My thoughts whilst watching Episode Ten of Marvel’s Iron Fist on Netflix.

**Spoiler Warning**

  1. Seriously, what is Coleen’s deal?
  2. Joy obviously got the brains of the family.
  3. Is Evil Dad wearing halves of two different shirts sewn together?
  4. Presumably Evil Dad hasn’t told Joy that Ward stabbed him.
  5. What did Evil Dad do with Nerdy Researcher’s body?
  6. Yes Joy, strange is certainly a word to describe this situation.
  7. Ah, there’s Nerdy Researcher.
  8. These credits are weirdly relaxing considering they are a dude doing Kung Fu.
  9. Bakuto’s group has got to be The Hand?
  10. Bakuto has that smug calmness that usually means evil masquerading as good.ironfist-tiger-bakuto.PNG
  11. How does he know so much about the Iron Fist?
  12. Why hasn’t Danny asked about Gao?
  13. Who else is going to be here that is important?
  14. Taken out of commission? That doesn’t sound evil or suspicious at all.
  15. Is it me, or do those guards look suspiciously like the guards who attacked the Dojo?
  16. Bakuto is running a cult that aims to destroy world order. Excellent.
  17. Ohh, two glowy fists!
  18. Iron Fist costume from the comics!ironfist-tiger-1948.PNG
  19. Bakuto sounds suspiciously like he wants to take over the world, and use Danny/Iron Fist to do it.
  20. Danny, stop telling Evil Dad stuff! Seriously.
  21. Also, stop trusting everyone. Honestly, that should have been part of his training!
  22. Are those knives in Bakuto’s office going to be important? They keep framing on them.
  23. Tell him what?
  24. So Coleen hasn’t been lying to him entirely, but still seems like an evil organisation of some sort.
  25. Pretty crap guards that didn’t notice him just stroll across the lawn there.
  26. How can Gao see him? Is there a camera or can she see through walls?
  27. To be fair, I agree with Gao. He is an idiot.
  28. Thought this was The Hand. But isn’t Gao? She doesn’t seem happy to be here, so I don’t exactly think she is pretending to be a prisoner.
  29. Ok, so there is Good Hand and Bad Hand. Although I’m not sure how good the Good Hand are.
  30. I’d say you have both been brainwashed.
  31. Where is The Hand sanctuary, that Bakuto got back to Evil Dad’s penthouse so quickly?!
  32. Yep, that control room looks pretty damn evil. Also probably should have been guarded.
  33. How is Bakuto back here so quickly?? Is there more than one of him? Or can he teleport?
  34. Davos?! Said he was from K’un L’un.
  35. Guessing big dude has a big gun in that bag.
  36. Who is the big dude? Presumably not a Hand henchman.
  37. How did Davos get in, thought it was highly guarded?
  38. Another corridor scene!
  39. Really wish that hadn’t of been quite so dark, couldn’t see the action.Screen-Shot-2017-03-25-at-12.09.39-PM.png
  40. How the hell did Danny become the Iron Fist?
  41. Guessing whatever Bakuto stabbed him with, prevents the Iron Fist working.
  42. Oh so Bakuto wants to make the kid Iron Fist.
  43. Joy back to business bitch.
  44. Are they really going to reinstate the Meachum’s, when Ward is currently in a psych hospital?
  45. Why didn’t Coleen just go with Danny and Davos?

Should be an interesting last 3 episodes!



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