shocking revelations about their respective partners but how will they each deal with it?

Those mysterious aliens that have been hunting for Mon-El arrive at Earth and demand they deliver him to their ship. After Supergirl has a scuffle with the ship, Mon-El doesn’t want anyone to get hurt so he turns himself over. Turns out these aliens, played by Teri Hatcher and Kevin Sorbo are his parents, and the King and Queen of Daxam, making Mon-El the Crown Prince! From this point on Kara is incredibly pissed at him for lying to her all this time!


Mon-El’s parents want him to come home and restart Daxam as it leader. Mon-El doesn’t want this and tries to apologise to Kara for not telling her the truth. His last ditch speech was genuinely heart-wrenching, she has changed him and he doesn’t want to be the selfish ruler of a oppressive planet anymore. Kara has had enough though, she can’t deal with his lies and can’t trust him so she ends their relationship! I think it was a bit harsh, she never even really listened to his justification. Even though she has ended things, he still wants to stay on Earth and be the hero she saw in him, he tells his parents to leave (I’m sure this will come back to bit him in the ass!).

Meanwhile, Winn’s girlfriend turns out to be an art thief who frames him for the theft of a Van Gogh. She’s not been caught yet because her species has the quite useful ability to be naturally invisible to security cameras! She played him just to steal some art to sell to another new big bad alien we haven’t seen before. But of course it’s a CW show so she’s not all bad, she was doing it for the right reasons. After Winn sets Alex, the DEO and the police onto her, he tricks her into taking him to the stolen art handover. She was stealing things because a gang had kidnapped her brother! The DEO and Police cavalry arrive with some help from Guardian, who almost gets beaten down, to save the day. Winn’s romance is still on the cards! Woo happy ending for Winn!


Closing out the episode in the introduction of a new bad guy, the Music Meister. He claims he let himself be caught in order to come face to face with Kara. He quickly does something weird with his eyes which puts her into a coma-like state before disappearing through a breach on his way to find the Fastest Man alive! Kara wakes up to find herself in a 1920s cabaret club on stage ready to sing! What’s going on here?!

Not a bad episode but I felt the whole arc of Mon-El’s family was wound up pretty quickly, I was expecting them to stay around for a little while longer. Maybe they will return, they aren’t exactly characters with the best of intentions!

The Flash S3 Ep17 – ‘Duet’

Before I start I’ll say this was a bad episode. It was such a departure from the tone of any of the CW shows and didn’t add anything to the on-going stories in either of the Supergirl and Flash series. While it was bad, it was ridiculously funny. You can tell it was just an excuse to have the cast of both shows (most of whom have theatrical or performing backgrounds) to have a bit of a sing and a dance. It was harmless but pointless. Let’s go through it.

J’onn J’onnz and Mon-El arrive through a breach with an unconscious Supergirl. Just as they explain what happened to her, the Music Meister appears in the speed lab. Barry rushes to confront him with some help from Wally but they are quickly taken down! This results in Barry being sent to the same place Kara is and he sees her performing! I’ll give them credit they can both sing really well, Barry’s dancing is a bit suspect but let’s not go there. Basically our heroes have to follow the script of this musical world they are in to escape, with the added threat that if they die in her they can die in real life.

Cue one of the most bizarre episodes where familiar characters from both shows take on different roles in the musical, Cisco is a barman with aspirations of fame, Malcolm Merlyn is the gangster owner of the club with Mon-El as his son, Joe West is a rival gang leader who has an apparent homosexual relationship with Martin Stein and their daughter is Iris West, weird right?! Iris and Mon-El are in love but haven’t told their dad’s meaning Kara and Barry have to convince them to come clean in the hopes that any tensions will be dispelled.

This goes wrong and both Barry and Kara end up getting shot. The Music Meister has been sucking their powers and run amok through the city. After a cool take down scene where Cisco, Wally and J’onn work together, he explains to them that the only way to save their friends is with love. What this actually means is that Cisco can vibe Mon-El and Iris into the musical world and seeing their loved ones dying it can repair their relationship, Kara forgives Mon-el and Barry re-confirms his love for Iris. And Boom! They are back in the real world. Apparently the Music Meister did this just to teach them a lesson, that love is about being saved, not just saving people. What?! He vanishes after this leaving you with a severe taste of disappointment. What was the whole point of this episode?! It’s never explained where he comes from or why he was doing this!!!

It’s all smiles now though, the episode is rounded off with Barry singing Iris a lovely song about ‘Running home to you’, he then re-proposes which she accepts. I told you he would decide that he couldn’t be without her! This scene is so cringe-worthy but the song is nice. Their split lasted only one episode, seriously, can they not just stick with a decision they make!


As I said at the beginning it was a bad episode but if you go in expecting singing and dancing and not a lot of substance you won’t be too disappointed. Hopefully the next crossover will be a lot lot better!

