The giant robot versus giant monster movie franchise you never knew you wanted is stepping up production! The first Pacific Rim had more than mixed reviews with the general populace agreeing it’s not a great film but it’s a fun experience.

It’s not something you can take to seriously so if you turn your brain off you can enjoy these gigantic creatures wailing on each other!

We’ve started to get our first look at what’s coming in the sequel Pacific Rim: Uprising. First we have had a very solemn looking John Boyega in Jaeger pilot armour. It’s been confirmed he is playing Jake Pentecost, Idris Elba’s character from the first movie’s son. I’m not entirely sure about the little mustache but his suit looks pretty good, plays Boyega is brilliant so I can’t wait to see him in action.


Now we have our first look at some of the new Jaegers!


Is this an upgraded Gypsy Danger front and center? It looks a lot like the main Jaeger from the previous film. We still don’t know the names of any of these machines but they do look pretty badass. The one on the right looks like it has a secondary cockpit in it’s chest flanked by some pretty huge guns! Will this Jaeger have more than two pilots?

The Red Jaeger appears more streamlined and has some kind of fin on it’s back. Is this one built for speed ? Very little about these machines is known at this stage and I can’t help but think this is someone’s Power Rangers fever dream gone way out of control. They don’t look as realistic and mechanical as the first film, but maybe this is just evidence of Robotic improvements. I’m sure they will look better in motion.

What do you think of the new Jaegers? Let us know in the comments below.

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