We’re back after the mid-season break which always feels far too long. All the CW shows returned to the UK this week so let’s see what our suited and booted heroes are up to!


Supergirl S2 Ep9 – ‘Supergirl Lives’

This week it’s the secondary characters that get the spotlight, and most of them are interesting. With Kara on a missing persons case the focus moves to Winn and Alex. Winn and Jimmy aka ‘Guardian’ are still hitting the streets fighting crime but this time Winn has a brush with death, causing him to quit the vigilante life. He’s not built for the physical stuff!


Meanwhile Alex’s new relationship with Maggie is going really well and they are so cute together! Also Mon-El seems to have had some development, he has a proper job and is being a nice guy!

Time for things to get messed up. Kara discovers some aliens are transporting people to a distant planet know as ‘Slaver’s Moon’ to sell. Jumping to action she heads through the portal to find them; closely followed by Mon-El who wants to help! Unfortunately the planet they are on is under a Red Sun meaning they don’t have their powers! Initially this seems like a problem when both Kara and Mon-El get hurt fighting some aliens but later they are able to fight some easily.

Long story short, They find the missing people who were brought there by Kara’s old ‘friend’ and fight club owner Roulette, they escape, with the help of a newly arrived DEO team and the rescue is complete.


The interesting parts don’t involve Kara really at all. So worried about Supergirl being missing, Alex sabotages her relationship with Maggie only for it to be fixed at the end of the episode. That felt like a needless plot point. Oh yeah and Maggie is the only detective ever to actually figure out a superheroes identity, even criticising the Kara’s glasses!


Winn is drafted into the rescue team and has to overcome his fears to survive (and not be a Red Shirt ala Star Trek) this gives him renewed confidence and joins back up with Jimmy! Again a bit of a short and pointless arc. It feels like the show is trying to cram character development into the season but rushing it.

The most intriguing parts come right near the end of the episode. During their escape from the Slavers, The Dominators spare Mon-El saying he is not to be harmed. What was that about? Then later a pair of hooded aliens arrive looking for him and when they are told he has fled to Earth they vaporise the alien. Why is he so important? Is he hiding something?

The episode was a bit sub-par with lack luster story and a lot of convenience. Like Winn developing a yellow sun grenade to temporarily give Kara her powers back on the alien world, and the atmosphere being toxic to Martians preventing J’onn from coming to help But still being safe for the humans to breath!

I think the show has realised that if she isn’t fighting big threats, Kara is a bit boring. Even repeatedly teasing a romance with Mon-El (who has suddenly decided he wants to be a hero now), while all cute and fluffy, isn’t entertaining. Now she doesn’t even have a challenge at work either, Snapper is proud of what she is doing, which is basically telling him how she wants to report. Boring.

Hopefully it will pick up next week.


The Flash S3 Ep10 – ‘Borrowing Problems From the Future’

So how is Barry going to deal with his peek into the future during the mid-season finale? Well what else would someone who has been told repeatedly not to mess with time do? That’s right, try and change the future of course. There are no surprises in this week but somehow this is the best episode so far this season! Has The Flash finally got over its funk?

After being a dick to the whole team (again) and Wally in particular, he tells them all about Iris’s pending death. Like a good Team Flash they agree to help him and after a stupidly long analogy involving dominoes they decide to try and work out all the important events up to the event in order to change them.


Seeing Kid Flash in action was pretty good. Wally has much more zest and excitement about fighting bad guys which on occasion does distract him. The city now has a new speedster and stopping the frankly rubbish villain of the week ‘Plunder’, who just seems to have a fancy gun and could have been taken down before he blinked, was the first in the future changes Barry decided on.

Cisco and HR continue their prickly relationship as yet another of HR’s plans doesn’t work, turning STAR Labs into a museum seemed like a good idea but bombed spectacularly. It’s a good thing that Cisco changes from hatred to pity on the flip of a coin and rescues HR’s vision. I really don’t like this version of Harrison Wells, he is too happy and useless, bring back an evil one!


The episode is good because of what it teases, during a trip ‘Back to the Future’ Barry and Cisco see headlines such as ‘Killer Frost still at large’ and ‘City still recovering from Gorilla attack’. Looks like Grodd is on his way back with a vengeance and more importantly Caitlin is going to lose the battle with her powers. But for the moment Team Flash’s new member Julian Albert (yeah the one they tried to kill a whole bunch of people through his alter ego Dr Alchemy), she has a new power dampening necklace.


It was strange to get a happy ending right after the mid-season break but that’s what we got. Barry and Iris have their house warming in their GIANT apartment which in reality they would never be able to afford. A happy ending usually precedes a dark episode so fingers crossed for the Flash to go dark again! And who is this woman searching for HR? Where did she come from? Why does she want HR?  Questions, questions….

Not bad Flash, keep it up and you might save this season!


