No Supergirl episode this week but the rest are present and accounted for, lets go!

The Flash S3 Ep 16 – ‘Into the Speed Force’

The title of this episode should be ‘The Speedforce is a dick!’ Barry is aware of some mistakes he has made, wants to try and redeem himself in some way and do the right thing but the Speedforce is in his way. Who ever thought messing about with time would have such consequences!

Barry decides he’s going into the Speedforce to get Wally. The Team rush through an explanation as to how they can send him in and track him (when they have never been able to do either of these before), Cisco is becoming a meta-human Swiss army knife! Once inside the speedforce Barry has to face representations of those who have sacrificed themselves for Barry. First Eddie Thawne, then Ronnie Raymond and finally Leonard Snart (the latter having sacrificed himself after being inspired by Barry).

The Speedforce is pissed at Barry for reneging on his deal when it gave him his speed back. The overall message trying to be conveyed here is that Barry needs to take responsibility for his actions and the things he has to do. This is why the Speedforce won’t let him take Wally’s place. Apart from freeing Savitar Wally hasn’t done anything wrong so I think trapping him in an eternal hell where he has to watch his mother die over and over is a bit harsh.

Barry has to flee a Time Wraith, the Black Flash and fight off Snart to rescue Wally, only succeeding when the real Jay Garrick arrives and takes Wally’s place. For some ridiculous reason Jay is fine with having to stay trapped for eternity, Barry has no choice but to escape with Wally having accepted that he must take responsibility for rescuing Iris.

Meanwhile, Jesse Quick is channelling Wally and gone all grief crazy, deciding to go after Savitar alone! It doesn’t go particularly well and she gets knocked around a bit but after some help from HR she is able to expose a weakness, Savitar wears armour because underneath he is vulnerable!! I’m sure this will be useful in the future but right now Jesse was an idiot. Clearly realising this she decides to fill in for Jay Garrick as the Flash on Earth-3, making her past scenes trying to convince her father that she will stay on Earth-1 pointless.

The episode is rounded out with a reconciliation of sorts between Iris and Barry. Iris has realised that it doesn’t really matter why Barry proposed, she knows he loves her and she wants to be his wife. The only problem is Barry has decided that he needs space until the Savitar situation is dealt with. Come on Barry how many relationships can you sabotage by just being an idiot?! Clearly in a future episode he will decide that he’s going to be with her no matter what but it just feels like lazy writing at the moment.

The episode was a bit of a mess story-wise and I genuinely think it was just an excuse to get as many returning characters together as possible, teasing fans in advance of the return of fallen heroes only for them to be speedforce mirages. Lazy writing, irrational behaviour by most of the characters and what the hell is Savitar actually doing? Why isn’t he tearing up the city or attacking Team Flash. He has now joined to ranks of another useless villain. Please do better Flash!

Arrow S5 Ep16 – ‘Checkmate’

Now that we know who Prometheus is it was only a matter of time before Team Arrow found out. But just because they find out doesn’t mean they can do anything about it. This was one of the more comic-book-like episode of the season, dealing with the big bad and having him taunt the hero who can’t fight back. How will Oliver deal with the revelation?

Arrow channels Batman Begins with Oliver climbing an un-named mountain to reach a monastery-like building containing lots of League of Assassin type people, who of course immediately attack him. Oliver fends them off quite well until the master arrives and puts a halt to the fight. Talia, the same Talia from Oliver’s flashbacks and tells him she trained Prometheus because Oliver killed his and her father’s! Bit of a hollow reason seeing as she also said she separated herself from the League due to a difference of opinions with her father. Oh yeah and she tells Oliver that Prometheus is his friend Adrian Chase!!!

The rest of the episode is basically the Team trying to find and rescue Susan the reporter after Chase reveals he has her. Oliver confronts Chase on several occasions but Can’t do anything to stop him. He even sends his team to kidnap Chase’s mother to use a leverage but she has disappeared. Chase is always several steps ahead of him so Felicity goes to her Helix buddies for help. The agree to help her find Susan if she does something for them, hacking a Homeland Security drone no less. How could she think that could be a good idea?!?! Clearly bad things will happen!

