My thoughts on episode seven of Marvel’s Iron Fist on Netflix.

**Spoiler Warning**

  1. Dave has warned me this episode might be a bit too graphically violent for me, so I’m already a little on edge.
  2. Oh hi Evil Dad, been missing you for the last couple of episodes.
  3. Feel like I got a bit too much of insight into Evil Dad’s sex life there.
  4. Bad timing Danny.
  5. Nerdy researcher guy had been conspicuous in his absence too.
  6. The glowy hand needs recharge time? That might be a bit inconvenient.
  7. Oh yeah. Sure Evil Dad, you killed those guys to protect Danny. Not yourself at all.
  8. That’s going to smart a bit in the morning.
  9. Hmm… we’re at the opening credits of this episode and I’m starting to think this might not be for me. I’ve made it further than I did into Daredevil, but not entirely convinced I’m going to see it to the end.
  10. Odds of Joy ending up answer a call to Frank. N. Stein at some point?
  11. Ward slipped down that spiral pretty quickly.
  12. Wouldn’t Claire have been better for doing the stitches?
  13. Danny and Coleen seem surprisingly unconcerned about the missing Chemist.
  14. He keeps talking about a friend Davos. Not sure why I find it surprising that he had friends there. Also wondering when/if they are going to show up or become important.
  15. I love that he actually said ‘it makes my hand light up’.
  16. This conversation on a bedroom floor, with drink, could have been lifted from a teen drama.
  17. Artfully backlit undressing scene there.ironfist.PNG
  18. Oh hang on, I think we are actually in a teen drama now.
  19. Ew. I am not watching this bit and Dave has put it on mute. I’m informed Ward appears suitably disgusted. Seems like overkill and out of kilter with the tone of the show so far.
  20. Not sure I would have trusted Ward with getting rid of the bodies – he doesn’t seem particularly capable right now.
  21. Uh oh. Madam Gao appearing at Rand cannot be a good sign.
  22. This seems like a conversation that should have the door closed.
  23. Reading between the lines – she wants to join forces with Danny because otherwise she knows she might be in danger from Daredevil and Luke Cage.ironfist-felling-gao.PNG
  24. Of course it would be the 13th floor.
  25. Umm. Should Coleen be telling people about Danny being the Iron Fist?
  26. Pretty sure that secretary does not get paid enough.
  27. I smell a board overthrow plot.
  28. Danny. Stop. Listening. To. Evil. Dad.
  29. Yes Coleen you can handle yourself, how about Claire? Or is it implied she is protected wherever she is keeping Sabina?
  30. You’re recruiting the Triad??
  31. Oh, ok they went for overthrowing all of them off the board. How precisely can they chuck out the 51% owner? We need Trinity back!
  32. Ward was stealing money from the company? Doesn’t he make enough money of his own?
  33. Evil Dad really should stop punching Ward. Or at least Ward should punch back.
  34. Oh wait, he sees a knife.iron-fist-season-1-7-felling-tree-with-roots-harold-meachum-killed-by-ward-tom-pelphrey-david-wenham-review-episode-guide-list.jpg
  35. You had that coming Evil Dad.
  36. Hmm… that was an, interesting, episode.

I’ve made it over half-way through the series! The story isn’t going where I was expecting it to, but somehow a lot of the plot points are predictable. I am interested to see what answers we are actually going to get in the second half. Let me know your thoughts in comments or on Twitter @JackGeekstalk.




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