The final chapter! This is my last re-reading Harry Potter post; the things I noticed whilst throwing myself into the unending pain of the final book of the series. Overall I love this book and has some of what I considered to be the best writing of all time, but I really dislike that it’s the final installment (or at least it was!) – I am never ready to say goodbye to the characters and could read a book about every year in their lives that follows. I still have to observe a period of mourning whenever I finish this series, before I can contemplate reading something new. Here goes!

  1. Book cover.jpgWhat source does Voldemort think Snape was getting the information about Harry being moved early from?
  2. Who is the prisoner that must be kept quiet? (I’ve come to the conclusion that this must be Ollivander)
  3. Harry just threw the locket which symbolised Dumbledore’s death into his trunk? I’d have thought he would have kept it nearby.
  4. How is it that Harry had never thought to ask Dumbledore about Grindewald? Given he knew that Dumbledore had defeated him, and he himself was facing the task of having to duel and/or defeat Voldemort, I’d have naturally wanted to find out how Dumbledore had won his battle.
  5. I wonder if Harry ever does go back to visit the Dursleys and whether they did stay protected? [Side note: I really want a story where Dudley falls in love with a witch]
  6. Would it not have made more sense to make Harry look like someone else, than everyone to look like him?7-harrys
  7. HEDWIG!!!!!!
  8. Molly really should have given Harry, Hermione and Ron time to work, research and talk safely, rather than giving them chores to keep them apart.
  9. ‘It’s not all about wandwork’ Great advice there for muggles too.
  10. I never knew until this book that Ginny was actually called Ginervra. The first time I read this book, it took me ages to figure out who Ginervra was!
  11. Do wizards have divorce?Billfleur.gif
  12. What is it with having truly awful Aunts?
  13. It does seem someone should have taken Harry to Godric’s Hollow before now.
  14. Hermione really should know by now that going on at Harry continually just makes him more stubborn.
  15. Are there such a thing as wizarding ‘lads mags’, where the models *wiggle* etc? (For reference, this thought came about when they were looking at the pictures on Sirius’ bedroom wall).
  16. Who did Travers actually send to take notes at the hearing?
  17. Wouldn’t Voldemort know what Grindewald looked like?
  18. Ron should have looked at the Marauders Map too, it might have made him feel better.
  19. Who chose the words for Harry’s parents’ grave?Grave.jpg
  20. If wizards get old and confused, do they have to have their powers contained some how? They could cause lots of accidental damage? Is there a ward in St Mungos for those who are no longer safe to practice magic?
  21. Harry really should be more careful following something unknown (The Doe), particularly after Bathilda.
  22. It’s a bit weird that Snape apparently watched Harry get undressed and jump into the frozen pond.
  23. DOBBY!!!!! No, no, no…..dobby
  24. How many times do you reckon Harry, Hermione and Ron all saw each other naked whilst camping? Awkward.
  25. What is it with Aberforth and goats?!
  26. FRED!!!!!!! No, I can’t take any more.
  27. Told you the giant spiders were a bad idea.
  28. Where did Petunia get her ‘freak’ attitude from? She must have learnt it somewhere.
  29. Snape still only actually killed about Lily. He didn’t actually care about whether what Voldemort was doing was wrong or right, or about Harry.
  30. REMUS!!!! TONKS!!!!! No, no, no, no, no, no…. just take me too.tonks-and-remus
  31. I have never read anything, nor do I think I am likely to, that is as moving, meaningful and emotive as the writing of Harry going to Voldemort to die.
  32. Just leaving the resurrection stone in the forest, doesn’t seem entirely wise. Someone could find it.
  33. Who does Teddy Tonks live with?
  34. Snape was not actually that brave, and still was responsible for giving Voldemort the information that meant he killed Lily and James. I would not have named my son after him.CA.0802.harry.potter.hallows.2.

So that’s it. Finished! Let me know whether there’s anything you’ve noticed in any of the books, or what you think about the stories in general, in comments or on Twitter @JackGeekstalk. I am planning to follow this up with a series of posts on me re-watching the films, so keep an eye out for that.



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