Oliver is trying everything he can to bring down Chase, ignoring his threats, he takes some info Felicity found linking Chase to Prometheus to Captain Pike, only for Pike to be put into a coma by a mysterious hooded figure. I am loving how helpless Oliver is and how manipulating Chase is. Oliver is forced to issue a shoot-on-sight order for the Green Arrow as well!

The team find Susan in a building which has been rigged with loads of explosives. Curtis gets to use his awesome T-spheres which get better with every appearance, and Oliver pulls a wild card when confronting the unmasked Chase. He has brought Mrs Chase to see the truth. This immediately backfires though when Chase kills her!! Harsh but predictable!

Oliver and Chase lay into each other in one of the best Arrow fights yet but it is cut short when Tali cuts in a take Oliver out, enabling Chase to take him prisoner! Now it is Oliver the Team are looking for and Felicity is willing to do anything Helix want to find him. Dangerous waters Miss Smoak! Oh yeah and Flashback Oliver kills Anatoli’s rival Gregor on an ice rink. Boring scenes still, but finally something happening.

Good episode, great action and Chase is quickly becoming my favourite character even if he has a tendency to overact at times! How will Oliver get out of this impossible (but familiar) situation?

Legends of Tomorrow S2 Ep14 – ‘Moonshot’


The Legends boldly go where only a few people have gone before, the Moon! I mean, they do have a time/space ship so it’s about ‘time’ (excuse the pun). The team are hunting for the final piece of the Spear of Destiny, following the trail of Commander Steele (Nate’s Grandfather), Rip dropped him off in 1965 and told him to lay low. Apparently that didn’t really mean much to him as the Team quickly find him in 1970, he has worked his way up to quite a high ranking position within NASA and is currently working on the Apollo 13 mission!


Quite cleverly though he hid his part of the spear in the flag that was place on the moon during the Apollo 11. Somehow, the Reverse Flash has worked out where it is and infiltrates Apollo 13. He prevents it from having is famous technical difficulties but after Ray shrinks down and gets inside the shuttle there is a brief fight (which Ray should have won easily whilst wearing his Atom suit and Thawne not having his speed) they crash land on the moon.


The rest of the Legends are busy saving the Apollo 13 crew from asteroids, the Waverider badly damaged in the process. Ray and Thawne are stranded on the moon and have to work together to survive. The scenes with Ray and Thawne are actually really good, the dynamic of Ray having to accept the help of the bad guy was interesting, he couldn’t trust the man but he could trust the Thawne’s desire for survival.

Ray Thawne

Long story short, they are able to co-ordinate a rescue with the Waverider and get off the moon. The problem arises when the ship tries to re-enter the atmosphere on limited power. Thawne is able to give them the right angle to re-enter but they can’t adjust. The only way to do it is to open an airlock to act a bit like a thruster. As an eternal hero, Commander Steele sacrifices himself for the rest of the team and is blasted out into space. Poor Nate!

There was a lot wrong with this episode, particularly having Jacks, Stein and Mick infiltrate NASA mission control and then serve no other purpose than to distract the other people in the room from seeing what was going on with their shuttle. Stein’s impromptu song was ridiculous and Mick didn’t actually do anything! At least Jacks turned off the transmission! Rip is struggling to fit back into the crew, he realises that Sara is a better Captain than he was so is unsure what his place is.

Some of the team apparently no longer care about changing history. Upon reuniting with his Grandfather, Nate says he will take him back to 1965 to he can be with his family on the off chance this will turn his own father into a better person. When Vixen tells him he can’t do that he responds with a thinly veiled suggestion that her future is filled with pain! Harsh! This leads her to ask Gideon to show her the history of her village, after brief resistance, Gideon shows her photos of the village on fire, foster care records and pictures of the Vixen we know from Arrow! Well she knows too much now!


I really enjoyed the Ray/Thawne scenes, especially at the end where Ray has worked out that Thawne is running to stay alive and lets him go almost as a thanks for his help. Will that come back to hurt the team?

The winner this week was Legends, fun and ridiculous but also heart wrenching. Good job!

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