I don’t know what happened this week but we only got half of the CW shows on our UK screens! No Flash or Legends of Tomorrow to discuss (yay! you might say, less reading for us) but at least we have something. Let’s see what’s been happening in the CW universe.


Supergirl S2 Ep12 – ‘Luthors’

Supergirl is fast becoming the show that has run out of ideas. Recycled villains and stories are on the cards today, with a few twists and turns but nothing we haven’t seen before (except the very last scene). So before I bore you with exposition, what actually happened?

Metallo is back, yeah that guy, and he’s back to following the orders of Cadmus. For some reason Mrs Luthor really wants Lena to join her, maybe she does love her after all! Cadmus frames Lena for helping Metallo escape which gets the young Luthor thrown into prison herself. Sending Metallo to break her out, Lena ends up on the run with her mother. Lena’s guilt is the story about town with most people easily siding against her. Not Kara of course, she will see the good in anyone and refuses to believe Lena is guilty.

Turns out Mumma Luthor just wanted to use Lena to access one of Lex’s storage facilities to pick up some toys. It’s here we get a glimpse at the comic famous War Suit, sported by Lex Luthor in many stories, which was quite cool.


Before we could sit back and enjoy Supergirl being taken down by some fancy gadgets, Metallo’s synthetic Kryptonite goes into meltdown and blows up the secret bunker, just after Kara narrowly escapes with Lena of course. Their friendship is stronger than ever, I just hope we don’t have another ‘is Lena Luthor evil’ episode in this season.

Very little else happens in this episode. Jimmy and Kara fall out again over their opinions of Lena and Guardians activities. Not to worry though, by the end of the episode everything is hunky dory and they are the best of friends again. Another pointless story arc, poorly written. I couldn’t even rely on the snappy wit of Winn or the straight laced alien behaviour of J’onn this week as they were barely featured. This episode seemed to fly by but not in a good way. Oh and just a small thing that was breezed past, Alex comes out to everyone else and introduces Maggie as her girlfriend!!! Did they not think this was important to focus on?

Oh yeah, Kara finally decides to tell Mon-El how she feels and they almost kiss but of course they are interrupted at the last minute by some magical romantic man calling himself Mr Mxyzptlk, declaring his love for her!


Magic is not something we have seen before in National City, maybe this will breathe some life into the dying show or at least entertain us with something different. I used to really like Supergirl, maybe moving to the CW was not the best idea. Buck up your ideas!


Arrow S5 Ep13 – ‘Spectre of the Gun’

You know that renewed faith that I have periodically been experiencing this season? Yeah well that disappeared again this week when Arrow went political. I know most shows go there at some point and even superhero shows have their political elements to them but this episode was about as subtle as a brick. Stop me when you figure out what the issue being discussed was.

Mayor Queen’s office gets attacked by a lone GUNman, 7 people are killed and many more injured. The GUNman has no apparent motive and no previous history of any crime let alone mass murder. Team Arrow get to work trying to find this mysterious GUNman. Felicity eventually finds him and the team learn his children were killed in a previous GUN attack, leading the man to seek revenge on the government not passing a GUN registry law. For some reason this guy thinks killing a load of people with GUNs will make amends for his family being killed by GUNs. I’m not sure he thought his plan through.

The situation causes Curtis and Renee to clash over GUN control, with the latter in favour and the former against. Cue several verbal disagreements, not really offering any arguments that could persuade the other, but we eventually get the reason for Renee’s beliefs in his flashbacks. His wife was a junkie and long story short ends up getting accidentally killed by her dealer. Renee says that if he had his gun at the time he would have been able to save her, but the bullet that killed her was fired accidentally after Renee shot the Dealer, so he himself was responsible for his wife’s death! Regardless, he was sent into a spiral and his daughter was taken from him. Seeing the Green Arrow kill Damian Darhk on TV inspired him to become a vigilante. The flashbacks were not believable and I see now why Renee gets so little screen time, he can’t act!

I think the green leather budget had been scaled back as we hardly see Oliver suit up at all. “This is not a problem the Green Arrow can solve” Oliver has to stretch his Mayoral legs and ends up passing a perfect GUN control law which pleases the anti and pro GUN supporters alike, that would never happen!!!! He even brings down the bad guy as Oliver Queen by ‘talking’. Does he even need the hood anymore?


Meanwhile, Thea is back! There was no mention of where she had been and she slipped back into her role as if she had never left. Are we supposed to just be okay with her being AWOL for the last 3 weeks? Felicity is still using the Hacktivist flash drive, surely something bad is going to happen with this, I’m getting bored of them teasing it. We also got a little development for Dinah Drake, the newest member of Team Arrow. She has apparently been scared to move on after completing her vendetta, but the warm consoling of Diggle brings her round and encourages her into getting a new apartment and joining the SCPD. Simple as that. Oh and the Vigilante shows up again randomly then disappears just as quick.


That was pretty much all there was to the episode. There is a place and time for political agendas and I do not appreciate having one viewpoint or another shoved down my throat. I’m a simple man, give me superheroes kicking ass and I’m happy.

Difficult to pick a winner this week as they were both sub-par, I’m going to go with Supergirl purely because there was more superhero action and not because of quality.

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