Some thoughts that came to mind whilst watching Episode Two of Marvel’s Iron Fist on Netflix.

**Spoiler warning**

  1. A psych hospital, obviously.
  2. Ah archetypal creepy psychiatric doctor. Patient?
  3. Called it. Archetypal creepy psychiatric patient.
  4. Archetypal psychiatric hospital giving patients drugs, when they might not need them.Marvels-Iron-Fist-Season-1-Episode-2-23-0bd2
  5. You feel shitty for drugging him. Yep, probably should do.
  6. Ah the old, we’re helping him by serving our own needs justification.
  7. Oh god, please no more flashbacks of the plane. We know!
  8. No, it’s not something he does. That’s why he was doing it.
  9. This plane looks a lot like the one that Peter’s parents die in, in the Amazing Spiderman.
  10. Oh he has a passport in a different name? Is he not Danny? Or did he just need to travel under a different name, because a rich dead kid might attract attention. Oh the endless quesitons.
  11. (Mainly is anything actually going to happen)
  12. Oh look, inevitable saviour/romantic interest.
  13. And she’s being followed by some creepy dude. Not subtly.
  14. This looks to rehearsed. Ah students.
  15. “Pig swimming in gravy” That’s a new insult I’m going to be using.
  16. Yeah sure, let the patient who tried to kill him be his tour guide. Uh huh.
  17. At least you have shoes now.
  18. A new crazy friend for Danny. Maybe they’ll be a new one each episode.
  19. Classic hostile shoulder barge to show distaste for the new guy.
  20. Typical overhandling of mentally ill patients.
  21. Of course a restrained patient would be left with the door open so another patient can let them out.
  22. Saying I’m not crazy is generally not going to convince people you are not crazy.
  23. She’s said she isn’t going to help. Inevitable she will out of the blue when Danny doesn’t expect it.
  24. Oh Evil Dad knows fighting to0. So chance of him being connected in some way to the Order of Crane Mother?
  25. You think he might be Danny Rand? So you know he actually is then. Chances of you having had his parents killed to get control of the company?
  26. Nerdy researcher going to be exploited at some point in the future.
  27. I think I’m getting PTSD from watching this plane crash flashback.Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 1.52.01 PM.png
  28. Ward, you couldn’t make it sound more like you’re doing something dodgy. For his own sake. As a token of thanks. Classic villain trying to buy someone.
  29. He offered money, and she implied she needed it to keep the dojo open! Conflict!
  30. Why haven’t they just done a DNA test? You can bet there would be medical records or something to compare to.
  31. Evil Dad villian explaining why he is evil.
  32. Ok, so Dave just woke up – he actually fell asleep mid episode. Not a great sign.
  33. Of course the photo of the Rand family would still be on the Doctor’s computer. Not like he would have done any actual work during the day.
  34. Doctor leaning forward because he’s realising the story adds up. Staring at phone after phone call. Classic moves.
  35. Evil Dad magically appeared in psych hospital. Not like they’d be secure.
  36. Why is this moving so slowly? Everyone talks so slowly. Why is nothing happening?
  37. Did Danny just say he was in heaven?
  38. Name check.
  39. Good question Evil Dad – what does that mean.
  40. I wouldn’t tell Evil Dad any more, guessing he is the hand.
  41. Oh look a hand print. Geddit hand and hand.
  42. Creepy message. Evil Dad might actually be answering to someone and a sort of prisoner.
  43. Offer an outright bribe. Excellent way to get people onside. Make it clear you’re doing something wrong.
  44. I’m never getting on a plane again.
  45. “I can’t be involved in this” Watch me get really involved.
  46. Of course. The M&M test. A fail safe way to prove what we’ve known all along.Iron-Fist-4-600x400
  47. At the beginning of first episode we knew; it was Danny, Ward is evil, Joy has a connection with Danny and will believe it. At the end of second episode we know; it is Danny, Ward is evil, Joy has a connection and believes him.
  48. The doctor called him Danny!
  49. Good question, where has he been?
  50. Oh Danny. So close to release and then you said other dimension.
  51. I’m kind of wishing this was a false reality. Where something happened in this show.
  52. ‘The incident’. Subtle chitari reference.
  53. Openly saying Dad on the phone, when he’s supposed to be dead, probably not a great way of keeping that sceret.
  54. So Ward is an evil Dad-minion bot, apparently fuelled by some drug.
  55. How does ‘it’s me’ work on the phone.280x157-AYZ
  56. Glowy hand!
  57. Punching to door off the hospital, not that subtle.
  58. Ok. So now we know what we did at the beginning of the first episode, could we have some actual story?

So again, let me know your thoughts on the episode in comments, or on Twitter @JackGeekstalk.



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