They are all over he internet but I thought it’s time we had a brief look at the recent Super Bowl Movie Trailers! Let go!

Bare in mind I’m not looking up any further information on any of these films so let’s see what new stuff they have to give!

Ghost in the Shell

Not much new here but still clear the film is going to be visually stunning. It’s looking to be an almost shot for shot remake of the original anime, with a few practical additions. Even though there is still controversary over the films cadting i think Scarlett Johannson looks pretty decent as the Major. It’s going to disappoint a lot of people but could be brilliant.

Transformers: The Last Knight

Yes another trailer for another film that should never have been made. Thankfully Michael Bay has said this will be his last Transformers film! Any new stuff? It’s another ‘find the artefact’ movie, Mark Wharlberg is harbouring Autobota for some reason and there is some more shots of Optimus Prime going rogue. Why is he fighting his friends? What is the threat to Earth this time? I won’t be paying to see this.


I didn’t even know about this film until I saw the trailer. It looks like a mix between Alien and Gravity. Realistic looking space adventure with a mysterious life form that attacks!! Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal are faced with this threat but I’m not sure whether this inspires me to see it. I don’t see Reynolds as a dramatic actor and this looks to be below the recent Caliber of films Gyllenhaal has been releasing. I’ll wait for another trailer before I make a decision.

Cure for Wellness

Now this looks a freaky as hell. It looks very much like Shutter Island with its setting inside an asylum of sorts. Sinister things are going on behind these doors, experiments, trials, powers? Is there a supernatural aspect to this film? Or is it all in the patients heads? I’m intrigued and a little scared. I love it!

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

Yet more confirmation. That this film is going to be hilarious. We get a little more of what we assume is the surface of Ego the living planet but still no sight of Kurt Russell. A weird Gold Lady who is rumoured to be a clone of Adam Warlock, Yondu’s arrow in action and The whole team together, including Nebula and Mantis. The latter of which gets flattened by some falling debris! This will be a great film and I hope it can build on the success of the first while still providing something new.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dean Men Tell No Tales

Much more of the same stuff we have seen 4 times now. Dead pirates looking for Captain Jack Sparrow. We do have our first look at The undead William Turner, looking a bit worse for wear and a ship apparently grinding on the edge of an abyss but other than that it’s boring. I’ve expressed my dislike of Johnny Depp and the Pirates series so unless I’m foxes I will not be seeing this film. Even The addition of a Johnny Cash song (copying Logan much?) doesn’t encourage me.


Another short trailer for our Adamantium friend. Very little new footage but we do see X-23 running with a group of children. Who are these other kids? Part of the same program as she? It was she jut hiding out amongst them? Caliban interests me. We see him releases a pair of grenades in front of him. Is this a last stand? Has he had enough of the bad guys using him? Or is it a fake out? It’s likely he will die alongside other people, particularly as Professor X seems to be suffering from seizures that disrupt his abilities. It’s going to be very very sad!

Fate of the Furious

Another franchise that has gone on for too long. Without the Rock it would have died a couple of films back but now we have another. Dominic Toretto has gone rogue (I’m sure there will be an elaborate plan where he was the good guy all along) so the rest of the team are trying to take him down. Fast cars, minigun fights and a submarine chase are all in store for those stupid enough to pay to see this film. It’s safe to say I am bored of this franchise.


I’ll say it now, I’m not usually a fan of films that are ‘stupid funny’. In the case of Baywatch I don’t think they could have done it any other way. It was different in the 90s, you can’t take this kind of thing seriously anymore. It looks funny with a good amount of action and it’s self aware, making fun of the original source material. Good job guys!

Stranger Things Season 2

While not strictly released during the Super Bowl, the first teaser for Season 2 of Stranger Things hints at more awesomeness. 11 is back, a new huge creature rears its ugly head and does Will have powers? The friends are dressed as Ghostbusters for Halloween which might have inspired the huge monster they will face, much like the Marshmallow man from Ghostbusters. It was just enough to whet out appetite but we still have a long time to wait before it’s October release.

Some pretty good trailer there, balanced out by an equal measure of rubbish. Let’s see how the year pans out!

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