Here are my thoughts on Episode Four of Marvel’s Iron Fist on Netflix. I haven’t mentioned in the previous posts, but it may be relevant to mention, I have not watched any of the other Marvel Netflix shows (Daredevil I made it 20 minutes into, I saw none of Jessica Jones or Luke Cage) – I’m watching alongside Dave so he’s filling me in if there are any cross-over points.

** Spoiler Warning**

  1. I do like that there isn’t a recap at the beginning of each episode. Doesn’t give away plot points by drawing attention to what you need to remember from last time.
  2. Sexy office women, walking in time to music they presumably can’t hear. Assassins?
  3. Oh no, just heroin dealers.
  4. The whole slowed down vibe of the credits and music seems to be a perfect fit for the pace of the show. I seem to spend most of time willing everything to move faster!
  5. Under what remit are people bringing drug issues to Danny? Surely he is still thought of as being the nut that wiped out a load of company profits??Marvels-Iron-Fist-Season-1-Episode-5-2-a094.jpg
  6. Joy is definitely a business bitch.
  7. Danny really needs to start explaining things at the beginning, rather than starting halfway through.
  8. Could you please tell us something about your training, the Order of the Crane Mother, other dimensions, the glowy hand trick etc etc? Something!
  9. Excellent detective work Danny. Let the drug dealers into the building.
  10. How did Danny’s hair get that much blonder between his office and that street??
  11. Danny probably should be given some corporate training in dealing with PR/public questions etc…
  12. I believe this is a Nurse called Claire! (I’m reliably informed she has been in the other shows)
  13. That’s a knowing look from Claire.
  14. First time Coleen actually seems happy to see Danny.
  15. Which one of them is more of a teenager? He has the excuse of not having been in society since he was one.
  16. Awkward. So awkward. Might be my favourite scene so far.960.jpg
  17. Definitely play the ‘you’re a girl so you are thinking emotionally’ card to Joy. Clearly all business men are robots. *Yawn*
  18. This series should be called ‘Rand Enterprise Woes’
  19. Did Ward only just figure out his office is bugged? Really.
  20. Finn Jones does get across the awkward teenager angle well. (This isn’t meant sarcastically. Given he’s been out of society since he was a kid, I figure his social skills are pretty much at the same level as a teenager.)
  21. Thank you Claire. Asking questions we need answers to.
  22. I feel like the bit of story between the last episode and this one, might have been more interesting than this one so far.
  23. Guess who saw the online video.
  24. Smack him. Smack him in the face.
  25. So how long before some sort of company board overthrowing Danny plot surfaces?
  26. Surely there are rules or etiquette about rummaging in other people’s weapons trunks? (That sounded way ruder than I intended)
  27. Did she say pics instead of pictures? My respect for her has just lessened.
  28. I’m not sure medication should be taken with whiskey. Don’t think it’s medically advisable.d35c988af1da
  29. Pretty sure this dockyard scene is just leftover footage from Arrow.
  30. Handy close quarters panting to progress a romance plot line.
  31. Did he just ask her if she has a boyfriend?
  32. This shipment scene has been going on forever.
  33. I suspect this isn’t going to contain what Danny is expecting. Something much worse?
  34. Unmarked brown boxes. Suspicious and entirely innocent all in one go.
  35. Bad idea Danny.
  36. Told you so.
  37. Lucky no-one was keeping guard in that container.
  38. Oh, they were.
  39. How did that bullet reach the car?
  40. Why does it take Danny so long to start using his martial arts?
  41. Chemist man is stabbed. I’m guessing Claire is going to treat him.
  42. Seriously. Why does Ward keep erring into slightly incestous territory?
  43. I don’t think he would have actually survived the journey back to the Dojo.iron-fist-season-1-5-under-leaf-pluck-lotus-claire-temple-colleen-wing-danny-rand-finn-jones-rosario-dawson-jessica-henwick-review-episode-guide-list.jpg
  44. Danny, putting a dying drug making chemist in your want-to-be girlfriend’s bedroom, is not the smoothest move.
  45. Coleen got involved pretty quickly, after saying she couldn’t be anywhere near anything like this.
  46. Evil Dude, don’t think you’re making it out of here.
  47. See.
  48. The end of that episode, should have been how the first or second episode finished.

So let me know whether you enjoyed this episode a bit more, I’m hoping the storyline is going to pick up pace now! Leave a comment below or on Twitter @JackGeekstalk.



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