Some thoughts that came to mind whilst watching Episode One of Marvel’s Iron Fist on Netflix.

Needless to say massive SPOILERS from now on!!!!

  1. The credits feel very much like the Matrix.
  2. That looks a bit like the end of S4 of OUAT when Emma becomes the Dark One.
  3. He reminds me of someone.
  4. IF_randNo shoes in a fancy building was obviously going to cause a problem
  5. Ah the old baton through door handles trick.
  6. How did you not figure out that Harold was dead???
  7. So you’re just going to shoot an apparent crazy person if they come into your office, Ward?
  8. Scruffy man. Flashbacks. We’re in Arrow, no?
  9. Parkour!
  10. That’s breaking and entering Danny
  11. Animal magic.
  12. So Ward is an arsehole. Must be something about the name.
  13. You might be better off in the tree, rather than sitting under it.
  14. Handy crazy man with internet offering to look things up. Doesn’t he realise internet is a currency?
  15. Text your driver rather than calling the police?
  16. Don’t tell her you went in her house!
  17. Why still not calling the police?
  18. That was a cool flip out of the path of impending doom (or a taxi)
  19. Ah, Danny owns the majority of the company. That’s not going to be problematic at all.IF_meachums
  20. Woo! made it further than I did into Daredevil.
  21. This is a bit slow.
  22. Danny. Your crazy is showing.
  23. Ward really was a dick. Guessing he still is.
  24. Ah archetypal villain, dick as a kid, potentially illegitimate head of a big business, slicked back hair, employs minions, sounds like the green Goblin.
  25. Ah archetypal wise philosophical, but also crazy, homeless man.
  26. Yep, corporate security officers definitely go about trying to kill people. Not at all illegal.
  27. How has nothing actually happened yet?
  28. That mask isn’t going to hide your clothes . Also you are walking in the opposite direction to everyone else.
  29. Nevermind, these security guards are idiots.
  30. Handily placed stair well.
  31. How many guns has Danny managed to put his finger prints on?
  32. Evil character makes call to suspicious possible overlord. Which supposedly dead person is that going to be?
  33. Classic elevator, stairs then handprint trek to evil lair.
  34. Classric corridor mirror reflection shot outside evil lair.
  35. Said it was going to be a dead person!IF_harold
  36. Evil Dad/Son typical power struggle.
  37. Yes Evil Dad, those are the exact questions I was hoping might have at least been part answered during this episode.
  38. Yep, put your finger pints on dead guys lethal dosing needle.
  39. Handy plot device for getting across Danny’s spirituality.
  40. Oooh, what does the tattoo mean?
  41. Again, why has she not yet called police?
  42. We get it. He likes tea because he’s spent time in a community that has tea, and not coffee because he hasn’t grown up in America.
  43. Why drug him? Surely that would cause more questions than it answers.
  44. So we learned that his plane crashed when he was a kid. I knew that at the beginning. I could have slept through that episode and known the same amount!IF_netflix

What did you make of episode one? I’ll be trying to post an episode a day, but let us know whether you agree or had any other thoughts during the episode in comments below or on Twitter @JackGeekstalk.



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