No Arrow this week for some reason but in exchange Legends is back. Who will win the battle?

Supergirl S2 Ep 15 – ‘Exodus’

Finally, finally we find out what Cadmus has been building up to, and it’s really disappointing. The title of the episode is a bit misleading but the rest assured, Cadmus are still up to their evil ways and heartstrings are pulled every which way (even though you now don’t care because the show is rapidly declining in quality).

Cadmus is kidnapping all the aliens on the National Registry Jeremiah stole in the last episode. They are getting more violent and brazen with each kidnapping, including busting into the dive bar and grabbing as many aliens as they can, one of which is Winn’s girlfriend. Alex is still reeling from her father’s betrayal, causing her to nearly beat a Cadmus prisoner to death for information. Clearly her judgement is compromised and J’onn proves this by pretending to be Jeremiah asking her to steal something from the DEO, which she agrees to! The perfect agent has fallen.

The Supergirl budget must have been tight for this episode because Kara is barely in her suit. The focus is on her desire to get the alien kidnap story published. Snapper won’t publish it without confirmed sources (which you know, is a reasonable request) and Kara can’t give them to him. Kara ‘do the right thing’ Danvers thinks she knows best and blogs the article anyway! And of course Snapper is pissed! He fires her for breach of contract and then undermines his entire character by saying he was rooting for her! No! He is supposed to be quietly proud of her, now that she knows he was supporting her, that dynamic is ruined.



Because there are no rational thinking characters in the show, Alex decides to go hunting for her father alone. Infiltrating a Cadmus facility she discovers they are collecting all the aliens together and sending them off world. Jeremiah claims they would have been killed if it wasn’t for him but I’m still not sure if I believe that. It’s been a while since we’ve had a rousing speech so Alex pours her heart out to Jeremiah and convinces him to join her and stop working for Cadmus (with an added guilt trip by saying protecting his daughters isn’t worth hurting others).


As Alex blows the facility up then rushes into the alien ship to shut it down, Jeremiah has a fight with Hank Henshaw who just appears out of nowhere. The shows really wastes this character and his prosthetic face covering is laughable. The ship launches and will apparently go to light speed if it reached atmosphere. Luckily, Supergirl slows it down and returns it to Earth, rescuing the aliens.

There wasn’t actually much going on in this episode and what was happening wasn’t very interesting. The Kara/Mon-El relationship isn’t believable, Winn’s alien relationship feels shoe-horned in and what was the point of having Lena Luthor in this episode? It felt like there were contractual appearances for this episode but most people in it added no substance.

What was intriguing was the final scene. The mysterious aliens who have been seeking Mon-El have arrived at Earth, they feel the effects of the yellow Sun (probably meaning they are from Krypton or Daxam) and the couple are played by Teri Hatcher and Kevin Sorbo! Two sci-fi legends back in the game! Who are these aliens? My money is on Mon-El’s parents! What do you think?



The Flash S3 Ep15 – ‘The Wrath of Savitar’

Why do none of the CW characters learn from past mistakes? Let’s face it there are so many made that they should never do anything wrong again, but it’s another episode where secrets are kept for no apparent reason! And his friends learn how much of dick Barry can be. The season catchphrase “Dammit Barry” comes to mind again!

The trio of speedsters, Barry, Wally and Jesse are actually practicing to try and save Iris from Savitar. Their dry run works! Wally appears to be fast enough!! Unfortunately all that work is going to be undone because Wally has started seeing Savitar, and of course is keeping this fact a secret! Throughout the episode he takes it upon himself to try and figure out a way to beat Savitar without telling the team, and it only comes out when he appears to get beaten up in an alley by something invisible. I’m still not sure if this actually happened or if it was all a creation of Wally’s mind.


Wally even forces Cisco to vibe him to the future so he can see the Iris/Savitar situation. From this he learns that Iris won’t be wearing an engagement ring! Hot-headed Wally confronts Barry in front of the whole team, forcing him into confessing that his proposal was another attempt to change the future. Of course Wally’s actions have now solidified another part of the future because Iris ends up removing her ring by the end of the episode. Dick move Barry but well done Wally, splitting the team again!


