I had a days’ hiatus after episode eight, but now I’m back to watch the last few episodes of the series. The things that popped into my head whilst watching episode nine of Marvel’s Iron Fist on Netflix.

**Spoiler Warning**

  1. I’m really glad they didn’t do a Joy/Danny romance storyline.
  2. Oh for fucks sake. Thought it seemed a bit too easy getting rid of Evil Dad.download
  3. Why would you leave the murder weapon in when disposing of a body? Other than for a cool shot of Evil Dad taking it out when he comes back to life.
  4. Evil Dad not looking too great. I mean better than most people who have died of cancer and been stabbed to death by their own son.
  5. Fair point Coleen. Danny this is her Dojo, not yours.
  6. Definitely leave her alone in that room.
  7. That was a bit of a 180 there Claire. Turn Goa over to the police, don’t torture her, oh actually, drug her with a truth serum.
  8. Umm, just walking about outside might not be the best plan, Evil Dad.
  9. Does Danny know he’s been kicked out of Rand yet?x240-N8u.jpg
  10. Oh, now he does.
  11. Danny, the fact that it’s taken a few days for you to find out that you, Joy and Ward got fired, might be part of the reason you got fired.
  12. That’s it. Tell her to stay away from the building, that should guarantee she goes straight back there. (Hmm… is she going to get kidnapped by The Hand whilst there?)
  13. Claire, maybe don’t get drawn into an argument with Gao.
  14. Also, maybe put your Mum into hiding.
  15. What is up with Coleen?
  16. So they keep the door locked, but have a glass pane that can be easily knocked out? Secure.
  17. Danny has a lot of people who are the only people he can turn to.
  18. He really must have made an impression on that scientist, she’s willing to risk her job for him despite only having a brief interaction.
  19. Who is Coleen’s grandfather? Who is Coleen??
  20. So Evil Dad apparently left some of his brain cells in that algae.
  21. Aww… he actually knows his own son’s birthday. That is surprising.
  22. Has he been walking around with knife in his pocket? How is it not cutting his leg?
  23. Oh nerdy researcher is back. Where has he been?
  24. You already asked that question researcher.
  25. I’d eat ice cream for breakfast too, but it probably wouldn’t be the first thing I’d think of.
  26. My guess is this dude is someone who wanted to be to Iron Fist instead of Danny.
  27. I want to learn how to do that!
  28. Ward why are you back at Evil Dad’s apartment? Last time you were here you freaked out massively.
  29. I’d run away Ward. Or start carrying a gun.
  30. I don’t think son’s should sound quite so disappointed when they find out their Dad can come back from the dead.
  31. Fair play for telling the truth, despite the threat of the knife.
  32. Evil Dad seems a bit unhinged.
  33. Not just the flu is it. She’d best not die.
  34. So give her the right amount then Claire.Iron-Fist-19-600x400.jpg
  35. So it was Harold. Think I might have said that when watching episode one.
  36. 17th century? What is Gao’s story?
  37. What’s the deal with the Sensai?
  38. Evil Dad sounds like he might be back to manipulating his son into doing his evil bidding.
  39. Didn’t someone say they were going to put a sock in Gao’s mouth?
  40. Why didn’t they call in their Triad friends to fight with them?
  41. This doesn’t feel a very Hand style of assault.
  42. Wow, Ward really wants his Dad dead. Can’t say I blame him.
  43. Nerdy Researcher, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  44. No-one would actually have complained in that circumstance – if your boss brought you a load of ice cream, you’d just eat the least offensive flavour.
  45. Death by ice cream scoop. That’s cold.
  46. Oh hey doc. You’re probably going to need a raise.
  47. Joy staying out of the building as expected.
  48. Getting into a lift that magically opens for you, probably not the best plan ever. Pretty much seems like the start of a horror film. I’d run a mile.
  49. Isn’t that a scene from Batman?
  50. Who is he? Gao doesn’t like him being here, so he’s got to be important.
  51. Has Sensai been the Iron Fist before?!
  52. More Iron Palm than Iron Fist now.ironfist-mistress-wing
  53. What is the deal with his voice? It sounds like he is deliberately making it a couple of octaves lower.
  54. Chi can be used like a medical blowtorch?
  55. Of course, inevitable trade off, he takes on the poison.
  56. Um, what? So Coleen is Hand?

Well I can’t really complain nothing is happening anymore! I’m glad the series is getting stronger as we go. I have to say though, having watched Tangled immediately prior to that episode, I couldn’t help but draw a comparison between her magic glowing healing hair and his magic glowing healing hand!





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