This news will make a lot of people happy. The fans will claim they have beaten the big wigs as CW’s Constantine is on his way back, just not exactly how we remembered him.


The original series was cancelled back in 2015 and John Constantine has only been seen in a cameo episode in season 4 of Arrow. Now he gets his own animated adventure series! Matt Ryan will return to the voice the character in 5-6, 10 minute episodes on CW Seed, with Greg Berlanti set to be Exeutive Producer (he really doesn’t like letting go of things!).


Now, we can assume that the tone of the show will be scaled down somewhat to make it more kid friendly but the general themes will remain as they were and it’s great to still have Matt Ryan attached.

It seems that if the CW has a character they don’t think works as a series in it’s own right they will animate it, just like they did with Vixen. First seen in a CW animated show, she made the leap to Season 4 of Arrow and a version of the character is a Legends of Tomorrow season regular. Maybe we will see more of these types of characters pop up, ones that can’t hold a show on their own successfully.

I doubt I will seek this new show out but I’m pleased the character is still being used. What do you think? Looking forward to seeing cartoon demon fighting? Let us know in the comments.

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