Welcome to something new! As our Geekstalkers community grows we want to encourage people to take an active part and have their say on whatever they want. Everyone has their own opinion about everything and we at Jack and the Geekstalk want to showcase the word of ours community. Every now and then we will through up a post from a guest writer and to kick things off we have Chris Smolinski @RamblingRiter. He has a thing or two to say about the cinematic future of Batman! Give it read and let us know what you think!


The DC world will spin on its head if Batfleck bows out of the batman role. Though it is just a rumor, I wanted to visit a few actors that could hopefully slide in and play Bats.

Bruce Wayne is a snazzy sexy billionaire that loves his ladies. He is a suit and tie guy and has a chin that deserves its own twitter account. Bats is a tough no non-sense detective that gets the job done.

Some actors can do the Bruce thing. Some can do the Bats thing. To me we need a guy that can do them both. Ben and Christian were both actors who could do it, but what others could? Let me throw some names out there and see if you agree.

First up I want to give you a name of a very fine young actor. I know I know, Ben isn’t young so replacing him with someone that is will defeat everything DC is doing. That may be true, but Ben only did three movies. Suicide cameo, Bats vs Supes, and Justice League. So why not start over and show us a movie that has Bats just starting out? Yes, Bale in Batman Begins was like that, but I’m talking like the year one Bats.

So after that long winded spiel, my choice is: Steven R. McQueen


McQueen who is formally known for his role as Jeremy Gilbert on The Vampire Diaries, has the pretty boy look and can pull off a suit. The big question is how would he look in a bat suit? And can he throw down?

Next up is an actor who came to fame in the role as Don Draper on Mad Men. Now I haven’t seen it but I hear he was fantastic. Relax, it’s on my to be watched list. Anyway, Jon Hamm really has it all when it comes to being Bruce.

Jon Hamm

The granite chin, the suave moves, the ability to drink… He was just in a movie with Gal Gadot so there’s that. My biggest problem is can he do the bat suit? I need some action from him, not just a fill in. Maybe that’s just me but still.

Finally, I am going to give my all-star dunk of an actor.

BOOM! Michael Fassbender, that’s right Magneto himself. He would make a brilliant Bruce and a terrific Bats. Most people loved him as Mags, except in the last movie. His role in Assassin’s Creed proves he can pull off the Bats part of things. Oh stop it, that was a super fun movie.


I only chose three because I want to see your picks as well. Give me a shout and let me know what you think.

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