Yet more trouble for the DCEU! Are they going through the motions and trying to make every problem happen? We’ve had very mixed reactions to the two films released so far, rumours that the next film, Wonder Woman, is a mess which were quickly debunked but it still reached the general populous. Directors have been leaving left right and centre on various future projects and now Warner Bros have ordered a page 1 script re-write for the Flash movie!

Not a partial re-write, a PAGE 1 re-write. They are throwing the original script out completely and starting again. This is most likely because of the recent departure of director Rick Famuyiwa. He probably had a vision that now has no direction so they have binned it.


Joby Harold has been brought on to write the new script. Not heard of him? Well he was the pen behind the Ryan Reynolds film Awake and the soon to be released Guy Ritchie flick, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. He has a liking to Medieval stories as he is also going to be behind a new Robin Hood film! I haven’t seen Awake, probably won’t be seeing King Arthur and was bored of Robin Hood after Prince of Thieves so I have literally no opinions on Harold as a writer.

It’s looking more and more likely that the film will be pushed back as it was due to start production in January this year set for a 2018 release!

What does this mean for the DCEU? Is it doomed already? Nothing seems to be going right for the studio, they are so desperate for a win. Wonder Woman and Justice League need to knock it out of the park to quiet some of the critics. Come on WB you can do it! I’m still going to see your films because they are based on characters that I have grown up loving but please make them good !!!


What more can go wrong at DC/WB? Is the amount of money being ploughed into the DCEU the only reason it’s still going? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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