Who doesn’t love Superheroes? Let the Round ups begin!


Supergirl S2 Ep11 – ‘The Martian Chronicles’

I’m starting to think that Supergirl is turning into an homage to John Carpenter’s The Thing. A few episodes ago we had an alien parasite that was found in an arctic research station and then mutates, causing havoc. Now we have a case of ‘Who’s the shapeshifter?’. Last week we had a warning the White Martians were on their way, well they’re here!!

Long story short, a White Martian (who is actually Megan’s mate) comes to find her at the bar. After a brief fight J’onn takes Megan to the DEO for protection. Not wanting her new friends to get hurt she wants to leave but the super crew convince her to stay. After realising a White Martian has snuck inside the DEO, a lockdown and hunt is on the cards. Nobody knows who the Martian is masquerading as so J’onn and Megan make everyone go through a flame test which would reveal the alien.

The unassuming genius Winn turns out to be the infiltrator and he escapes into the bowels of the facility, programming the core to explode. The rest of the team split up and go looking for him. I was getting bored with the searching and heart to heart Kara and Alex were having until the revelation that Alex is a White Martian too!!! Genuinely surprising.


We can’t have a bad ending of course, so the real Winn manages to defuse the core while the 3 aliens and Alex beat the Martians down. J’onn and Megan finally speak their feelings for each other but she decides to go back to Mars anyway! Her own race have just tried to hunt her down and bring her back for execution but not she wants to go back and find others who will speak out like her! What was the point of the whole episode?!!


We also get more evidence of the inconsistent romantic writing in the show. Last season was will they won’t they between Jimmy and Kara which ultimately ended very soon into the new season. Since Mon-El arrived the same dynamic has been there and the show hasn’t been subtle about it. Mon-el confessed his feelings last week, and Kara shot him down. This week she feels the need to knock him down even further! But finally admits she may like him and just as she goes to tell him, she sees him on a date. Awkward!! So we’re going to have another will they won’t they story for the rest of the season. Yay…..


Supergirl is really losing its coherence. I understand having conflicting character development, particularly when it comes to romantic stories but doing it over the course of two episodes is stupid. It stops you caring about the relationship (or lack of), it was the same sort of thing in Arrow Season 3/4 with Oliver and Felicity. It’s boring! Have the people together or don’t! Rant over. Let’s hope things improve next week!


The Flash S3 Ep12 – ‘Untouchable’

This episode was all about re-treading old ground. Whether accidentally or on purpose we get a lot of things we have seen before. Barry is continuing to train Wally with limited success, Cisco tries a new vibe technique (vibing Flashpoint!)and Caitlin has another brush with her chillier side! The beginning of the episode was good with Barry and Wally’s race, even Barry technically cheating by using a technique Wally hasn’t learnt yet was good.


Our bad guy this week is another Flashpoint villain created by Dr Alchemy. This guy can turn anything he touches to ash and is on a revenge mission against the cops that arrested him in Flashpoint, one of which just happens to be Joe West. The team struggle with the new foe at first (as standard) as they can’t touch him. Luckily Julian figures out a speedsters blood can negate the ash powers. I’m going to start calling Julian Dr Convenience, he’s not extremely useful but gives just enough perfect information when it’s needed.


Wally has been unable to phase through objects under Barry’s teachings and after yet another scene of Barry recognising that he needs to be a better teacher and not expect Wally to just get faster on his own, the two speedsters go to fight the bad guy. Barry’s inconsistent level of power is shown again as he is able to phase an entire train through some rubble strewn across the tracks by the bad guy, a pretty cool sequence but he has never done anything like that before! This takes a lot out of him so Wally has to step up and phase his own blood inside the ash man to depower him….ewww.

The main part of this episode was the threat to Iris. She gets touched by the ash guy and her body starts to die. It takes Dr Convenience to persuade Caitlin in to using her ice powers to freeze Iris’ arm to stop the spread. Caitlin slips into Killer Frost mode, again, but gets talked round, again, to save the day. Why is Caitlin the only one that will turn evil by having powers? The other bad Metas were generally bad beforehand and neither Barry or Wally have gone rogue!


The reason this part annoyed me is that you can’t put Iris in a life or death situation when the whole half of the season is about trying to stop her from dying! You don’t feel like she is ever really in danger, they should have used someone else. Also how many men is Caitlin going to go through? She has now gone out for a drink with Dr Convenience!! She gets around a bit!

The last scene is one of the most interesting. Jesse Quick arrives panicked through a portal to tell Wally Grodd has taken her father to Gorilla City! Yes we are finally getting Grodd back and should be visiting the city! I’ve been waiting for this since Grodd’s first appearance! It should also mean we get the best Harrison Wells back! Double yes!