But it’s not all Wally’s fault. Caitlin is still channeling a little Killer Frost dishonesty. She reveals to Julian, then the rest of the team, that she has part of the Philosophers stone! Apparently she took it to see if it could help cure her of her powers and asks Julian to help her but I think this was just a convenient plot device for what happens later. The team use their human walkie-talkie Julian to communicate with Savitar to find out where he is and what he is up to but it just makes things worse. Lots more taunts and predictions of dread only serve to give us clues to who Savitar could be and make the team sad!


The final straw comes when Savitar appears to Wally as his mother and taunts him into throwing the remaining piece of the stone into the speedforce. Little did Wally know this was all Savitar needed to be able to break free of his prison! Wally is sucked into the speedforce and Savitar is free! It would appear that Savitar’s prophecy is coming true, Caitlin is the one that would betray them, Wally is suffering a fate worse than death, which one will fall? My money is on Jesse.

I actually really liked this episode. It was quite fast paced and the stakes were high, Barry is still lying to everyone he loves and even pissed Joe off by not asking for his permission when asking Iris to marry him. I’m still thinking Savitar will turn out to be a future Wally, he claims Barry was there at his creation, and that he trapped him in the speedforce for eternity, both of which Barry was present for. I wouldn’t be surprised if I was wrong but I can’t see any other way Savitar would have the connection to Barry he claims to have.


On to next week, how will Savitar’s return affect the team and will Wally’s disappearance last long?

Legends of Tomorrow S2 Ep13 – Land of the Lost

Just when you thought the show had run out of new places to go the Legends venture into one familiar locale and one not so. When we left them evil Rip had been captured and the team were enjoying a brief victory. Of course we all know these things won’t last!

Rip activates a secret override code in the ship and sends it crashing out of time. Landing rather hard in the exact prehistoric time that Ray found himself in at the beginning of the season, the team split up. Ray, Nate and Vixen head off to find part of the ship required to escape, which quickly descends into Ray cock-blocking Nate!


Picking up on the pretty obvious sexual tension between his shipmates, Ray warns Nate that changing Vixen’s future could have disastrous effects, even though it would seem she is in store for some sadness  and possibly death further up the line. Like a typical man, Nate ignores the advice and the two continue to ‘fraternize’. It was probably the dinosaur chat that turned him on!

Meanwhile, Sara and Jacks head into evil Rips mind to try and reset him! Apparently Mick Rory new the ship had this piece of Time Master tech that could reprogram someone but never thought it was relevant to mention before now! Suspend more disbelief than usual and you’ll actually enjoy seeing the adventurers explore Rips mind and fight his demons who present themselves in the form of his own teammates.


Sara finds a cowering Rip in a cell and convinces him to fight. Because it’s his mind he apparently has Jedi-like powers, knocking people back when he is scared! A good old Sara Lance pep-talk encourages Rip to stand up for himself and banish his demons. He has retained control of his mind. Oh yeah I should also mention that Rip had a human representation of his AI Gideon inside his head helping them. He even kisses her as the fake world collapses.

The weird part is when back on the Waveride and reunited with his team, Gideon remembers the kiss! How!? Does he have an interface in his mind?!?!? Explain that please! Rip is very sheepish in front of his crew but is determined to right his wrongs, they are off to find the last part of the Spear which looks like might be on the Apollo 13 mission, unfortunately Eobard Thawne is there already!!


It was a fun episode but some things are really starting to grate. Ray has turned into a caricature of his former self, Nate and Vixen’s relationship is not believable and he relationship between the two sides of Firestorm, Jacks and Stein changes it’s dynamic every week! Settle on something! Is it father/son, teacher/student, brothers?

The winner his week is The Flash, mainly because something actually happened! Can it keep the streak going?

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