We haven’t had a decent DCEU update for a while…oh wait…we did have that Justice League Trailer last week…so there’s that.

Well we’re being spoiled now with some more upcoming film news. We already know a David Ayer directed Gotham City Sirens movie is on its way, and a Nightwing flick, now Variety is reporting that a standalone Batgirl film is coming together.

Whilst this is awesome on its own, it’s the small time, little known director that is getting people hyped already.


In Joss we trust. Architect of so many amazing products, Buffy, Angel, Firefly and the Avengers to name a few. Whedon is well versed in the superhero/supernatural world and has handled more than his fair share of dark and disturbed characters. Now leaving the colourful world of Marvel behind, will we see a darker, grittier Batgirl in the vein of and urban Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

Regardless of which direction he takes the character I am confident he will knock it out of the park.

What does this mean for the DCEU? Well we now have two members of the Batfamily getting their own films and we already know there is a ‘dead’ robin in the DCEU, most likely Jason Todd which was seemingly confirmed in Harley Quinn’s introduction sequence during Suicide Squad. This means the Batfamily, if you include Alfred is already 5 members strong. Surely a Batfamily film is on the cards too?!

Will we see Damian Wayne? The Red Hood?  Maybe even Batwoman? I say yes to all of the above. If the whole DCEU doesn’t work out too well then WB can fall back into a Batman cinematic universe, a BCU if you will.

It’s likely then that we might get a reference to Barbara Gordon (if that’s the Batgirl they go with) before her film. Possibly a throwaway comment in Justice League, definitely a mention in the standalone Batman film. Will we see Gordon’s transition to Oracle with the Joker having a mug bigger role in the cinematic universe than he has so far? I bloody hope so!

It’s all speculation right now but it’s safe to say myself and the internet are very very excited by this news! What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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