We were spoilt today, first a Power Rangers trailer and now another look at Logan! A whole bunch of new footage on display here and some confirmation of theories from the previous trailer. Let’s drink it in!

This is very much an X-23 trailer. Still not name checked yet but everything else is there, most importantly the claws!! This little girl is not someone to be messed with!


We see here kicking all kinds of ass, ripping throats and genuinely scaring the ones after her! She appears to be much like Logan was in his early days, so much rage and little restraint. It’s still unclear how she came to be in Logan’s care but he is now reluctantly responsible for her.


Logan can’t do it all on his own though, we see the both of them fighting together against a small army of presumably Donald Pierce’s men. Interestingly it looks like at some point the bad guys are going to be using some kind of sonic weapons against the heroes. Most likely because they know they both have healing factors so traditional weapons aren’t as effective.


There’s a scene which feels very reminiscent of Professor Xavier’s death in X-men The Last Stand. Xavier appears to be helpless in a wheelchair while the room shakes around him with X-23 crawling across the floor and Logan fighting his way to him. Is this Charles’s death all over again?!


How much like Logan is she? Close enough that she is a clone? Or a daughter? She’s clearly been enhanced at some point possibly by Richard E Grant’s character that we catch a glimpse of. Even Logan is scared of her, can he keep her controlled and safe? If this film doesn’t remind you of the Last of Us game then you are blind and dumb. It’s the same aesthetic and father/daughter-like relationship. It’s feels emotional and beautiful.

Oh and X-23 is an X-men comic fan which apparently exist in this world! Someone has turned the exploits of Xavier’s Team into comics which Logan is not impressed with, but we do get to see the traditional Wolverine yellow and blue outfit in these pages. I think that was a nice nod!


So, violent, emotional and a likely farewell for at least one character, it’s going to be a tough film to watch, but brilliant.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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