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Supergirl S2 Ep10 – ‘We Can Be Heroes’

Has the move to CW caused Supergirl to take a back seat in her own show? Every recent episode seems to have focused on the secondary characters (who do tend to be more interesting I might add) and Kara is going through the same steps each week. There doesn’t appear to be any real character development on her part.

If you had to think of the worst (or most annoying) villain of season 1, who would you choose? For me it would be Livewire, so imagine my despair when she returned for the third time to seemingly wreak havoc on National City. How have they not realised by now that her practical appearance is ridiculous and the actor is hamming it up to heavenly levels! Choose another character!!!!


The only saving grace in this episode is that she isn’t really the main villain. Some mad scientist guy (I’m not even sure if they say his name) is using Livewire as a battery to power his own versions. This bad guy is not developed in any way and is taken down in the first confrontation he has with our super heroes. Apart from Livewire agreeing to help Supergirl fight him, she is much the same as always.


Mon-el’s feelings for Kara have apparently reached a level where he wants to be a hero to impress her. Kara allows him to help on a real mission. Inevitably he messes up, letting his feelings prioritise Kara’s safety over that of the civilians he was protecting. Kara breaks out of her episodes-long cloud of ignorance, realising that Mon-El might have feelings for her but he quickly denies this, only to finally admit it at the end of the episode. I’m glad it’s out in the open but I don’t think it was done in the right way.

Getting involved in the fight with the fake Livewires, Guardian gets knocked out and Kara discovers Jimmy is behind the helmet! She is not happy with this at all and though accepting that he an Winn are going to continue their crime fighting ways she does not support it in any way. The Super-friends will never be the same again.


J’onn J’onnz has another change of heart this week. When Megan suffers a psychic episode of sorts, at first he refuses to help her because she is a White Martian and doesn’t want her to have his memories. In the end, Alex guilt trips him into a mind-meld with her and we are treated to a weird scene where they are reliving some of the Green Martian slaughters. J’onn manages to pull her out of this place and they will probably end up being the ‘best of friends’ if you know what I mean!

The only thing of note to take from this disappointing episode is a warning from Megan. The White Martians have found her and are coming to Earth! Will war come to National City?


The Flash S3 Ep11 – ‘Dead or Alive’

In stark contrast to Supergirl, The Flash continues its improvement with another entertaining episode. There is still plenty I don’t like about a couple of the story arcs but this week Cisco saves the day in more ways than one. For most of the shows life Cisco has been my favourite and this week is a return to form for him after the recent ‘I’m sad about the death of my brother’ episodes.

Team Flash come up against Gypsy, a breach hopping ‘Collector’ from Earth-19 who has arrived to bring HR back for punishment. Apparently breach travel is illegal on their Earth and the penalty is death. The only way to prevent this is to offer a challenge by combat. This challenge doesn’t come from Barry, the hero who is most in tune with his powers, but from Cisco, someone how has been holding back his powers for as long as he has had them.

Throughout the episode Gypsy shows she is incredibly proficient with her powers which appear to be a more developed form of the same that Cisco possesses so the outcome of the battle seems obvious. But as this is a show about heroes, Cisco triumphs. The battle is funny as the pair are flirting and fighting, hopping through breaches to other worlds (including Supergirl’s Earth), and Cisco actually showing he is a force to be reckoned with.

Needless to say, HR is saved from death with the clause that he can’t ever return to Earth-19 and Cisco shares a touching moment with him, the previous Harrison Wells invested his time in Cisco, this was his chance to return the favour.

The only other thing going on in the episode, apart from Caitlin trying to teach Julian to be a bit more diplomatic with his team interaction, is Iris getting herself into trouble. She is scared of not leaving anything behind if she dies and this pushes her to risk her life for a story about arms dealers. Barry, Joe and Wally all try and talk her out of it but she ignores them and gets herself into trouble. Is this an attempt to give her more than a 2-dimensional character? If so it’s just making her seem selfish.


Barry finally realises something that everyone else knows, he isn’t getting fast enough to save Iris from Savitar. Luckily there is another Speedster who has been getting exponentially faster, Wally aka Kid Flash. Barry tells him that he will be the one to save Iris, he will be the only one fast enough to do it. This is already different from the future, will it work?


Like I said before Cisco saves this episode. Iris is not strong enough to be the focus and the rest of Team Flash have not had enough development this season to hold a story. Wally is edging closer to being another favourite of mine, mainly because his joy at having the speed he craved is infectious. Barry has always seemed a bit smug about his powers, Wally just seems happy to be living it! Go Wally!


Arrow S5 Ep11 – ‘Second Chances’

I’m starting to think that this entire season is about the Black Canary. It started out with the aftermath of her death, we got a new potential Canary in the form of Evelyn Sharp, then we got Earth-2 Laurel Lance aka Black Siren and now we have the search for another. There are other characters in the show you know!

