Apologies for the lateness of this post, I was too busy having a weekend in Cardiff! But now I’m back, let’s jump straight into the CW superhero shows which are all back!

Supergirl S2 Ep13 – ‘Mr & Mrs Mxyzptlk’


We finally return to an episode that has Kara as the main focal point, it is called Supergirl after all! Love is in the air this week as all the characters are dealing with Valentines day each in their own way, and Kara even gets a marriage proposal from the new arrival. Mr Mxyzptlk, a 5th Dimensional being has apparently been watching Kara for a while and has fallen in love with her. After trying to woo her with his seemingly unlimited powers he threatens the safety of the planet if she refuses to marry him.

Now this makes Mon-El very jealous and the two rivals spend the entire episode trying to nab Kara’s heart. Mxyzptlk was a welcome addition to the show, not so straight laced and serious as most of the other characters and the interaction with Mon-El was actually quite funny. Seeing him pretending the be Superman to show he can be a hero was great! We get to see a different side of Kara too as she tricks everyone into thinking she will Marry Mxyzptlk. Making him type his own name backwards (which is the only way to get him to go back to the 5th Dimension) and also making Mon-El think she didn’t want him was a different angle we haven’t seen before from our hero. After Mxy has been sent home, Kara and Mon-El finally get together and share that first proper kiss!

Winn has apparently got over his pining for Kara and now starts up a relationship with an alien. Starting out as a one night stand, Winn shows his perfect gentleman side and asks her to start dating, with a little “I don’t care if people stare” statement. Go Winn! All is not so smooth for Alex though, Maggie very rudely announces that she doesn’t like Valentines day and we find out that it’s because she was outed by her friend when she was at school on valentines day and it didn’t go well. After a stern talking to by Kara, Alex makes it up and gives Alex a really great night (and a fantastic dress to wear!).

It wasn’t a brilliant episode but maybe the power of love made me enjoy it! Mxy was fun to watch and Kara was more interesting than usual. It was an episode that had lighter themes than others recent ones, maybe they can learn something from this (but I doubt it).

The Flash S3 Ep13 – ‘Attack on Gorilla City’


A fan favourite returns this week as Team Flash head to Earth-2 to save Harrison Wells. The title of the episode says it all, it’s time to head to Gorilla City. We have been wanting to see this place ever since Barry sent Grodd there back in season 2 and now we get to see some of it, in all its ropey CGI glory. Motivated by his desire to change the future, Barry thinks that if he can save Harrison Wells and appease the Gorillas then they won’t attack Central City in the future. Team Flash are quickly captured by the Gorillas, using poison darts (which Barry should have easily been able to avoid!).


For some reason, the Team decide to trust Grodd (even though he has given them no reason to) when he tells them Barry has to fight and defeat the leader of Gorilla City Solovar in order to prevent the attack on Central City.  After a brief fight in which Solovar, a huge white Gorilla (good to see another comic character on screen) appears to have faster reflexes than a speedster and is able to negate virtually all of Barry’s attacks, Cisco tells Barry to go Reverse Flash, striking Solovar with a vibrating hand. This works and gives Barry the chance to give a rousing speech to the rest of the Gorillas pleading with them not to attack. This fight was a CGI mess. Hardly any of it was believable and there have been much better effects throughout most of the show!

Turns out Grodd lied, Solovar never wanted to attack Central City, Grodd just wanted him out of the way so he could take over. Team Flash manage to escape after Caitlin freezes him into a death like state. They take Harrison Wells and leave through a breach thinking they are now safe. Grodd has however planned ahead and has somehow captured Gypsy, the vibing collector, and is preparing to attack! Looks like the future will happen regardless of what Barry does.

Meanwhile back on Earth-1 Jesse and Wally are on the rocks. Now that he has speed, Jesse thinks he doesn’t actually want her for some irrational reason. She eventually sees sense after some advice from HR and agrees to stay with Wally on this Earth. I actually really like this couple and much prefer them to Barry and Iris. Speaking of which, I could have done without the really creepy innuendo from Barry at the end of the episode. It was really good to see two different Harrison Wells in the same episode. Their contrasting characters worked well and I can’t wait to see how they will interact in future episodes.


It was a fun episode but Barry and co are some of the dumbest smart people ever. There was no reason to trust Grodd and just because they stopped him from using Wells to create a breach doesn’t mean they have stopped him! Julian is quickly becoming one of my favourite characters. His excitement over the prospect of travelling to ‘The Planet of the Apes’ and his attire on his arrival as well as his genuine chemistry with Caitlin is enjoyable, every scene is made better by having him on screen. Hopefully Grodd’s attack will be more interesting.


Arrow S5 Ep14 – ‘The Sin-Eater’


I did not enjoy this episode. It felt like more filler, which is a shame as there have been some pretty good episodes this season. There are some good parts to it and somethings which have finally caught up with Oliver but seriously, where is Prometheus?!

Team Arrow has to go up against a trio of previous bad girls Oliver has stopped, China White (not being played by Kelly Hu for some reason), Cupid and Liza Warner. Neither one of them has been particularly difficult for Oliver to take down in the past but now they seem a lot more formidable. They are hunting for a load of money Tobias Church apparently left behind after his death. Their motivations for this aren’t really clear, it’s just an easy plot device.