Arrow S5 Ep17 – ‘Kapiushon

I should have hated this episode. About 80% of the whole thing was flashback to Oliver in Russia, if you read any of these posts before you’ll know how little I care for the flashback sequences. However, the impossible happened, I actually really liked it.

Adrian Chase is torturing Oliver, there is no other way to put it. At first I was thinking that this isn’t going to do much because Oliver has endured all kinds of horrors in his past. But Chase is more determined than most to get what he wants, and in this case it is a confession from Oliver. The trouble is, Oliver has no clue what this confession is supposed to be and Chase will give him no hints!

In hindsight, the flashbacks tell you exactly what he should be confessing. Bratva Oliver has well and truly let the monster out and is using The Hood to direct this creature. Gregor didn’t actually die on the ice rink in the previous episode, but he doesn’t last much longer after telling Anatoli and Oliver about a deal he had with Kovar. Anatoli is appointed the new Bratva head and meets with Kovar to discuss the deal, apparently he is obliged to carry on with Gregor’s commitments.


He learns Kovar has a weapon shipment coming in, so of course he, Oliver and some loyal Bratva got to disrupt it. They find some poison gas but Kovar manages to make off with the gas anyway. Oliver is really not subtle being the hood, just sitting atop a truck and not even attempting to stay in the shadows! Oliver and Co. infiltrate Kovar’s new casino to stop him. But once again they have been betrayed by another Bratva member. Oliver tears through everyone in his way and even takes down Kovar, against Anatoli’s advice.

Anatoli makes him a Bratva captain, finally giving him that tattoo we have seen for so long and issues him with a warning. Oliver claims he only killed those people because he had to, Anatoli recognises he did it because he enjoys the kill!


Back in the present day Chase continues to break him, already Oliver is desperate but doesn’t know the answer. I say already, he has been captive for 6 days at this point. Arrows in the chest, nearly drowned and now Chase snaps Evelyn’s neck in front of him when Oliver refuses to kill her. This pushes him over the edge and he screams his confession, he likes killing!! Chase has forced him to admit that he vigilante campaign was built on a lie! Oh yeah, Evelyn wasn’t dead, she is still working with Prometheus.


After confession, Chase lets him go. Returning to the Arrow cave, Oliver tells the team that he wants to shut the whole thing down, he doesn’t want to be the Green Arrow anymore. Poor Oli.


Oliver’s final secret has been revealed, how will he bounce back from this (because we know he will, there’s going to be a 6th season after all). Stephen Amell’s acting in this episode was some of the best I have seen from him, he plays a helpless, broken man well! It was great to see Malcolm Merlyn in the flashbacks too!

Legends of Tomorrow S2 Ep15 – ‘Fellowship of the Spear’

The Legends start this episode pretty well. Even though they have lost two parts of the Spear of Destiny to the Legion of Doom they aren’t giving up. The team hatch a plan to steal the remaining fragments from the Legion to make the spear whole then destroy it. Arriving at the Vanishing Point (where the Legion have been operating from), the team infiltrate and steal the fragments, using Firestorm’s transmutation technique which we haven’t seen for a while. Watching Thawne be astounded that the Legends have outsmarted him was hilarious.


The problem arises when they actually start thinking about destroying the spear. The unsociable and still sukling Nate tells them that only the blood of Christ can destroy it. Rip quickly shuts down any thoughts of going back to the Crucifixion to get some as this would have untold consequences. Luckily Nate knows of a rumoured vial of Christ’s blood buried with Sir Gawain. The only person that can help him find it is a certain John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, yep JRR Tolkien. For some reason they can only get hold of the vial at a specific time when it just so happens to be in the middle of the Battle of the Somme during World War 1!

The Legends go to war and retrieve Tolkien from the front lines to help them. They manage to locate the vial but things go very wrong for them. The Legion have decided to wait until the Legends repair the spear to steal it back again. Mick has been seeing Snart again and rightly so thinks it was just in his head. Unfortunately, this time he was completely real. The Legion had retrieved a past version of Snart, before he joined the Legends and he is now helping them Mick accidentally told Snart their entire plan and when the Legends are confronted by the Legion, Mick joins them. He keeps the spear and escapes with them. The Legends never really trusted him, he didn’t belong there *(just be ready for a change of heart towards the end of the season).

I forgot to mention that Rip managed to convince both sides of the war to have a temporary ceasefire so they could retrieve the vial of blood. Snart disrupts this peace with a grenade and the battle starts up again. Nate gets blown sideways by a shell which results in the blood vial being smashed. Now their only hope is that the Legion don’t know how to use the spear. Unfortunately again, Malcolm Merlyn joins the rest of the league with basically an instruction manual for the spear. The Legion waste no time in using. what will they change first?

It was a bit of a crap episode and the suspension of disbelief was too great for me, possible because the show felt the need to dramatise another famous persons, with Nate deliberately giving Tolkien parts of his future stories, while forcing it into this huge international historical event. I am losing faith with this show!

Arrow wins this week by a country mile. Dark and gritty, I can see the end of the flashbacks in sight!

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