This episode felt a little bit like one taken from the Flash. Team Arrow (minus Felicity, Rory and Diggle) head off to Hub City to recruit a woman called Tina Bolen, an ex-cop turned Meta-human vigilante. She is out on her own revenge mission which mirrors some aspect of Oliver’s mission, this is probably why he feels so strongly that she is the right fit to take on the mantel of the Black Canary.


The entire episode could have been condensed into a neat 30 minutes. There was no need to have the long drawn out hunt for ‘Sonos’, the man who killed Tina’s lover and who just so happened to gain sound related powers at the same time as she got her canary cry. The only interesting thing about this part of the story was that she killed the guy, there wasn’t the hesitation and failure to follow through as we get so often in these types of shows, she guns him down. Of course she does then realise that her revenge doesn’t make her feel any better and it is this that pushes her to accept Oliver’s offer.

While all this is going on Felicity actually does some decent old fashioned hacking! With Diggle seemingly on the chopping block, the DA gets wind of a file which would exonerate him. Felicity hacks the NSA to find this file only to come up empty handed but does come into contact with a super-fan. Anyone who has been on the internet will tell you that if an anonymous computer user asks to meet in real life, you should steer well clear! But apparently Felicity is fine with it.


Luckily the person she meets isn’t a murderer, she is a Hack-tivist inspired by Felicity’s old hacking life to carry on that mission and as part of a hacking organisation is taking the fight to the man! Oh and has picked up the file Felicity needs to free John, which is lucky! It’s clear that Felicity will get a renewed desire to return to her hacking ways as a way of giving her character something to do other than be annoyed at people. Too little too late I say.

In the flashbacks we see Talia Al Ghul basically knocking some sense into Oliver and directing him down the path we seem him start on in Season 1. He has a monster inside him, but that monster needs to become ‘something’ else. She even gives him his first Arrow costume. I thought he made this himself, where did it go by the time he was rescued from Lian Yu?! These scenes are a bit meh, although Oliver does beat a man to death just because Talia told him to! Has the monster grown too large?


It was an inconsistent episode. The good bits were really good but the bad bits sunk very low. Diggle is now out of custody, Felicity is going back to her hacking roots and we have a new Black Canary whose real name just happens to be Dinah Drake, a reference to one of the people who held the mantle in the comics. It was an episode that stopped the slide the show has been on for the last couple of weeks and I just hope this now means it will go up again. We need a good second half the season, especially because we know season 6 is on it’s way!


Legends of Tomorrow – S2 Ep10 – ‘The Legion of Doom’

Thank God for this episode (or at least parts of it). Last week Legends reached ridiculous levels, all of which were crap but his week we have an episode that was fun, entertaining and intriguing. This might have something to do with the Legends taking a back seat and the focus being on our bad guy trifecta, Eobard Thawne, Damian Darhk and Malcolm Merlyn.

All three of them are a joy to watch in their own way as they try to get information out of the reprogrammed Rip Hunter. Thawne is clearly playing the other two off against each other and placing himself as the leader of the group with his lackeys doing the grunt work.

Seeing Merlyn and Darhk verbally then physically spar was brilliant. They clearly hate each other and think they are better than the other but fighting will get them no where. After realising that Thawne speeds off all the time for no apparent reason, they trap him in a bank vault and demand an equal footing, which he reluctantly agrees to.

Who knew the Reverse Flash was scared of something. As the Legends figure out, Thawne keeps moving to avoid being written out of existence entirely. We see the physical manifestation of this as the Black Flash!!!! In the comics it is the entity that acts as Death for speedsters but we last saw him in the previous season of The Flash, when Zoom was collected by the Time Wraiths he morphed into the Black Flash and is now apparently hunting for Thawne.

The genuine fear on Thawne’s face was brilliant as he came wishing millimeters of the Black Flash until the others helped him trap the beast. The three are now working as a partnership after retrieving a drive that holds Rip Hunter’s memories.

Being the bad guys they don’t just want to put them back in Rip’s head, they want to change a few things. The episode ends with Rip appearing to kill George Washington! What the hell are they doing? Stay tuned for a whole mess of temporal paradoxes that will be glossed over in future episodes.


Finally the abberation that is Martin Stein’s daughter Lily is addressed. Mick lets the truth slip and she goes off on one at her dad by saying he never wanted her. As all relationship wounds heal super fast in these shows, Stein apologies to her and says he needed her in his life. I hope it isn’t just smoothed over as easily like that, I want her to hold some resentment for him or he has to correct the timeline to erase her. Basically I want some emotional heartbreak!


This episode clearly shows that the core Legends team can easily be overshadowed be more interesting characters. The character development evident at the beginning of the season seems to have waned and they haven’t had a good proper fight for a while now! Hopefully things will pick up from now.

The winner this week is Legends of Tomorrow, The Legion of Doom are fun to watch!

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