The Marvel Teaser Train is well under way! Over the last week we have been getting a steady stream of footage and images from the current Marvel movies in production. Infinity War has started filming so to give us a little treat a short featurette was released as well as some concept art. Check them out below.

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So……Bloody exciting!!!!  There’s a few things that immediately jump out at you in these teases. In the clip, Robert Downey Jnr, Tom Holland and Chris Pratt are stood on a set that looks very much like the vision Tony Stark had in Age of Ultron.


Does this mean some or all of Stark’s vision will come true? Let the speculation engine start!!! At least is gives us confirmation that the Avengers will meet the Guardians, but which way round will it be? Will the Avengers go to space or will the Guardians come to Earth, or both?

We have also seen Rockett Racoon and Thor fighting side by side. Another expected scene but what is Thor holding? It’s definitely not Mjolnir. Could this be his axe Jarnbjorn? Why doesn’t he have his hammer? Is he not worthy?

Stark has rebuilt some of his suit armoury. Clearly deciding that the ending of Iron Man 3 was a bad choice. Looks like his suits have had another upgrade as per the new film tradition.

And we have a very casual looking Thanos. He’s just chilling in a waistcoat as all megalomaniacs do. Of course he looks to be sitting down but more importantly he looks hench! He will be a force to be reckoned with.

Marvel are spoiling us, after the Infinity War stuff we now have some Thor: Ragnarok concept art too!


So much awesome! Hulk and Thor battling it out with some huge weapons and Thor wearing his blooming helmet!!! With each image the Planet Hulk influence in this film is more and more evident, I love it! But that’s not all that will be going on. The second image sees Thor and Loki up against Hela. We know she is the antagonist of the film but this if the first proper look at her with Cate Blanchett’s face!

What’s most interesting here is that they appear to be in an alleyway surrounded by fire escapes. Does this mean Hela comes to Midgard? Is it Hela that sends Thor off to the realm where he has to fight the Hulk? Has Loki stopped masquerading as Odin? Does Thor know he was? This image raises more questions than it does answers but Hela looks great!

We’re not done yet! We finally have some Black Panther concept art!

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Every single image here is amazing. Black Panther himself looks buff and intimidating but we already know that. It’s the environments that are the most interesting here. Presumably all from inside Wakanda, we see some kind of council chamber which looks very ornate, an ancient looking temple type thing, a glowing rocky area which I’m going to say is the source of the Vibranium and an urban area which blends ultra modern with the ancient village.

Up until now Black Panther hasn’t really been on my radar. I know its been coming but I haven’t been particularly excited about it but now I definitely am! If the actual film looks even remotely like the concept art it is going to be beautiful. We already know Chadwick Boseman is brilliant as T’Challa and the supporting cast is nothing short of incredible. This is close to becoming my most anticipated film of the year, all I need now is a trailer!

What do you think of all the concept art? Excited for the films or would you rather not see things until the film is released? Let us know in the comments below.

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