By Dave

It’s that time again! Let’s jump into last weeks CW Superhero shows, no Legends of Tomorrow for the UK but the other 3 shows are present and accounted for!

Supergirl S2 Ep14 – ‘Homecoming’


Team Supergirl have the chance of a win in this episode as Jeremiah Danvers is back, or is he? Out of nowhere a Cadmus convoy is picked up by the DEO and an unconscious Jeremiah is found in the back of a truck! Understandably the Danvers girls are ecstatic but not everyone is happy with his return! What is going on in National City this week?


Karamel (sorry) is going well. Kara and Mon-El are all loved up even though they never wake up together with Supergirl always off saving the city. Everything gets messed up by Daddy Danvers however, Mon-El appears to be the only person thinking clearly. he is very suspicious of Jeremiah, they rescued him to easily and he is not happy with how casually everyone trusts him, J’onn even gives him full access to the DEO! He has been captive for about 15 years, what might they have made him do?

Mon-El eventually makes a scene at a family dinner and although Kara starts to question things herself, Jeremiah warns Mon-El off by saying he knows who he really is and Kara wouldn’t like the truth! What is this secret!! I am bored of waiting now!


Inevitably Mon-El is right on the money! Jeremiah was sent to steal some data from the DEO under the guise of helping them find and defuse a fusion bomb he helped make for Cadmus. Being interrupted by J’onn   a fight ensues where we see Jeremiah has been enhanced. Being played by Dean Cain means that he is now a ‘Cyborg Superman’!


A brief fight and chase later, including Alex unable to shoot her father after he claims he did it for her (have Cadmus threatened to kill his girls again), Jeremiah escapes with a list of all registered aliens in the country. Cadmus are apparently building some huge weapon or ships of some kind to take the fight to the aliens, and now they know where they all are! Alex is distraught that her father is a traitor, Kara is upset and sheepish now that she has to accept Mon-El was right about her father but they are back to being lovey dovey and snuggling up under a blanket, cringe!


I feel like not much happened in this episode, it was obvious from the start that Jeremiah wasn’t being honest but I’m surprised he revealed himself so quickly. I’m hoping Cadmus’ big plan is revealed soon because they have been teasing something major for a while. Maybe the showrunners are keeping it quiet because of the disappointment with last season’s Project Medusa reveal early in the season. It wasn’t a bad episode but I’m losing interest in the show. Unless it picks up by the end of the season I’m not sure I’ll stay with it!

The Flash S3 Ep14 – ‘Attack on Central City’


It’s payback time! Grodd comes to Central City this week and Team Flash are on the back foot. How will they deal with an army of super-intelligent apes who are always a step ahead?

Team Flash don’t get long to celebrate their presumed victory by stopping Grodd attacking the city. Gypsy appears through a breach, interrupting ‘Friends Day’, and gives Barry a brief beat-down until she gets taken down. Realising Grodd has used her to come to Earth-1 the team set about trying to prepare for an assault. Showing yet another variation on Cisco’s powers, he vibes Joe West’s memories of Grodd in order to link into the specific psychic frequency so they can work out where Grodd is going to attack! I still don’t understand the rationale for that but hey, it’s a comic book show!


Eventually learning that Grodd is after a nuke, Barry races to the device and has to try all variations of a number keypad in order to defuse it. Succeeding with 2 seconds to spare the Team detect the army approaching the city. There is a lot more to this than I’ve said but it just isn’t interesting!

What is interesting though is how Barry has decided that killing Grodd is the only way to save the city. After receiving another talk from Earth-2 Harrison Wells about morality, Barry tries a different way, sending Cisco to convince Gypsy to find Grodd’s rival Solovar (apparently  she was the only one who knew where he was, but weren’t Team Flash just on Earth-2?!). The Flash, Kid Flash and Jesse Quick bring the fight to the apes and hold them off for a little while but each get knocked back. Speedster should be able to wipe the floor with these apes!

Solovar arrives and challenges Grodd with the later falling off a building in defeat. I think this part of the episode ended badly. I was hoping for a much larger scale battle with the speedsters and apes but I was presented with a short CGI mess of an ape battle. Disappointing.

Meanwhile, Jesse has decided to stay on Earth-1 with Wally and Harrison is surprisingly supportive at first. It isn’t long before he shows his real feelings, trying to convince Wally he is dying so he will tell Jesse to go home! Jesse is pissed and says she’ll do what she wants anyway causing Wells to come round in the end. It was good to see another version of the Flash with an appearance of the Accelerated Man, his suit needs some work! And we have a bullet catch in this episode, something that we haven’t seen in a while!

I should also mention that Barry proposes to Iris, out of nowhere! We don’t see her answer but I’m sure it will either be a yes or they will be interrupted! Oh yeah, and Savitar is back! Right at the end of the episode he appears in front of Wally and races at him before the screen cuts to black. How is he back? Why is he after Wally? Dark times ahead!

Arrow S5 Ep15 – ‘Fighting Fire With Fire’


Another episode of more politics than action, and what action there is isn’t that great. Oliver is spending less and less time in the hood and more time in the Mayor’s office, bring back the Arrow!!!

Mayor Queen is being impeached for covering up Detective Malone’s killer and there seems to be no way out of the situation. He can’t reveal the real reason he covered it up and he can’t just buy his way out. He asks DA Chase to defend him in the meeting, even though that wouldn’t be allowed in a million years as DA Chase was involved in the cover up! Luckily, Oliver gets some time to think about what to do after his Limo is attacked by Vigilante! He really should stop travelling by Limo.

The new Canary manages to knock him back forcing him to escape as the Police arrive, and leaving behind a fragment on his mask. Before Dinah can get it back to the Arrow Cave DA Chase claims it, saying he will book it in himself….suspicious! We still don’t know who Vigilante is, but this makes DA Chase look very guilty!


And guilty he is because we get the big reveal, Prometheus is DA Chase!!!!! Very little is made of this, he takes his mask off after a fight with Vigilante where he claims Oliver Queen for himself. So who the hell is Vigilante?!?!

Chase Pro

Thea shows yet more darkness by asking Felicity to find dirt on the Councillors deciding Oliver’s fate so she can blackmail them. When Oliver finds this out she resigns in shame. Looks like she’s going to go off randomly again. She did redeem herself a little though, repairing the damage to the Reporter Susan’s career so she gets her job back, luckily Susan doesn’t hold a grudge against Oliver and says she’ll keep his secret! Well that story line wen nowhere!

Oliver makes the hard choice. He throws the Green Arrow under bus, telling the panel that he tried to protect the public from a hero turned cop killer. The panel clears him of wrong doing and the Green Arrow is now enemy number 1! This is surely going to make his ‘second job’ even harder, probably meaning less time in the hood!


The only other interesting part to this episode was Curtis developing his T-spheres. At last! We first saw these back in season 3 but now he has improved them to a point where they actually have a use, using their tracking function to locate Vigilante and explode like a flashbang when required. The real Mr Terrific is almost here! In other news, Curtis is hopeful when his husband Paul invites him for dinner. Unfortunately its the offer of a Divorce, poor Curtis!!!


The winner this week is Arrow, but only because we finally found out who Prometheus was, even though it wasn’t made a big deal. There doesn’t appear to be a consistent winner at the moment!

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