Last episode of the series – lots of questions to be answered! So, here’s what I thought.

**Spoiler Warning**

  1. Does Evil Dad still have to go in the tube thing?
  2. Trinity’s back – about time!
  3. Love that she goes straight for the legal implications of fraudulently being dead, rather than actual reaction to him not being dead.
  4. Oh Ward. I love you.
  5. Seriously, you only just realised he was playing Danny all along? Weren’t you the one warning him about Evil Dad?Marvels-Iron-Fist-Season-1-Episode-13-1-c6ae.jpg
  6. Back in the park looking homeless.
  7. Reacting to sirens and very clearly hiding, not the most subtle way to evade attention.
  8. Also, the sword isn’t that subtle either.
  9. I love the sass.
  10. Yes Danny. You are stupid.
  11. Are they going to ask Gao for help?
  12. It’s really annoying me that Coleen isn’t putting her hair in plaits anymore. Mainly because it’s way more practical when fighting/running etc.
  13. So much sass in this episode!
  14. Oh look, Evil Dad was involved in the death of Danny’s parents.
  15. Most of what you do/think is crazy.
  16. Good life advice. ‘There is some shit you just can’t punch.’
  17. I actually love Claire.
  18. Oh good, Joy is alive.
  19. Wouldn’t they have moved her to a fancy private hospital?
  20. My guess is the combination is Ward’s birthday.
  21. I am a little bit bored with the ‘need to centre Danny’s chi’ storyline.
  22. Joy, why are you here alone? You must realise he is dangerous.
  23. Run Joy. Run.
  24. Ward, maybe don’t go up there alone?
  25. Calling the police might actually be a good idea. Chances are it would go wrong and Harold ends up getting arrested.
  26. I like the symmetry of Danny knocking guards out in Rand again.
  27. That wasn’t the best CGI of the series, but I liked it anyway!
  28. That however is an awesome effect. That was bloody awesome.Screen-Shot-2017-03-27-at-10.23.58-PM.png
  29. Really thought Evil Dad was going to jump out of that box.
  30. Ouch.
  31. I liked the implied dumbass.
  32. Why do villains feel the need to recount all their evil doing?
  33. I’ll be seriously pissed if Evil Dad comes even close to matching Danny in this fight. Even without his chi, Danny has spent years being trained in Kung Fu.
  34. Umm, what? He saw the future in the cave thing?
  35. Seriously, I love Ward.
  36. Gonna be hard to explain that thought.
  37. Is it usual to watch a cremation like that?
  38. Umm, bit awkward to tell your girlfriend that you’re leaving in front of her friend.
  39. Good call.
  40. Why isn’t Joy’s photo up there?!
  41. Joy and Davos? Pretty sure this is a scene from Gossip Girl.dav_joy_gao.jpg
  42. Didn’t Joy just walk out on Evil Dad for setting Danny up, and now she wants him dead?
  43. So Joy is taking up Evil Dad’s mantle and Gao’s going to become a friendly grandmother?
  44. Somehow I don’t think this is going to go quite as you think Danny.640.jpg
  45. Why glowy fist? Other than for him to stare at it as the shot fades out?

Ok! I’d decided I’d be happy so long as Evil Dad died in the finale, so overall good. I still have so many questions though. I feel like there was a lot of setting up different parts of the story which was never resolved. Let me know what you made of the series, and what you want from series two and The Defenders.



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