I’m on to episode six of Marvel’s Iron Fist on Netflix, here were my thoughts.

**Spoiler Warning**

  1. Totally thought that was a person being cut open.
  2. Aaah, spider! Seriously, Netflix Marvel shows are clearly not for me.
  3. Leaving these messages seems like a lot of effort. Surely a text message would do the job?
  4. If any more reasons to avoid karaoke were needed…
  5. Ward doesn’t look well.
  6. Ah the old throwing pills into the open waste bin, which conveniently lives under your desk, trick.
  7. Tasking the secretary to do investigative work for you, might let out what you’re up to (and thus potentially endanger your mission).
  8. Probably should have said ‘not our fault’ instead of ‘not our problem’.
  9. Ok, the Ward/Danny dynamic is becoming a very fun part of the programme.
  10. Even when Danny brings Sabina (*if*) back, what are they then going to do about her Dad’s injuries. They still have the same problem of not being able to take him to a hospital.
  11. Holy shit seems a fair reaction.
  12. That’s it Danny, put your fingerprints onto the scene.
  13. Claire says it’s crazy so Coleen says she’ll go. Pretty sure she said not that long ago she needed to keep out of any possible trouble.0143_KICK_105_Unit_02844R-850x560.jpg
  14. Claire looks like she needs a good holiday with a lot of alcohol.
  15. There are bottles of water right behind you Ward, they would have been better for trying to remove the blood rather than spit.
  16. Hulk reference. (Disclaimer; Dave pointed that out. I thought it was some obscure Jolly Green Giant reference)
  17. Why do I feel like ‘doubt leads to death’ is foreshadowing of some sort. Presumably not Danny’s death because this would be a sucky series if he dies less than half way through. Unless we then get the rest of the series as his life flashing before his eyes, showing his training…. let my mind wander off a bit there.
  18. Thought that was the actual worst death scene ever there for a minute.
  19. Good idea Coleen, he does need a hospital. Why did noone else think of that?
  20. I want to know how the booking of spaces for tournament duels is made. Do you just ring up a local wedding venue and say ‘hey, need to rent a room for a load of people to kick the crap out of each other for an evening. We’ll dispose of the dead bodies and clean up any blood.’
  21. So they aren’t guaranteed to kill him if he loses? That’s a slightly more hopeful situation.
  22. Is this actually going to be like a Pokemon Gym battle?? You fight all the less powerful ones before moving to the next room and someone slightly stronger, until you get to the boss?
  23. Oh back on fight to the death now.
  24. Does that mean he is willing to kill a lot of people tonight too?
  25. How did the blood circle make you one??
  26. Let’s hope he doesn’t get cut in every fight, otherwise he’ll be in his boxers by the end of the duel.
  27. Of course, typically overly sexualised gothic female fighter.iron-fist-season-1-6-immortal-emerges-from-cave-danny-rand-challenge-finn-jones-review-episode-guide-list.jpg
  28. That’s some serious chi.
  29. Seriously? It just took one decent kick to put her down?
  30. A billionaire like Ward surely has a private doctor on stand by at what ever hour he needs?
  31. How does Claire taking the stairs make sense?
  32. Really hoping for the Furious Five* to be behind this big door.
  33. Think maybe we’ve used the slow-mo dodge to the side whilst weapon sails past Danny’s face shot enough now.
  34. That’s a lot of weapons someone could fall into/onto.
  35. Been waiting for the glowy hand to show up.
  36. Oh Danny. Naive Danny. Did you honestly think that a criminally underhanded organisation would actually stick to its’ word?iron-fist-season-1-6-immortal-emerges-from-cave-hand-challenge-madame-gau-wai-ching-ho-review-episode-guide-list.jpg
  37. Meet another Iron Fist?
  38. Madame Gow is seeming like Yoda to me.
  39. Ok so he saved the girl, now he has to go save the Dad, again.

So six episodes down and seven to go! Let me know your thoughts in comments or on Twitter @JackGeekstalk.



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