Being on time for things is overrated! I know the trailer has been out for weeks now and I know there are probably a million and one other articles about it but I always like to put a little something out, and seeing as it’s the new year I thought I’d finally get around to the second Guardians Trailer. Check it out below.

So its pretty safe to say that this film is going to be funny. The humour is in the forefront throughout the trailer and it has recaptured that magic balance between forced comedy and childish laughs. We do also get a glimpse at a couple of actions set pieces, one involving a huge alien creature previously seen in some concept art which the Guardians are sent to take out. It doesn’t appear to go to plan however as at some point Drax gets eaten by it!


Rocket and Baby Groot are going to steal the show. Even if the film focuses on Star Lord and his budding romance with Gamora, the revelation of having Kurt Russell as his father and adding in new characters such as the secret spilling Mantis, our shorter superheroes will be the favourites again. Swapping  roles from the first film, the smaller, seemingly more vulnerable one is now protected by the larger, instead of Groot being the muscle, he is now the young, naive (although we don’t know how much of his previous memories he will have retained), excitable Baby Groot with Rocket having to basically be his parent.

The exchanges between these two in the are hilarious and while I’m sure they have saved some of the best stuff for the film itself, these two on screen together is cinema gold, I would watch a buddy road trip film with just these two.


Back to Mantis, her name isn’t said in the trailer and we don’t know how our team come to meet her but she is definitely going to leave an impression as she reveals Star Lord’s feelings to the group, which Drax finds absolutely hilarious! She seems to have some tactile telepathy abilities which will undoubtedly be far more important later in the film, or maybe she is the conduit through which Ego the Living planet communicates.

Still no sight of Kurt Russell and no real idea of the plot of the film but if this trailer hasn’t made your mouth water in excitement then there is something wrong with you.

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