Hey old friends, it’s been a while, remember when we gave you some awesome, comical, aviary adventure fun? No? I don’t blame you because it’s been almost a year since the last issue was posted! I have no excuse except, I’m nowhere near as organised as I would like to be!

I’m trying to rectify this now though by bringing you the latest issue, please enjoy issue 9 of Deathstork!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our feathered hero is nearing the end of his journey. Stay tuned for the last instalment in the series to find out whether Glade Wilson will get the revenge he has sought for so long!

Exciting news as well, you won’t have to settle with my amateurish drawings for much longer, we have an awesome artist working on bringing Deathstork to life in a much better way so hopefully soon you can enjoy reading an incredibly well designed web-comic! Keep an eye out!

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