Hot off the back of the confirmation that Matt Reeves will in fact directing the solo Batman movie, we also got the announcement that Nightwing aka Dick Grayson is finally getting his own flick! It has been a long time coming and seemed like a no-brainer since it was confirmed that a Robin did exist in the DCEU. Chris McKay will be directing which I suppose isn’t surprising as he has just recently brought us an extremely entertaining DC movie, The Lego Batman Movie. Presumably the Nightwing film will be a lot darker than that though!


It stands to reason that we will see Dick Grayson in the solo Batman film. I don’t think it has been confirmed yet what time period the Batman will be set in but I’m going to assume it will be set before Dawn of Justice. This would open the door to seeing Dick Grayson getting his origin or at least introduction in that film and be the fun, jovial character opposite the dark and gritty Batman. Having his first Robin leave and take the mantle of Nightwing, followed by the death of his second Robin Jason Todd would be a natural progression for the Bat-Family story and would explain why Bruce Wayne is the way he is in BvS.


On his own Nightwing is brilliant, I look at him as the Daredevil of DC. Similar weapons, abilities but still has the wisecracking quips from when he was Batman’s sidekick. I can’t wait to see him in live action and am still secretly hoping for the Under the Red Hood story line at some point, or even better Battle for the Cowl! Maybe Bruce has to give up the cowl for some reason and Dick Grayson is reluctant to take over until Jason Todd steps up! Oooo I want both of these stories now!

For now though I’m going to settle with being excited to see Nightwing on the big screen. What will his relationship be with Bruce Wayne? How old will he be? Will he be active in Bludhaven or just another hero in Gotham? All these questions I’m sure won’t be answered for a long time but the most pressing question is…..who will play Nightwing? Jared Padalecki has expressed his interest in the role and both Zac Efron and Jake Gyllenhaal have been rumoured.


So who would you choose? Let us know in the comments!

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