Late you say? A trailer discussion arrives precisely when it intends to. We are not ones for excuses so while it may be a while since the trailer came out, we still present to you our thoughts and feelings. Enjoy!

By the time the last rose petal falls… Disney will hopefully have given us another timeless classic.

It appears that this film is potentially a shot for shot remake of the original, just live action rather than animation. My god it looks good. The casting of Emma Watson in my opinion is a stroke of genius, and so far I am being given lots of reasons to have faith that the rest of the film is going to be just as inspired.

Cleverly this trailer just gives snippets of the film- because we already know the story so well, instead Disney are going to wow us with the effects and cinematography, so have been careful not to linger too much in showing us that now. Some of the brief moment in this trailer are just enough to produce tingles. It looks like the ballroom scene is going to feature and I absolutely cannot wait to see how beautiful that is going to look on the big screen. For me this film is about the artistry available now to enhance the feel, the romanticism, the magic, the wonder, of the tale as old as time.

I really want to analyse all the details; the look of Beast, the staging of the castle, Gaston’s character, the magical furniture and all of the casting, but every time I watch the trailer, pen in hand, I just get lost in it. The trailer draws me in again and again, leaving my mind blank to anything other than what I’m seeing. My hope is that the film will offer the same level of escapism and enthrallment. I cannot wait to be a guest to Disney’s latest live action remake, so far it seems all the right ingredients are here, now all we can do is wait until the doors open.
If anyone has been able to put more coherent thoughts together, be sure to share them with us in the comments or on Twitter @JackGeekstalk!



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