Oliver would have been able to take them down really easily but he is currently being hunted by the SCPD. The Green Arrow has been implicated in the murder of Detective Billy Malone after an anonymous tip, making Oliver’s vigilante life very difficult. Mayor Queen, DA Chase and Deputy Mayor Lance try to persuade the Police Captain to back off and it’s only after Oliver personally explains that it wasn’t the Green Arrow’s fault that the Captain backs down and arrests the trio of villains instead. All is not safe however, There is a leak in the Mayor’s department as the news reports of a cover up over Billy’s death, putting the credibility of Oliver’s leadership into question! How will he come out of this?

Oliver’s reporter girlfriend finally asks him if he is the Green Arrow, of course he denies this but Thea (who is randomly just back in the show with no explanation as to  where she has been) gets spooked and ends up planting falsified documents on the reporters computer. This gets her fired for plagiarism and her reputation ruined. This pretty much confirms the reporters suspicions but she can’t go public with it as no-one would believe her! Oliver is worried about this dark side of Thea, and I’m starting to think she may have done this deliberately. Is she working with Prometheus?

There was pretty much nothing else going on in the rest of the episode. The flashbacks were few and lacked substance, basically just Oliver and Anatoli running from the Bratva traitors. Quentin’s desire to bring down Warner, then finding out it was his working with Darhk that pushed her back onto a life of crime was a good arc. I’m really liking Quentin this season, he is actually dealing with his problems like a normal person! One more minor thing, Dinah Drake has joined the SCPD and while reluctant to take on the mantle of Black Canary, after a inspiring talk from Quentin, decides she will wear the mask and fight for what’s right!

It was a fairly laboured episode and while I think Prometheus is behind a lot of what is going on, his physical absence in the show is jarring. What is he doing while Oliver has work and relationship problems?! Hopefully as we move towards the end of the season his true plan will become apparent.

Legends of Tomorrow S2 Ep12 – ‘Camelot/3000’


This episode showed that literally nothing is off limits for the Legends. There doesn’t have to be links between episodes as long as the core story is intact. It also illustrated the lazy writing of some aspects of the show. It’s all about time travel and as I’ve spoken about before, I really hate it when they deliberately ignore paradoxes created by the story. This week the Legends travel to the future and distant past!

Rip is hunting down the remaining fragments of the Spear of Destiny and finds Dr Midnight (ex-JSA) member in the year 3000. The Legends find Dr Midnight dead and the spear fragment gone and have no choice but to look for the next piece. Gideon locates another fragment in ancient England, around the time of King Arthur. This is where things start to go wrong. Nate keeps telling the team that Camelot and Arthur is almost entirely myth with very little factual basis just like a historian should. Ray is very excited to meet the heroes of the stories he read when he was younger and is desperate to be a Knight!

On their arrival they find that Stargirl, another JSA member is guarding part of the spear and going by the name of Merlin. She created the Arthurian world, Round Table and all! So she has changed history dramatically and nobody seems to care! Stargirl explains that the JSA’s last mission was to divide the parts of the spear with the help of Rip Hunter, which explains how he knows where the pieces are. The rest of the episode boils down to Rip and Damian Darhk using future mind control tech to create an army to assault Camelot in order to retrieve the spear piece. This is a ridiculous premise as they could have just taken it but Darhk wants an honourable fight?!

The Legends argue about what is the right thing to do. Vixen wants to just take the spear fragment and run with it, Ray wants to stay and help defend Camelot. Nate tries to persuade him not to as his convenient historical text says Ray will die. I’m glad that Nate acknowledges the world they are experiencing shouldn’t exist, but it is never really dealt with. Long story short the Legends save the day and the spear fragment, Ray becomes Sir Ray of the Palms and is Knighted by Queen Guinevere, they use their own mind control tech to overpower Rip’s control (Micky Rory apparently having a mind ‘intense’ enough to take control) and Sara kisses the Queen, yet another famous woman from history who seemingly is a Lesbian.  If it wasn’t for the fact that Sara is a pretty badass character and one of the most interesting, I would say the writers don’t really know what to do with her most of the time so getting her to cop off with a historical figure is the only option they can come up with!

I am still enjoying this season but my patience is being tested. I genuinely think the writers just picked ideas out of a hat and try to tie them together. Very few of the Legends are actually interesting to watch and there are so many things that happen which are never picked up on again, like Professor Stein stealing a bit of future tech, it gets mentioned once but then dropped. That is a pretty big thing to do that you know could change the timeline!!! And seriously George Lucas must have given a load of money to CW, there have been so many Star Wars references this season, even down to Ray creating a saber of light “But don’t call it a Lightsaber, copyright issues” I wanted to punch him in his Knighted face! Oh yeah and Rip is now captive on the Waverider although his voice commands still work!

This week none of the shows really stood out, they were all of average quality with their good points. If I had to choose I’d go with Supergirl, it was just a bit more fun than the others. I’m worried I’m suffering from CW fatigue!

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