Hey guess what? Yep it’s another new trailer and I’m late to the game as usual but here we are so let’s get going.

Remember all that fuss with Prometheus when Ridley Scott was adamant that it wasn’t an Alien film? Yeah, none of that this time. If nothing else, it’s in the title! So now that we have established the film is in the same universe we shall also acknowledge that it is a sequel to the 2012 Prometheus. Don’t panic! It might not be as bad as it seems. Let’s have a look at the trailer and see!

Before we talk about the specific details of the trailer it is very clear that the intent of the footage is to blend the old with the new. It feels very much like Ridley Scott has cut parts of his Alien series and Prometheus, and with what appears to be great success.

There is a return to the survival horror of the first two Alien films but with the more recent ‘infected’ aspect. We see right away that there is some sort of virus/infection spreading through the crew of the ship Covenant. It stands to reason that this is the same infection that we saw claim some of the Prometheus crew but there appear to be some drastic differences.

The virus seems to turn the victim into some kind of zombie and then us per the usual Alien trope, something emerges from inside the body! The explosive factor has been upped for this new instalment as we see on at least two occasions huge spirts of blood from the direction of an infection person. There also appears to be some insect-like creature floating around, probably the thing that transfers the infection in the first place. Has the creature at the end of Prometheus evolved into something else?

Some interesting things to note, David (Michael Fassbender) is back, or at least a version of him. The last time we saw the android, he was a little bit worse for wear after having his head separated from his body by an Engineer, and on his way to the Engineer home world. Is this the world seen in the trailer? It seems pretty paradise-like, apart from all the death. Is he found by the crew of the Covenant or is this a different version of the same android, or maybe even the human his model is based on?


Some returning favourites from the franchise seen in the trailer too. The face hugger is back and up to its old tricks. It looks like Billy Crudup’s character will be getting a face full at some point.

And it looks like the big seller is going to be the long awaited return of the Xenomorph! Out for human blood again, the alien is taking out anyone it comes across, even a couple getting rather amorous in the shower! I can’t wait to see one of cinemas greatest terrors on screen again, it has been far too long!


The cast is pretty impressive as well (a lot more has been put behind this film than the last one). The aforementioned Michael Fassbender and Billy Crudup, James Franco, Katherine Waterston, Noomi Rapace and Guy Pearce are all set to appear, even the comedy actor Danny McBride is seen in the trailer, hopefully filling the role of crew member that meets a embarrassingly sticking ending!

The trailer looks great and I’m quietly confident the film will deliver some great entertainment. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Alien: Covenant Trailer

  1. Just stumbled across this blog whilst looking for new stuff to read (I’m a relatively new blogger). This one caught my eye though as I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to cinema. In relation to this article, I’m pretty pumped about the new alien film too – interested to see if the interesting cast can pull it off. Now following!

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