My thoughts whilst watching Episode Three of Iron Fist on Netflix.

**Spoiler Warning**

  1. Coleen sleeps above the Dojo? Bit weird.
  2. Oh my god. Female character with fighting ability in a comic based series who doesn’t sleep in skimpy underwear!
  3. Breaking into her place definitely looks like helping, and not at all sinister.
  4. Why are evil hideout corridors always tinged with yellow light?
  5. That looks like the tube  contraption from the first series of Agents of Shield. Are we expecting a Quinn name drop?
  6. Oh Evil Dad. So caring, being all Evil to lookout for your Son.
  7. Dude, basic decorum of not playing ear splitting music when someone is doing you a favour might be useful.
  8. Umm, is he mansplaining martial arts to her?
  9. That was a rather Flynn Ryder swing round that column.
    dr jm
  10. Ah ‘it’s complicated’, that old chestnut.
  11. Danny, don’t tell her Harold is alive.
  12. Wow Joy. Playing the ‘we built this whilst you were off being orphaned and possibly traumatised’ card? Bit harsh.
  13. Finn Jones, not great at pretending to cry.
  14. Trinity!iron-fist-recap-ep-03.jpg
  15. Was worried that was going to go a bit Cruel Intentions then.
  16. Evil Dad does have creepy overlords.
  17. Didn’t Coleen specifically tell you to stay away from the students??DR dojo
  18. Ward, pretty sure she told you to keep quiet.
  19. Joy are you actually trading organs for business deals? Doesn’t seem evil at all.
  20. So Ward says he’s thinking about leaving, so Joy forgets all about why he won’t tell her about the pier deal.
  21. Is the glowy hand a fire hazard?
  22. Obviously not, but that lighter is. That dude is stupid, he was going to set light to the place whilst still in there.
  23. Oh he did.
  24. What the hell caused that explosion?
  25. Joy seems to have had a massive shift in attitude since the last episode.pVf4U82dQ9ZGblZCpC8dtib9qKu
  26. So Coleen gives a whole speech about not taking part in these fights, and then throws herself in??
  27. Daughter of the Dragon? Is her Dad is going to be important later?
  28. Umm, someone else was just stood in the ring with them. How- it was locked!
  29. Oooh, does she have a power?
  30. Ward I did tell you that talking in open areas to supposedly dead Evil Dad would give you away.
  31. Seriously, is that a cryptonite light fixture?
  32. Ward even talks like Ward Grant.
  33. Those bricks are designed handily like a ladder.
  34. How come the researcher isn’t about? Thought Ward said he was always there?
  35. Oh shit.

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