book-cover-hbpFinally, the latest installment of my observations from re-reading Harry Potter. Book six this time, the Half-Blood Prince and more pain on the way. Here we go;

  1. The first piece of advice from the Ministry of Magic is ‘Don’t leave your house’? That seems extreme.
  2. Why didn’t Dumbledore tell Harry that Snape was no longer Potions Master?
  3. What was Dumbledore’s back up plan for getting Slughorn that he thought would take all night?
  4. How is it that Gryffindor always end up sharing their lessons which are taught by Snape, with Slytherin?
  5. Harry thinks he smelled something from The Burrow in the love potion. Never dawned on me why before.
  6. I wonder if Harry would actually be good at Potions without Snape as the teacher, and without the book… so I suppose without Snape again?
  7. How does Harry know what ‘cooking sherry’ specifically smells like? It’s a very precise thing to notice.
  8. What happens if you don’t physically move along with the subject, when in a pensieve memory? Would the scene move around them like a rolling screen?
  9. Dumbledore does make some pretty massive guesses about Merope and Tom.
  10. Tom is a bit of an arse for not caring about the baby, despite the circumstances.
  11. Given Dumbledore knew his time was limited, his and Harry’s lessons should have been longer/dealt with more, or at least gotten to the subject of Horcruxes earlier.tom_with_ring
  12. The Hogsmeade trips probably should have been cancelled from the beginning of term.
  13. Harry’s unprovoked testing of unpleasant spells on others, is quite unpleasant and a bit Slytherin-ish.
  14. Given Dumbledore knew what Malfoy was up to, and that Harry wasn’t likely to let his suspicions go, he really should have tried placating Harry in some way- just let on in some way that he wasn’t ignoring the issue or that he was aware.
  15. Would they really just say the name of the school to a Muggle orphanage?
  16. Why didn’t Dumbledore just tell Harry what horcruxes are?
  17. Ron can be really quite gloomy, and a bit needy.
  18. Slughorn really believes that Harry got Lily’s potions ability, he never stops mentioning it.Slughorn and Harry.jpg
  19. Perhaps Acromantula aren’t the best idea to keep in the forest, given they now have turned against humans. What if they suddenly decided to storm the castle and eat all the student? [That is the sort of thing spiders would try. Not that I’m biased.]
  20. Take the tiara! It’s the diadem!
  21. Harry had a ‘happy hour’ with Ginny, eh? Wink wink.
  22. Dumbledore not being worried because he is with Harry is a lovely moment.
  23. Dumbledore was asking for Snape, so he knew he was going to die tonight. Why didn’t he say more to Harry? Just give him a few more clues or ideas.snape
  24. Snape was actually still trying to teach Harry in their duel outside Hagrid’s hut. He was telling him to close his mind and learn non-verbal spells. Whilst he was goading him, given what we now know, he was actually trying to tell him what he needed to learn to equip him against Voldemort.
  25. The barman of the Hogs Head was at the funeral. It’s Aberforth. He was attending his brother’s funeral and no-one really knew who he was.

Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @JackGeekstalk if there’s anything else you’ve noticed too. The next re-read will be the last Harry Potter one, as it’s the last of the main series.


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