Arrow S5 Ep10 – ‘Who Are You?’

Oh Arrow, you showed such promise at the beginning of the season, now it looks like you are falling back into your season 4 pattern. With this being the mid-season premiere I expected a lot more, let’s have a look and see what happened.

Team Arrow are trying to figure themselves out this week. Curtis finally realises he is no good with his fists and instead moves to using his brain, knocking up a very useful device very quickly. Is this finally a move towards the comic version of Mr Terrific? One that uses tech to gain an advantage over his enemies? Will the T-spheres make a return? I hope so?

The big issue is the return of Laurel. Of course we can tell straight away that she isn’t the real Laurel and the facade is quickly uncovered by a very suspicious Felicity. She is in fact Earth-2 Laurel aka Black Siren sent to screw with them by Prometheus.

Oliver sees this as his chance at redemption and tries to ‘fix’ her but instead gets drawn into yet another of Prometheus’ elaborate traps and gets his ass handed to him before having to save Felicity over stopping the bad guy.


My irritation with Oliver was only drowned out by the emphasis on Felicity again! Instead of mourning the loss of Billy she has thrown herself into trying to catch Prometheus. Considering she was a bawling wreck at the end of the last episode, it made no sense for her to be supersede Oliver’s orders when she thought they had a chance to stop Black Siren, or go into the field with the rest of the Team.


The DA is now trying to get Diggle out of prison on Oliver’s request and while initially meeting resistance he manages to stop a prisoner transfer. Him fighting so hard for John made me think that he could be Prometheus. It would hurt Oliver so much if John were to stay behind bars or even die whilst incarcerated. Could this be another elaborate string to Prometheus’ bow?


The flashbacks are boring right up until the very last shot. Oliver is being beaten by the Turncoat Bratva leader only to be rescued by a woman calling herself Talia. Talia Al Ghul?!!! Daughter of the Demon’a Head and sister to Nyssa! Why is she looking for him? Is this who Oliver receives his further training from and his the person who trains Prometheus too? It seems very likely!

In conclusion this episode sucked with occasional glimpses of greatness. One fake Black Canary was dealt with but there appears to be another woman who has the Canary Cry too! Who is this woman? Why is she picking fights in bars? Will she be a friend or foe to Team Arrow?


Black Siren was rubbish, Curtis and Rene’s bonding was boring, Oliver was weak and Felicity was yet again the driving force of the episode. Seriously if the show runners like her this much just give her a separate series!


Legends of Tomorrow – S2 Ep9 – ‘Raiders of The Lost Art’

This might be the point where Legends has gone too far. I acknowledge that the show is ridiculous and doesn’t take itself too seriously. Some of the stories are crazy and all the paradoxes created by their time travelling can be glossed over but now they have decided to make George Lucas the saviour of World. Don’t believe me? Read on.

Turns out Rip Hunter is not dead. Instead he is an aspiring film director in 1967 with no knowledge of his true identity, making a film based on his real life. Straight away you have to try and not listen to the incredibly poor American accent Arthur Darvill sports here, it is so jarring you feel like you’re watching a different show!


The episode descends very quickly into another ‘find the item before the bad guys do’ story which is becoming tiresome. The Legion of Doom are hunting Rip to get the Spear of Destiny, yep that one, the one from good old Jesus-time. Apparently it had the power to alter reality’! Who knew? Apart from a brief moment where the new Rip aka Phil, pretends to be his former self, I found him incredibly annoying.


Now onto Mr Lucas. In this timeline he is the prop master for Rip’s film. After being attacked by the Legion of Doom he decides to quit film school, thereby never making films like Star Wars or Indiana Jones. The ridiculous problem here is that these films inspire both Ray and Nate to go into their respective fields. Without this inspiration they never become the heroes they are and thus they are useless. It all boils down to the Legends having to make Lucas believe he will direct great films in order to save the day! Anyone else think the real George Lucas had a hand in this episode?


Of course the Legends succeed, they manage to get part of the Spear and the amulet and kinda defeat the Legion of Doom as well who were really shit until The Reverse Flash showed up! They did however leave Rip behind to the mercy of the Legion who have this really crap and needless reveal to Rip at the end of the episode.


The only other thing going on in the episode is Mick Rory and Professor Stein playing Doctor as they try to figure it why he has been seeing Snart. It’s obvious already, he isn’t, it’s all in his head. It’s clear these scenes were filler for the rest of the episode and they really need to stop forcing it! Mick is only interesting when he’s fighting.


Apart from the odd Star Wars and Indiana Jones reference this episode was just plain bad. Not interesting, not engaging and the big bad threat of the Legion of Doom was nerfed throughout the whole episode. Bad bad bad. Come on Legends I rely on you to be the entertaining series!


Surprisingly The Flash wins this week, can it continue?

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