The title says it all, we have a new look at our Justice League team. Obviously with a major absence, still no Superman, but let’s take a look.


So everyone is present and correct. It looks like the team are stepping off the Flying Fox ready for a fight. Batman is wearing his ‘Tactical Batsuit’ (I’m still not happy with this name, they are all tactical!), Wonder Woman is looking rather bored but attired as you would expect, The Flash is looking nervous and an angry looking Aquaman, seen for the first time with the rest of the group since the promo image ages ago!

Justice League

The last member of the team present is Cyborg. There has already been a lot of complaints over his look with most people saying he isn’t big enough. Cyborg is supposed to be this imposing power house but in the photo he appears to be no taller than the Flash!

I think the perspective on this image is misleading and Cyborg is in fact a lot bigger than he appears. Also something to consider is that he isn’t in his battle mode.  We know he will go through at least one change in his appearance in the movie when in and out of combat, his body is a living machine so can change its size and shape at will. I think people will be loving his look by the time we see him in action. Thanks to the internet I now only see Megatron’s face in Cyborg’s crotch! I can’t unsee it!

So not much to go on here but still no sight of the rumoured Green Lantern, will he turn up at some point? I hope so? Who are the team preparing to fight? We only have to wait 10 months to find out.

What do you think of the image? Let us know in the comments below.

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