My thoughts during Episode Eight of Marvel’s Iron Fist on Netflix.

**Spoiler Warning**

  1. Letter from Luke?
  2. How did Danny get access to Evil Dad’s penthouse? Did Ward seriously give him handprint access?
  3. Ward wasn’t great at the clean-up after killing Evil Dad.
  4. Can’t tell. Is Ward a good actor or actually now delusional?
  5. Does Danny know they’ve been kicked out of Rand yet? Does Ward?
  6. Good actor, given the cleaning supplies.
  7. Danny is not great at spotting things that are right under his nose.
  8. You can’t leave Claire alone and unprotected.
  9. Well said Claire.images
  10. Macbeth-style delusions, Ward?
  11. Good job you’ve got a private plane, don’t think the swords would be permitted as hand luggage on commercial.
  12. Desperation doesn’t make the best disposition for making a business deal Ward.
  13. That doesn’t seem the most inconspicuous spot to surveil from.960.jpg
  14. Did Joy just say she hired Jessica Jones?
  15. Umm, I don’t know. If he says I hid our Dad coming back from the dead, the fact that he was an Evil Dick, oh and that I stabbed him to death recently – I suspect you might love him a little less, at least.
  16. Why do you seem surprised that Gao is keeping people enslaved as workers? She kidnapped the Chemists’ daughter to keep him trapped, is generally evil.
  17. Are they seriously putting the guard inside the factory they are going to set light to?
  18. Leaving Claire outside on her own probably wasn’t a good idea.
  19. The car horn isn’t subtle. Probably don’t want to keep drawing attention to yourselves.
  20. Probably not the time for kissing.
  21. Nice team work.
  22. Is that supposed to be a British accent?!
  23. Apparently punching is good for rage. That is a lot of rage.
  24. Oooh, Gao looks pretty scared right now.
  25. He really likes punching out doors.Iron-Fist-16-600x400.jpg

I liked that episode! Hoping the series has turned a corner now. Still not entirely sure how the Rand enterprises angle fits in, other than possibly some of the board members being in league with The Hand. What did you think? Let me know in comments or on Twitter @JackGeekstalk.



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