Here’s what I was thinking whilst watching Episode Eleven of Marvel’s Iron Fist on Netflix.

**Spoiler Warning**

  1. K’un-Lun?marvels-iron-fist-recap-ep-11.jpg
  2. Flashback, haven’t had one of those for a while!
  3. Surviving a trial in a cave, isn’t that a bit Luke in Jedi training on Dagobah?
  4. Did he just say father?
  5. Finding you wouldn’t be that difficult Danny, you haven’t exactly been subtle.
  6. To be fair, that is logical – if you are supposed to be destroyer of The Hand, then it makes sense to be where The Hand are.
  7. That’s not true, is it Danny? Coleen would be something left for you.
  8. How did they all get back to New York so quickly?!
  9. Bakuto is a dick.
  10. Claire probably shouldn’t be that surprised by people turning up bleeding at her door.Marvels-Iron-Fist-Season-1-Episode-11-11-5a7f
  11. You’d think they’d have been taught how to deal with stabbings, basic medical needs etc during their training at the monastery.
  12. He swore!
  13. For god’s sake. I thought the compound was in Japan- I have literally just realised that it was in New York all along. What a moron. That explains why they were all getting everywhere so quickly!
  14. Guessing that’s Luke’s shirt.
  15. Joy, wouldn’t you keep a little distance from Evil Dad after his whisky bottle outburst?
  16. You’re only just starting to worry about Ward?
  17. Maybe check who it is before you just go get the pizza?
  18. Fair point Claire, a different name would have been a good way to go. I like The Ear.
  19. Umm, letting Coleen into the same space as Davos – who has already demonstrated he is pretty devout to his training- probably not a great idea. Doubt he’s got too much wiggle room in his thoughts on The Hand.
  20. Why would Danny put himself forward to be the Iron Fist, if he knew it was just guarding the pass?
  21. So Bakuto is putting his people in strategic positions, in hospitals, business etc… presumably to assist his eventual world domination plans.
  22. We’re basically now in martial arts Romeo and Juliet.
  23. Thought you said pizza was poison, Davos?
  24. For the last time. STOP. TRUSTING. EVIL. DAD.Iron-Fist-23-600x400.jpg
  25. Davos looks pretty pissed off about keep getting asked if he is the Iron Fist too.
  26. Joy and Claire need to start a ‘the only sane people here’ club.
  27. What is the Miami thing?
  28. Evil Dad, telling Joy you are willing to murder is probably not a great father-daughter bonding moment.
  29. You’ve realised Bakuto is evil after all. Probably wanted to figure that out earlier.
  30. Coleen’s fight scenes have been better than Danny’s.
  31. That was good timing.ironfist-horse-wing.PNG

Hmm… it was interesting to see more of K’un-Lun and finally find out a bit more about Danny’s training, but that was another episode where it felt like not a lot actually happened. It sort of felt like all set-up. Hopefully the final two episodes will have a bit more substance.



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