My thoughts whilst watching Episode Four of Marvel’s Iron Fist on Netflix.

**Spoiler Warning**

  1. Handy light fitting above that platform. Would have been a downer if main character had died in the third episode.
  2. Is he in Evil Dad’s lair?
  3. Umm, Danny you probably shouldn’t be that surprised that a supposed dead person isn’t dead. Until a few days ago, everyone thought you were dead.DR HM
  4. Did he say he came back from the dead? I have a feeling he might mean that in a more literal sense than Danny.
  5. Don’t trust Evil Dad!
  6. Thought he might have meant that he actually died.
  7. 3 days later? Seriously, are we doing an actual Jesus-style resurrection story.
  8. Danny, Evil Dad has just said that he’s indebted to The Hand. Stop talking to him. Don’t tell him any more.
  9. Haha…. typical sarcastic suggestion then given as an order.
  10. Danny wants to teach Evil Dad Kung Fu? Have a feeling he might already know it.
  11. Oh little student. Naive student. Putting the fight online- wonder who is going to see that?
  12. Oh good, Trinity is sticking around. (Why do I have the feeling she is going to be connected to The Hand?)
  13. Chances of Danny going off script? Or answering the wrong question?pressconf.jpg
  14. He handled that pretty well.
  15. Yeah don’t get weepy, it’s only the first time he’s been in his Dad’s office since he died. Only the first physical reminder of his childhood he has encountered (other than the bowl).
  16. You might want to get a computer in that office.
  17. Why do I suspect his presence in this meeting is not going to go well?
  18. Maybe someone should have pre-briefed him.
  19. Oh now Joy has time for Danny. Convenient.
  20. Seriously. Don’t get on the wrong side of Coleen.
  21. ‘Handle the reporter’ Doesn’t sound evil or illegal at all.
  22. She’s gone back for more? What is her deal?
  23. That is quite some aggression issue.coleenfight
  24. Joy gets really easily distracted from getting answers to questions she asked, by Ward and Danny just rambling about something else.
  25. Is he expecting anyone?
  26. Thought not.
  27. Marvel Netflix show traditional corridor scene (Disclaimer: I haven’t watched any of the others).
  28. That Iron Fist is pretty handy! Geddit?!
  29. Kung Fu Elevator rave, hands up, woop woop!
  30. Triad. Of course.
  31. Threatening the Triad. That can only go well.
  32. What is the deal with the mysterious pier?
  33. What is the deal with The Hand?
  34. Why is Coleen turning down the money?
  35. So ok. Don’t hit Joy Meachum.
  36. Good to see Danny’s finally checking who is at the door.
  37. Tattoo!ironfist-1280e-1475977628481_1280w.jpg

What did you think? This one felt like a bit more actually happened, but it’s certainly been a slow starting series. Let me know your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter @JackGeekstalk




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