The main thing I would change about this episode is to remove Joe’s romance storyline. It adds nothing to the show, it’s not interesting and to me it just seems those scenes were put in to show that Kid Flash has fans. There are already enough secondary characters in the show, we don’t need more, but at least he now know his daughter is going to die!


Arrow S5 Ep12 – ‘Bratva’

I want to address something before I get into the episode. Team Arrow is not at all subtle about anything. They work in the shadows, unless they need to go out in the day, all together, to a foreign country, using their real names and barely disguising themselves. In the real world they would be dead in minutes. So it’s a good thing this isn’t the real world, this episode was lots of fun! Team Arrow head to Russia!

The Team are back on the trail of General Walker as he tries to sell a nuke in Russia. Without a second thought Oliver takes the whole team, minus Wild Dog fearing he would create an international incident, to Russia to stop him. Oliver contacts Anotoli his old Bratva friend for help but gets a right hook instead. Oliver did not honour the deal he made with a Bratva brother a couple of seasons ago. Reluctantly Oliver has to return to some Bratva enforcing to get the assistance he needs.


In their investigation Felicity steps over the line by blackmailing a guy for information, threatening his family with death unless he hands over what she needs! This renewed Hack-tivist side of her is much more interesting! John also steps over a line by almost beating a man to death for information. Oliver has to give them both the moral talk as they are supposed to be better than him. Angry John is scary!


The team succeed of course but not without cost. Ragman has to contain the entire blast of a nuke, destroying his rags in the process. Rory feels he needs to leave the team instead of being a target for Prometheus. The new Canary appears to have been accepted onto the team straight away with no tests. She’s an active member and even gives Oliver a reality check when he struggles to let his past go. To be fair she is a lot less annoying that Laurel!


Back in Star City, Quentin Lance is back from Rehab and is being babysat by Wild Dog. Prepping for an interview with Oliver’s girlfriend, Lance struggles with questions about his daughter, then reigns himself in and nails the interview. A little bit of bonding over a story where he set Wild Dog on a better path when he was younger was good to see, its great to see him back.

And finally, finally, Oliver’s reporter girlfriend has put the facts together, he might be the Green Arrow! It’s about time someone actually made sense of all the coincidences!!! How will this play out?


The episode was one of the best this season and I think it’s mainly down to it being so fast paced. There wasn’t really time to stop and think about what was actually going on. it was fun to watch, lost going on and character development all over the place. Well done guys, you are clawing it back! One question still bugs me though, where is Thea?


Legends of Tomorrow S2 Ep11 – ‘Turncoat’

A littler bit of energy was injected into Legends this week. The Legion of Doom episode last week was a lot of fun and now we have Rip back on the scene but not his usual self!

Rip has killed George Washington, just to draw the Legends into a trap! It was all so he could get inside the Wave Rider to grab the piece of the Spear of Destiny the Legends have. I’ll admit it is very elaborate but turns out to be quite successful! At the same time as trying to save George Washington the team have to fight off Rip and his English troops!


Because of the mind meddling the Reverse Flash did on Rip he now has all his memories but is evil and working with the Legion. He quickly sabotages the Wave Rider and the team with a single device, who knew it was so easy?! Oh and he shoots Sara in the gut!

Jacks has to take the lead to save everyone and manages to give Rip the run around for a while but when Rip snaps a dying Sara’s neck it pushes him over the edge, sending him after Rip with murder in his heart. Luckily a miniaturised Ray has managed to restart the Wave Rider’s time drive and power is restored. Gideon brings Sara back to life (that’s twice now Sara!), and just in time for her to stop Jacks shooting Rip, letting him escape with their bit of the Spear.


We have a new romance his season that pretty much came out of nowhere. Last season it was Atom and Hawkgirl now it’s Citizen Steel and Vixen. It’s even cliché, Nate falls into a freezing river and after channeling a seal to save him, he and Vixen have to snuggle up to prevent hypothermia! And then they just have sex! Just like that! The brief conversation about different dating ethics felt forced in to justify the coupling. But don’t worry Vixen wants to stay ‘chill’ and Nate will pine for her. This is exactly what we had last year!!!!

Luckily we can distract ourselves from this with Mick making friends with George Washington and saving the American Civil War and by default America! He even gets a statue in his honour! I didn’t think much about the actor playing Washington but the scenes with Mick were fun. More Mick less romance!

Any good feelings gained throughout the episode are destroyed with a really cheesy ending. Even though the Legends let their bit of the Spear get taken they bond over Christmas dinner. They are a family so they will endure…..yawn!! This show is becoming less and less fun!

The winner is Arrow!!! Keep it up!

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